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Banana Trash - Japanese/Brazilian Fusion in Rome

Nippo-Brazilian Fusion café

Good food “Made with Love” is the motto of Banana Trash, a funky Japanese-Brazilian fusion joint in Trastevere that has good vibes and delicious fresh and healthy food. The place is undoubtedly cool, with its colorful wallpaper, cute little tables, and bar, however what makes Banana Trash so special is the love of food they share with customers- there is no pretense here, the staff is happy, bubbly and welcomes you in with open arms.

banana trash temaki trastevere banana trash roma trastevere

The menu fuses both Brazilian and Japanese dishes creating a simple, fresh, and funky palette of tastes to try. The tasty meat is cooked in the traditional Brazilian way, and the temaki rolls (one of their specialties) are made with Nori seaweed, shiro rice and a delicious selection of fresh seafood including tuna, octopus, salmon and shrimp. Vegetarians also have several options, such as the Japanese omelette made with shitake mushrooms, as well as their healthy salads made with quality seasonal ingredients. For those with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with the Banana Cake and Brazilian Carrot cake, which are baked fresh and with lots of love, of course.

Açaí Bowl Banana Trash
Açaí Bowl

Juices and smoothies change with the seasons, and the Caipirinhas are made fresh with Cachaça, giving it a genuine Brazilian flavor. Arguably they make the best Açaí Bowl in Rome. The desire to spread the love of food and make people happy is reflected in their wallet-friendly prices and the fact that they offer take-away and catering. Stop by for lunch, dinner, a snack or aperitivo, and hang out at Banana Trash- it will leave you feeling happy and full as only food that is “made with love” can do.

Banana Trash - Japanese/Brazilian Fusion in Rome

Banana Trash - Japanese/Brazilian Fusion in Rome

62, 00153 Roma, Italia


Via Luciano Manara, 62 (Trastevere)

Opening time

Tues-Sun 10-4pm, 6pm- 12pm


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