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Gourmet Food Shop in Rome

As the first luxury food market or “gastronomia” in Rome, Volpetti since 1870 has accrued over 100 years of experience in providing clients with the highest quality gourmet Italian and International food products.

Founded in 1870 by Signor Volpetti, the original store on Via Della Scrofa is now run by his grandson, sommelier Gianluca Volpetti.

With the same dedication to quality and excellence as his grandfather, Signor Volpetti Jr. offers clients a wide range of gourmet products including: meats, fresh cheeses (try the pear pecorino), pasta, award-winning olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and specialties such as white truffles and Bottarga in the historic setting.

A brief guide to Rome’s top delis and gastronomic shops

volpetti kit

Inside the Volpetti’s Kit you can find the highest quality food products to prepare the most famous dishes of Roman cuisine, from Carbonara to Cacio e Pepe till Amatriciana.

volpetti truffles

The delicious smell of truffle permeates the air throughout the shop, especially around the cheese counter, which has white truffles, as well as several cheeses infused with the flavor. Among the more unique artisanal cheeses are: a blueberry goat cheese, a truffle cheese with hints of cinnamon, a six year old parmigiano, and a pear infused pecorino. In addition to these specialties, the daily delivery of fresh buffalo mozzarella is a favorite among locals who have been customers for years. The selection of artisanal meats from all over Italy includes high quality prosciutto and “culatello di zibello,” a special delicacy that is not to be missed. The best olive oils from every region in Italy, as well as gourmet Balsamic vinegar line the walls as you walk towards a room filled with particular pasta brands, including pasta made from water of the Dolomites.

You can find a curated collection of rare Italian wine, grappa and limoncello and French Champagne at the back of the shop. As sommelier, Signor Volpetti is happy to share his vast knowledge of Italian wines and help customers select the perfect bottle for any occasion.

Volpetti also offers a vaccum sealed package service, so you can take a little bit of Italian culinary excellence home with you.


Via della Scrofa 32

Opening time

Mon-Sat 9:30am-8.30pm




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