Pigneto Neighbourhood

Pigneto neighbourhood in Rome

Pining for Pigneto – a comprehensive guide to the quarter’s coolest haunts

When you were young did mamma ever tell you not to cross the tracks? Well, she would be correct, except when it comes to Rome. While the fanfare of Piazza di Spagna and the Pantheon may initially hold true, something a little more unique brims on the other side of the tracks: Rome’s coolest patch of splendour, Pigneto.


Originally a working class suburb that many feared frequenting after dark, Pigneto has shaken off its once stained jacket, and is now home to some of the hippest bars, restaurants, music venues, and tattooed folk in Rome. Although a bit spread out, the heart of Pigneto is Via del Pigneto, a meandering, pedestrianised street lined with an eclectic mix of venues and clientele, all vying for the hipster status. Here we share with you our top picks sure to convince you that Pigneto really does pack a punch of revelry.



Necci Pigneto

Necci dal 1924
Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68
Open daily: 8am – 2am

Made famous by the 1961 film, Accattone, directed by Italian Pier Paolo Pasolini, this rustic haunt made its celebrity cameo due to its traditional, no-frills lexicon which has kept locals coming for decades. Operating under the watchful culinary eye of Chef, Ben Hirst, Necci offers an exciting range of well-prepared dishes from dawn to dusk, serving breakfast, light lunch, afternoon tea, aperitivo, and finally hearty dinner.

Cucina rosti Pigneto

Cucina Rosti
Via Bartolomeo d’Alviano, 65
Open Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 2pm

Boasting a large open interior space and a tranquil, outdoor garden perfect for the balmy summer months, Cucina Rosti is ideal for any demographic: intimate date for two, family lunch for ten. From Tuesday to Sunday, experience the Italian and international inspired breakfast, while in the evening be sure to sample the wood-oven ‘pizza alla romana’.

La Santeria Pigneto

La Santeria
Via del Pigneto, 211
Open daily: 7pm – 2am
“La Santeria Pizzicheria-Bistrot” Fb Page

A tapas bar come bistrot, owner and interior designer, Gioia, has created an intimate and stylish space reminiscent of 1890s Paris. Specialities includes unique pagnottelle: sourdough sandwiches filled with scrumptious fillings ranging from local ‘porchetta’ to bresaola della Valtellina to gorgonzola and anchovies from Cetara. A specialty also includes ‘the shoe’ which is an Arab pita filled with meatballs and tomato, divine!

Primo al Pigneto

Primo al Pigneto
Via del Pigneto, 46
Tue – Sun: 7pm – 2am (open for Sunday lunch)

Primo al Pigneto is a gastronomic sanctuary established by Marco Gallotta and Massimo Terzulli in 2006. Over your clothed table, using fine cutlery, sample Italian favourites including fried artichokes and linguine with octopus and pecorino. A focus on biodynamic and unfiltered wines also makes for perfect quaffing material to accompany your meal.

VA.DO AL PIGNETO restaurant Rome

Via Braccio da Montone, 56
Mon-Thur 6pm – 12am, Fri – Sat 6pm – 1am

Head to VA.DO AL PIGNETO, a chic and vintage locale that boasts 1930s Neapolitan chairs, Provençal mirrors and artisan tables that will immediately catch any artistic eye. The lighting and the cozy, effortless setting makes this experience even more cinematic. If you’re a foodie VA.DO AL PIGNETO’s creative spring menu is just what you need. Try the vado e tonno, red tuna in scalded leek leaves and soy sauce that just leaves you craving for more.



Co.SO. cocktail bar Rome Pigneto

Via Braccio da Montone, 80
Open Mon – Sat: 7pm – 3am

A prerequisite to any decent cocktail is attention to detail and at Co.So., which stands for cocktail social, mixologists Massimo D’Addezio and Co. do not disappoint. In this matchbox-sized venue spirits are warmed by the thoughtful and creative concoctions delivered on the glitzy surface bar. Think classics such as the Tom Collins, alongside truly creative, and truly Roman mixes including the Carbonara sour with vodka, pepper, and egg.

yeah Pigneto

Via Giovanni de Agostini, 45
Open daily: 7am – 1.30am

When you walk into this funky cafè it feels like you’re hanging out in your friend’s livingroom. Its comfy couches, lounge chairs and tables give it a cool atmosphere. People are always lounging here at all hours of the day whether it be for cappuccino and cornetto in the morning or for a light lunch or for their aperitivo. The cafè also has an extensive collection of vinyl records where you can request and pick your own music to play.

british corner

The British Corner
Via del Pigneto, 112
Open daily: 3pm – 2am
“The British Corner” Fb Page

At The British Corner, you can transcend into old-world Britain in this ornate and timeless tea room. Opened a little over a year ago, The British Corner has quickly developed a loyal following thanks to its yummy cakes and pastries. Its extensive collection of teas and infusions, also please palettes. Thursday’s evening, ‘Speakndrink’, gives Italians the chance to practise a little English in an authentic setting.

