Nightlife in Pigneto: a guide to the best bars and clubs

Pigneto Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs in Pigneto, Rome

Where to drink and dance in Pigneto

While the Pigneto neighborhood is completely off-the-beaten-path in comparison to the historic center and other neighborhoods of Rome, it is also a quartiere that has experienced a process of urban redevelopment and is becoming more and more of a magnet for alternative crowds. Go for a stroll around this unconventional neighborhood and grab a drink in one of its many hip bars. Whether it’s a great beer, a perfectly-mixed cocktail or a nice glass of vino you’re after, Pigneto’s up-and-coming bar scene offers an array of funky venues for you to choose from.


Via Braccio da Montone, 80
Tue-Sun 6.30pm–2am

Best Bars in Pigneto, Rome

A prerequisite to any decent cocktail is attention to detail: at Co.So. – which stands for Cocktails & Social – bar manager and co-owner Giulia Castellucci and Co. do not disappoint. Eclectic and unconventional, Co.So. has become one of the best cocktail bars in town with an exceptional drink list, including the Carbonara sour with vodka, pepper, egg and guanciale. To pair with your drink, a food selection by chef Riccardo Bucci awaits you–from cured meats and cheese boards to delicious club sandwiches and gourmet starters and snacks. But Co.So isn’t just any bar, the contamination between food and drink is at the core of their vision, guiding you towards unique dishes and drinks that merge into a single offer.

The British Corner

Via del Pigneto, 112
Wed-Mon 4pm–1am

the best bars in Pigneto, Rome

At The British Corner you can transcend into old-world Britain in this ornate and timeless tea room. This unusual spot has quickly developed a loyal following thanks to its delicious cakes and pastries. Its extensive collection of teas and infusions, also add to the typical Brit experience. And on Thursday evenings you can help Italians practice a little English during the ‘Speakndrink’ event.


Via del Pigneto, 19
Tue-Sun 6pm–2am

The Best Bars in Rome's Pigneto Neighborhood

Beloved by the locals, and reminiscent of an after-hours Berlin bar, Mezzo offers a stellar collection of cocktails and vermouth. Miniature in size, but grandiose in effort, the bar dextrously blends its staple spirit, Vermouth, into a range of delectable cocktails. The personnel is very attentive to everyone’s needs, and if you’re not an alcohol lover, then there is also a vast choice for you.


Via del Pigneto, 20
Mon-Sun 5pm–2am

Best Bars in Pigneto, Rome

Perhaps the quarter’s most famous bar, this haunt stands proud on Via del Pigneto, serving par excellence to its loyal and thirsty patrons who can’t get enough. Behind the bar, cocktail wizard proudly proclaims ‘the best Bloody Mary in Rome’, complete with bona fide Worcester sauce. There are also a vertiginous variety of others, along with standard and artisanal beers. This is the ideal place for aperitivos and more.


Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 53
Sun – Thur 8.30pm-3.30am, Fri – Sat 8.30pm-4.30am

Best Bars in Pigneto, Rome

In the popular Panineria La Premiata in Pigneto, you’ll find a door with a neon writing marked “Carni Scelte”. Open that door, and you’ll end up into another dimension, one of Pigneto’s best-kept secrets: the hip cocktail bar Spirito. Nestle into the red leather booths and enjoy Spirito’s delicious cocktails, which feature exotic flavors and syrups that breathe new life into the classic recipes.

Bottiglieria Pigneto

Via del Pigneto, 106a
Mon-Sun 7am–2am

the best bars in Pigneto

La Bottiglieria Pigneto has become a landmark for the locals. Open from morning until late at night is a pleasant stop at any time of the day. La Bottiglieria has also become a hub for young professionals wanting to work in a welcoming atmosphere. You can enjoy a multitude of wines, liquors, and good food. The vintage atmosphere has been attentively crafted and newspapers, a bookshelf, and a jukebox are always available.

