The best restaurants in Pigneto

the best restaurants in Pigneto Rome

Where to eat in Pigneto

Originally a working class suburb that many feared frequenting after dark, Pigneto has shaken off its once stained jacket, and is now home to some of the hippest bars, restaurants, music venues, and tattooed folk in Rome. Come by for the alternative vibe and stay for lunch at dinner at one of these amazing restaurants in Pigneto.

Necci dal 1924

Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68
Mon – Tue 8am-11pm, Wed – Thur/Sun 8am-1am, Fri – Sat 8am-2am

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

Made famous by Pierpaolo Pasolini’s 1961 film “L’Accattone”, this restaurant is a renowned spot in Pigneto. It retained its traditional style while also pointing towards innovation, remaining one of the main social hubs for locals. Operating under the watchful culinary eye of Chef, Ben Hirst, Necci offers an exciting range of well-prepared dishes from dawn to dusk, serving breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, and dinner, that you can eat in the garden or sitting inside. It is quite crowded all year round, especially in the evening, but you’ll always find a spot.

Rosti al Pigneto

Via Bartolomeo d’Alviano, 65
Sun – Thur 6.30pm-12am, Fri – Sat 6.30pm-1am, Sat – Sun also for brunch 12.30pm-4pm

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

Boasting a large open interior space and a tranquil, outdoor garden perfect for the balmy summer months, Rosti al Pigneto is ideal for anyone: an intimate date for two, a family lunch for ten, or a solo meal or coffee accompanied by a book. On Sundays you can enjoy a wonderful brunch, while in the evening be sure to sample the wood-oven ‘pizza alla romana’. Also check out the incredible murals and street art by street artist M-City that decorate Rosti’s garden walls.

La Santeria

Via del Pigneto, 209
Mon-Sun 6.30pm–1.30am

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

A tapas bar come bistrot, Santeria is an intimate and stylish space reminiscent of 1890s Paris. You’ll find family pictures, porcelains, and an international cuisine. Specialties include pagnottelle, sourdough sandwiches filled with scrumptious fillings ranging from local ‘porchetta’ to bresaola della Valtellina, gorgonzola, and anchovies; ‘the shoe’ which is an Arab pita filled with meatballs and tomato; and you can also savor oysters every day of the week!

Va.Do al Pigneto

Via Braccio da Montone, 56
Mon– Te 6pm-12am, Wed– Fri 6pm-1am, Sat 6pm-2am

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

Va.Da al Pigneto, is a chic and vintage locale that boasts 1930s Neapolitan chairs, Provençal mirrors, and artisan tables that will immediately catch your eye. The lighting and the cozy setting makes this experience rather cinematic. If you’re a food lover, and you like to experience the nouvelle cuisine at an affordable price, Va.Do’s creative menu is just what you need: not only your palate will thank you, but your eyes, too. In fact, the portions are carefully crafted as culinary pieces of art.

Bosco – Officine del Tartufo

Via Macerata, 8/c
Tue-Sun 12pm–3pm, 6.30pm–11.30pm

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

Bosco is the first Italian “street kitchen” entirely dedicated to mountains and their nature. The main ingredient and protagonist of many of the restaurant’s plates is the sought-out truffle of Abruzzo. The Chef, Guido Liberti, will bring to the table the culinary traditions of the Abruzzo region, from more rustic plates like burgers and crostini, to more delicate appetizers and desserts.

Marè Fish and Fantasy

Via del Pigneto, 125
Tue-Sun 12.30pm–11.30pm

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

If you like fish, Marè Fish and Fantasy is the place for you. This new restaurant in the heart of Pigneto offers seafood and fish in an exciting variety of forms and ways. You can try some very interesting pasta plates, fried or raw fish, and even panini filled with everything the sea has to offer. The prices are fair, and the quality is high. The atmosphere is laid-back, yet someone definitely kept and eye on details!

Vitaminas 24

Via Ascoli Piceno, 40/42
Mon-Sun 12pm–4pm, 7pm-11pm

Rome Vegan and Vegetarian Guide

At Vitaminas you’ll be able to experience the flavors of the Lazio region of Ciociaria. A colorful and completely cruelty-free space, this restaurant boasts an incredible variety of vegan and vegetarian options, with foods coming from Lazio, as well as tropical fruits. The menu changes daily based on seasonal and local availability, and the cooking methods used here are delicate and natural.

So What?

Via Ettore Giovenale, 56
Wed-Mon 7.30pm–11.30pm, Sat-Sun lunch 12.30pm–3pm

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

Being Pigneto’s vegan restaurant, So What? attracts both plant-eaters, and non. You will find a lot of creative plates, gluten-free offerings, and most-importantly, cruelty-free. The laid-back and non-pretentious atmosphere is very welcoming, and the restaurant is plastered with movie posters and pop-culture references. The tofu cake is definitely a must at the end of your meal!

Pizzeria Sant’Alberto

Via del Pigneto, 46
Mon-Fri 6.30pm–12am

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

The Pizzeria Sant’Alberto stands where once stood a famous restaurant, now closed. Yet, this pizzeria holds all the cards to fill in the spot. The name comes from Saint Albert, the Italian patron of pizza chefs! You will have the possibility to choose from four different pizza doughs and every month, there’s a dedicated special pizza. They also have an incredible choice of liquors to choose from. Definitely worth checking out.


Via Pesaro, 8
Mon-Sun 7.30pm-11.30pm

The best restaurants in Pigneto, Rome

This little gem in the heart of Pigneto is what you need if you’re looking for a cozy and familiar atmosphere, creativity in the kitchen, and an always renewed proposal of dishes. The restaurant’s choices are dainty and refined, the staff is super attentive, and the chef is always looking for new flavors and contrasts. The seats are few, and you’ll be able to dine in tranquility, and an incredible value for money.

the best bars in Pigneto

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