Amatriciana Festival at Eataly Rome

Amatriciana festival Eataly November

Eataly Rome Ostiense awaits you with fun events from November 19 to 21 relating to a staple of Roman culture: the Amatriciana

The amatriciana is a quintessential dish of Roman cuisine, and like every other famous dish, this one too, has a history of its own with roots deep into the past, almost trespassing into a myth. Eataly Rome awaits you on their third floor for an event dedicated wholly to this speciality, amatriciana in many different forms, with special guests from the Roman culinary scene. With lovely artisanal beers to accompany your dishes and other activities like cooking shows, courses and DJ sets, this festival promises to be an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Amatriciana festival Eataly November


From 7 pm to 12 am on Friday and Saturday and from 12 pm to 4 pm + 6 pm to 10 pm on Sunday you can for free enter the event at Eataly Ostiense. Bring along your green pass, though!

You can purchase all the delicious meals using tokens: one token is €2, but if you buy a ‘single stack’ of 12 tokens, you pay €22, (instead of €24). The same applies if you buy a ‘double stack’, you get 25 tokens for the price of €45, instead of €50.


Flavio al Veloavevodetto
A spicy take on the amatriciana with ‘nduja sausage from Calabria

Angolo Cottura
Classic fettuccine all’amatriciana

Rosario Ristorante
A seaside adaptation; amatriciana di mare

Ma – Tru
The classic and the gricia

L’Ombelico di Venere
‘L’Amatriciagna’ – a lasagne with amatriciana sauce

Amatriciana supplì & other fried goodies

Hamburger and ribs – Amatriciana style

La Fornarina
Classic Roman deserts from ricotta pie to the castagnaccio


Alta Quota Brewery


If you thought this lasted for only three days, you were mistaken! The Amatriciana Festival is just the grand finale that is enveloped within a week dedicated to the Amatriciana for all of Eataly’s restaurants, not just the third floor. From November 15 to 21. With special dishes to enrich the menu’s of all their restaurants, and special guests to brighten your evenings!

Il Castagneto on November 15 -16, and Ristorante Roma from 17 to 18 will be guests in the restaurant Pizza & Cucina, bringing along their exciting menu of for example, an Amatriciana Bianca, white Amatriciana, and their classic spaghetti, too all made with ingredients of this territory.

As for the special additions to the menu’s of their restaurants, Mozao has created a special fried gnocco, Carnalito is preparing some Amatriciana tacos, the Birreria awaits with a Panino Amatriciano on the weekend; and finally, Pizza & Cucina have to offer a tasty supplì, meatballs and a limited Amatriciana Pizza.

Don’t miss out on all these limited dishes and plates revolving around one of the tastiest staples among the many Roman pasta dishes, the Amatriciana during this week of November; Eataly as always is outdoing itself and promises a great load of fun for you, and your taste buds.

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