The best bakeries and pastry shops in Rome

Rome Pasticcerie and Bakery guide

Must Try bakeries and pastry shops in Rome

In Italian there are two ways to say bakery, as connoisseurs of the culinary world it should come as no surprise there is a separation between sweet pastries, to be found in the “Pasticceria”, and savoury baked breads sold in the “forno”. It may happen to anyone, especially on a melancholic autumn or winter day, to feel the irresistible urge to have a sweet or savory moment to retreat to. A little sugar-coated piece of heaven, a guilty pleasure to share with friends and family, or to treasure just for yourself. For all those looking for a reason to spoil themselves, here comes a list of the best bakeries and pasticcerie, or pastry shops, in Rome.


Pasticceria Barberini

Via Marmorata, 41 (Testaccio)
Daily 6am–9pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: it is impossible to walk past this historic pasticceria without being enchanted by the artistic display of sweet sins behind its windows, serving locals and VIPs alike since 1925. Their dedicated team of bakers only use natural ingredients, steering clear of preservatives. Stop by for an espresso and a mignon before a nice walk through Testaccio.

Must try: the rows of assorted macarons, mini Sacher and mini Cassate Siciliane.

Pasticceria Walter Musco Bompiani

Largo Bompiani, 8 (Garbatella)
Daily 6.30am–8pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome
Picture by: Valeria Tudisco

Insider tip: this is the spot for a stylish break be it breakfast or aperitivo. Design is everywhere, from the elegant interiors to the many sweet and savoury treats. From great cake classics, such as Millefoglie, Mont Blanc and Mimosa, to more modern designs and chocolate pralines, this is a sweet tooth’s paradise! Their dedicated pastry chefs start the day at 3am, working to blow our minds with new flavour combinations. Also a wonderful gelateria.

Must try: Jasmine tea chocolate pralines, Achrome (coconut, lime and mango pastries inspired by Italian artist Piero Manzoni).

Pasticceria Romoli

Viale Eritrea, 140-144 (Africano)
Tuesday – Sunday 6.30am – 2am (3am Sundays)

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: Don’t miss the ritual of midnight cornetto in this late night bakery, a real institution of Rome’s Quartiere Africano since 1952. On Sunday mornings choose your pastarelle from the kaleidoscopic display at the counter or pick a whole cake among Sacher, Torta della Nonna, Profitterol or a delicious strawberry tart.

Must try: strawberry tart, Danish, Bombe alla Crema (one of Rome’s most iconic pastries)

Tornatora Tuscolana

Via Tuscolana, 794 (towards Cinecittà)
Daily 6am– 9pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: creative looking cakes shaped after ladybirds, a cute little mouse or a hedgehog are perfect as a birthday gift. For all other days, try the unmissable pastarelle, or enjoy a luxurious breakfast accompanied by a delicious cappuccino.

Must try: Cannonata, Rocher, Fragolina cakes

Bella Napoli

Via Tommaso da Celano, 86 (Caffarella)
Monday – Sunday 8am–8.30pm

Rome Pasticcerie Guide

Insider tip: family run Neapolitan bakery. Here you’ll find Classic Baba’ with Rum and more luxurious variations, with fillings such as Ricotta and Pear, Melon, Chocolate, Pistacchio, Coffee, Mint, Tiramisù and more. Neapolitans often complain about how Roman pastries don’t compare to what they’re used to at home, something to bear in mind!

Must try: Baba’ cake, Baba’ with Rum

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza

Via dell’arco del Monte, 98 (Campo de’ Fiori)
Monday – Tuesday 7.30am–8.30pm, Sunday 8am–8.30pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: Sicilian classics from cassata to cannoli, and an abundance of pistacchio and almond will bring you on a blissful journey and transport you to the island of Pirandello, Cucinotta and Montalbano.

Must try: cassatina, granita gelsi e pistacchio, cannoli, cassatelle di Agira

Pasticceria Cinque Lune

Corso del Rinascimento, 89 (Centro Storico)
Tuesday – Sunday 8am – 9.30pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: a little hidden gem close to Piazza Navona, this tiny pasticceria focuses on the sweet traditions of Rome. Much appreciated by locals, it is not very well known by tourists, which makes it the perfect place to visit.