Mezzo Bar Pigneto

Via del Pigneto, 19
Open daily: 5.30pm – 2am
“Mezzo” Fb Page

Perhaps more reminiscent of an after hours Berlin bar, Mezzo offers a stellar collection of cocktails and vermouth. Miniature in size, but grandiose in effort, the bar dexterously blends its staple spirit, Vermouth, into a range of delectable cocktails certain to get the party started.

Cargo al Pigneto Rome

Via del Pigneto, 20
Open daily: 6pm – 2am
“Cargo Pigneto” Fb Page

Perhaps the quarter’s most famous bar, this haunt stands proud on Via del Pigneto, serving par excellence its loyal and thirsty patrons who can’t get enough. Behind the bar, cocktail wizard proudly proclaims ‘the best Bloody Mary in Rome’, complete with bona fide Worcester sauce. There are also Moscow Mule, Grasshopper, Aviation and a vertiginous variety of others, along with standard and ‘artigianale’ beers. This is the ideal place for aperitifs and more.

Spirito Speakeasy Rome

Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 53
Open daily: 8pm – 3am

In the popular Panineria, La Premiata in Pigneto, there is a door with neon writing marked “Carni Scelte.” Open the door and you’ll find one of Pigneto’s best-kept secrets; the hip cocktail bar Spirito. Nestle into the red leather booths and enjoy Spirito’s delicious cocktails, which feature exotic flavors and syrups that breathe new life into the classic recipes.

birstro brepub rome

Via De Magistris, 66
Open Tue – Sun: 6pm – 2am

Birstrò is the first street BrewPub in Rome. This kind of pub, which is rather common in many european cities, produces and serves its own beer. No other brands needed, the home-brewed India Pale and Brown Ales are up there with the best from Burton on Trent, once beer capital to the British Empire.  Here one brother does the brewing, the other cooks. In the spirit of the place the accompanying menu combines simple with exotic, lost or ‘poor’ dishes served up with a touch of the exotic.

bottiglieria pigneto

Bottiglieria Pigneto
Via del Pigneto, 106a
Open daily: 7am – 2am

Outside the recently opened Metro C station, you can find La Bottiglieria. Commuters would enjoy from 7 am a home-made breakfast more varied than most places in the city centre. Brunch at  nooon, then way through till midnight German beers on tap, multitudinous wines (including ‘biological’ ones)  plus ports from Portugal. Inside the place is mellowed by vintage-looking sofas, active-looking bookshelves, and, yeah, a jukebox; Donna Summer, the Beegees or Elvis singing ‘O sole Mio’ all wait to be given a spin.



na cosetta roma pigneto

‘Na Cosetta
Via Ettore Giovenale, 54
Open daily: 10am – 2am

An Italian style bistro, yet inspired by some of the bars in NYC, ‘na Cosetta adds a cultural jazz, indie and swing element to the already thriving nightlife of the ‘quartiere’. To accompany your live music experience, why not capitalise on the venue’s enogastronomic menu, which truly showcases all Italian wining and dining has to offer.  On saturdays ‘Na Cosetta takes you back to traditional Italian roots with their “Pranzo della Nonna”.


Via Casilina Vecchia, 96
Membership card required

CoHouse is a members’ only social club for creative types to come together at any one of there weekly events. Occupying the industrial space on Via Casilina Vecchia, CoHouse hosts a temporary restaurant with a rotating cycle of well-known chefs who prepare unique gourmet prix-fixe menus for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Post-dinner, the space turns into a full bar and (popular) nightclub.

circolo arci dal Verme

Circolo Arci Dal Verme
Via Luchino Dal Verme, 8
Open Wed – Sat: 8pm – 3am (Arci membership card required)

Perhaps the quarter’s most famous bar, this haunt stands proud on Via del Pigneto, serving par excellence its loyal and thirsty patrons who can’t get enough. Behind the bar, cocktail wizard proudly proclaims ‘the best Bloody Mary in Rome’, complete with bona fide Worcester sauce. There are also Moscow Mule, Grasshopper, Aviation and a vertiginous variety of others, along with standard and ‘artigianale’ beers. This is the ideal place for aperitifs and more.

Kino Roma

Il Kino Cinema & Bistrot
Via Perugia, 34
Open daily except Monday

Gourmet cinephiles will appreciate authentic Kino. A ticket plus membership of the basement cinema can be supplemented by pre-or-post-film meal and drinks in the snug  bistrot/ ex-Grauco cinema library. As an advance on popcorn, sometimes menus come themed – eg. ‘slow food’  to go with ‘slow’ films. Short seasons devoted to international directors are in the original language, rare in Italy where dubbing, often to  the detriment of quality, is the norm.



Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5
Open daily: 10pm – 3am
Arci Membership card required

Fanfulla is a firm favourite for party-goers wanting to keep the revelry alive. Welcoming a mix of live bands and DJ’s, you are guaranteed to experience a mix of music from punk and rock, to pop and electro. Certain nights, alternative movies are also shown.


Pigneto Neighbourdood Rome

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