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Zaporazzi Shop in Rome

Italian Brand for travellers, footsteps from Piazza Navona

It’s a passion that exists in all of us. We love to Travel, and we enjoy taking photos of popular places. This is the true essence of the Italian Brand ZAPORAZZI™, born in the heart of Rome. 

ZAPORAZZI means Travellers who love taking photos of cities. Think of it as the Paparazzi of famous statues. This sense of humor is carried through to their casual collection of clothing and travel accessories for men, women and kids, inspired by the city of Rome and its icons. You can find their signature items worn by travellers from all over the world on their Instagram page

Zaporazzi Shop in Rome

Zaporazzi Shop in Rome

Their store is located right around the corner from Piazza Navona and with its friendly vibe and groovy music streaming in the store, you instantly feel welcomed. Their helpful English-speaking staff makes your holiday shopping and gift hunting experience easier with their unique souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. They also provide world-wide shipping via their Webshop, just in case you run out of time! 


Via della Chiesa Nuova, 15

Opening Times

Check website for store hours




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