Must try: Antichi Romani, Maritozzi

Pasticceria Linari

Via Nicola Zabaglia, 9 (Testaccio)
Daily 6.30am – 9.30pm, Closes at 1.30pm on Tuesday

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: Linari belongs to Testaccio like whipped cream belongs to a maritozzo. Simply unmissable, it has everything you can think of, from maritozzi to baba’, to croissants, cakes, teatime biscuits and savoury treats.

Must try: Bignè di San Giuseppe, Ciambella Fritta, Croissant

Le Levain

Via Luigi Santini, 22 (Trastevere)
Daily 8am – 8.30pm (8pm on Sunday)

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: this charmante spot is a delicious French bakery in the heart of Trastevere. It is always bustling with locals and tourists keen to try the hand made delicacies. It’s worth keeping in mind they don’t serve barista coffee, although there is a take away machine.

Must try: the fresh pistacchio croissant and their macarons (naturally)

Dolce Maniera

Via Barletta, 27 (Prati)
Open 24 hours everyday

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: famous amongst Roman students, this all night bakery is a compulsory stop after a night out. Their croissants are top notch, freshly baked and really cheap, I would especially recommend the cream filling. The bakery is in the basement, so you have to walk down some stairs to enter.

Must try: the biscuits with the Pope’s face on them!


Via Giovanni da Empoli, 37 (Testaccio)
Tuesday – Thursday 8am – 5pm, Friday 8am – 11pm,
Saturday 9am-11pm, Sunday 9am – 5pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: This bakery is a Scandinavian haven in Ostiense, the interior is simple and natural with handmade pottery and wild flowers. Its a restaurant as well and offers a particularly delicious brunch menu. Think trendy and low key, you will feel like you’re not in Rome.

Must try: babka, the love child of Sweden and Italy in a baked good, a chocolate-brioche loaf of dreams. Their cinnamon rolls are also famous and they do a mean carrot cake.

Pasticceria Andreotti

Via Ostiense, 54 (Testaccio)
Monday – Saturday 7am – 9.30pm, Sunday 7.30am – 9.30pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: founded in 1931, these pastries have obtained recognition as a historic shop of interest. A favourite amongst Rome’s celebrities, pop in for something sweet and you never know who you’ll run into.

Must try: the sfoglia with Chantilly cream and forest strawberries. Also the Africano (a cocoa sponge cake soaked in curaçao and filled with chocolate cream).

Bakery House

Via Riano, 11 (Ponte Milvio)
Daily 9am – 12am

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: this is a bakery for the homesick, offering American style desserts, with pancakes and waffles to go with their coffee and smoothies. It has a very genuine, homely feel – a cozy spot to take refuge. They also host pastry courses, ready to become a baker? They also have locations in Trieste and EUR.

Must try: the red velvet sponge is a must, likewise the apple pie and carrot cake.

Pasticceria Regoli

Via dello statuto, 60 (Termini)
Wednesday – Monday 6.30am – 8.20pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: a great place to start your day, excellent coffee and a sweet pastry. Known for following traditional Italian recipes, it was founded in 1916 and is still run by the Regoli family, a century of Italian pastry history yours to enjoy.

Must try: the maritozzi, a star shaped pastry filled with cream and berries, The Charlotte (cake)

Pasticceria De Bellis

Piazza del Paradiso, 56 (Largo Argentina)
Daily 9am – 8pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: this wonderful spot right in the center of the city offers pastries that are so cute they are almost works of art. De Bellis is a top class pastry chef who mixes French and Spanish influences to produce uniquely aesthetic and delicious creations. The Maria Antoinetta’s are lined up amongst the strawberry tarts and miniature tiramisu, offering a delicious and aesthetic experience. They also have an increasing number of savoury options, the Donut’s burger is not to be missed.

Must try: saint honore di Roma, the Sacher on a stick

Pasticceria Gruè

Viale Regina Margherita (Nomentana)
Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm, Sunday 8am – 9pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insiders tip: beautiful and bright space with outdoor seating for the people watchers amongst us. They offer cakes, ice cream and savoury options, all with thoughtful and fresh ingredients. Marta Boccanera and Felice Venanzi’s lifelong love of pastry led them to create this meeting point that you can enjoy from breakfast to aperitivo. The staff are lovely.

Must try: semifreddi, mignons and the classic puffs!


Antico Forno Roscioli

Via dei Chiavari, 34 (Campo de’ Fiori)
Monday – Saturday 7am – 8pm, Sunday 8.30am – 7pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: a true contender for the best pizza al taglio in Rome, this chaotic and delicious forno belongs at the top of your to-do list. They follow the simple ritual of freshly baked bread every morning, and listening to their customer’s thoughts and stories. It is here that baking transcends profession and enters the realm of art.