The Ground

Via Filippo de Magistris, 66
Tue-Thur/Sun 5pm–1am, Fri – Sat 5pm-2am

the best bars in Pigneto, Rome

The Ground is a new restaurant and cocktail bar in Pigneto, and it is already making a name for itself. A creation of the owners of another renowned Pigneto bar, The Factory, The Ground diverts from the typical vintage style of Pigneto’s bars, and welcomes you in a relaxing atmosphere that will accompany you from aperitivo to after-dinner drinks. The menu has a few, yet sought-after offerings, and a particular attention has been devoted to the wine list. The Ground will also offer some incredible drinks and some pretty amazing aperitivos.

Libreria Tuba

Via del Pigneto, 39/a
Mon-Sat 5pm–1am, Tue/Sat also at 10am-3pm

the best bars in Pigneto, Rome

Tuba is a feminist bookstore, a bazaar, and a bar. A gem in Pigneto’s pedestrian area, Libreria Tuba is the perfect place to be at any time of the day. If you want to have an intellectually engaging conversation about feminist or queer theory, assist at a book presentation, or simply have a nice aperitivo, drink, or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place for you. Libreria Tuba, its awesome personnel, and their event and food choices always amaze.


Via del Pigneto, 105
Sun-Thur 6pm-1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-2am

the best bars in Pigneto, Rome

Every Pigneto local knows Birra+, and for good reason: for some, Birra+ is synonymous with Pigneto, and of course, beer. If you’re a beer-lover then this fun and laid-back bar will be your haven. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and the super fun bartenders will be able to guide you. If you want to drink some rare and refined brews, then hurry up and head over!

Ellington Club

Via Anassimandro, 15
Wed-Sat 6pm-2am, Sunday for brunch 11.30am-3.30pm

Nightlife in Pigneto: the best bars and clubs

Pigneto’s Ellington Club will make you feel you’ve been teleported in a 1920s movie. An innovative and permanent live dinner club, Ellington is the perfect place for having dinner, choosing from a wide array of drinks, and enjoying a live show. Burlesque, Big Bands, Jazz bands, art, cultural contamination and a provocative atmosphere are at home here.


Via Stefano Colonna, 9
Mon-Sun 7pm–2am

nightlife in Pigneto: best bars and clubs

Klang, which literally means “sound” in German, is a musical oasis dedicated to sound experimentation, ranging from electro, to noise, jazz, and psychedelic rock. Entering here is like walking into a Berlin club, and it will not disappoint you. The space is subdivided in two connected areas, one for drinks and food, and the other for concerts and shows. Every day Klang offers its guests an wide choice of entertainment to choose from.

Largo Venue

Via Biordo Michelotti, 2
Thur – Sun 7pm–2am

Nightlife in Pigneto: the best bars and clubs

Rather than a simple entertainment space, Largo Venue is truly an urban requalification project that was born in the ashes of a space torn from degradation and recovered through creativity, a green space, and a home for culture. Concerts, DJ sets, Arthouse movies, drinks and food in a unique area that offers countless Italian and international entertainment opportunities.


Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5
Mon-Sun: 10:00pm-3:00am

Fanfulla 5/A

Fanfulla is a firm favourite for party-goers and cinema lovers. It is one of Rome’s best social clubs, always welcoming a mix of live bands and DJ’s. At Fanfulla you can experience different musical genres spacing from punk and rock, to pop and electro, or you can watch a nice arthouse movie. You will require an Arci membership card, but fear not: you can create your own on the spot. Don’t forget to check out their programming on their website.


Via del Pigneto, 215

Pigneto Nightlife: Best Bars and Clubs in Pigneto, Rome

The cultural association Sparwasser aimes at being an intergenerational and intercultural hub of artistic, social, and urban exchange. Whether you’re looking for a nice and chill alternative to the usual clubs, Sparwasser offers a unique and friendly atmosphere, where you’ll be able to drink and eat Italian quality produce, listen a live concert, or dance your heart out at a party. Here too you will need an Arci Membership card, but like all places that require it, you can get one there. As they say, “at Sparwasser nobody is a foreigner”, so come on a visit.

the best restaurants in Pigneto

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