Must try: Pizza al taglio, Casatiello

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Piazza Campo di Fiori, 22 (Campo de’ Fiori)
Monday – Saturday 7.30am – 2.30pm/ 4.45pm – 8pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: a brilliant location in the heart of Rome’s tourist center, so delicious that it attracts the Romans, too. There is something magical and nostalgic about their cozy forno, always a popular stop with both Italian and international students.

Must try: the delicate pizza bianca, cream and pine nut cake

Il Gianfornaio

Via marmorata, 159 (Testaccio)
Monday – Wednesday 7.30am – 8.30pm, Friday – Saturday 7.30am – 9pm,
Sunday 8am – 8.30pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: this bakery, found in the kitchen of Rome, is a huge space with loads of choices for seats. There is a Parisian feel here, despite being seeped in Italian culinary tradition. There are five locations around the city, so it’s impossible to miss out on this food experience.

Must try: their pizzette bianche, pizza al taglio, afternoon tea and their apericena (buffet and a drink)

Forno Monteforte

Via del Pellegrino, 129 (Campo de’ Fiori)
Daily 7.30am – 10pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: a beautiful space nestled amidst the cobblestones and Ivey of Rome’s winding central streets. This is a lovely space to enjoy a morning cappuccino, crawl up with a book in the afternoon, or treat yourself to an evening prosecco, as many of the locals choose to do!

Must try: the impressive variety of pizza, try the spicy salami and olive, the freshly baked bread, a delicious maritozzo

Panificio Bonci

Via del Meloria, 43 (Prati)
Monday – Saturday 11am – 10pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: Gabriele Bonci, the vivacious chef, has been called the king of pizza al taglio. In his panificio you can taste amazing pizza, dozens of naturally leavened breads, pizzette but also sweet treats! His website offers recipes for his decorous creations as well as a transparent breakdown of his producers and suppliers.

Must try: the supplì are impossible to resist, the burrata and anchovy pizza, the pulled pork pizza, really you can’t go wrong

Caffè Hungaria

Piazza Ungheria, 7 (Parioli)
Daily 7am – 12pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: with a modern, art deco vibe this bakery is open all day everyday, with fresh pastries, sandwiches, bread, you name it. Come here to enjoy traditional food in a modern setting.

Must try: the Completissimo burger, hot chocolate (not together!)

Antico Forno Urbani

Piazza Costaguti, 30 (Centro Storico)
Monday – Saturday 7.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 7pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: expect a tasty and friendly time, the only problem is that once you’ve gone you can never go without. This humble, sweet bakery has a great location and is really good value.

Must try: the kosher pizza, the simple pizza rossa, sometimes they have bagels too – always exciting.

Antico Forno Ai Serpenti

Via dei Serpenti, 122 (Monti)
Sunday – Thursday 8am – 9.45pm, Friday – Saturday 8am – 10.14pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: beautiful interior design with a 1930s feel, this is a retro, multifunctional space with an onsite bakery is a good choice for any time of day. The name is undeniably cool, the ancient snake oven, and their pastries won’t disappoint.

Must try: the wine donut, the grissini, the bread with oil and walnuts

Antico Forno Cotugno

Piazza Enrico Fermi, 38 (Marconi)
Monday – Saturday 8am-9pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: an authentic Italian bakery a little out of the center, run by the Cotugno family since 1954. They have a secret recipe for their dough, but keep their flavours modern by always reinventing their recipes.

Must try: the Naples style pizza with a puffy crust, porcini mushroom pizza

La Renella Forno Antico Trastevere

Via del Moro, 15
Daily 7am-12am

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: this bakery has been around since 1870! They use simple, traditional recipes and the smell of their freshly baked breads travels down the alleys of Trastevere from the early morning until well after cocktail hour.

Must try: the zucchini flower pizza, ham and fig pizza

Pop’s Bakery & Diner

Via Federico Cesi, 36 (Prati)
Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm, Friday – Saturday 8am – 1am

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider’s tip: expect welcoming vibes at this American bakery and diner a few steps away from Piazza Cavour. Giulia Gioannini is behind the project, bringing the cafe culture from our favourite US sitcoms to Italy’s capital! She’s updated her American granny’s recipes with a healthier twist (avoiding white sugar as much as possible), it is also a plastic free spot. Despite being a bakery, they offer a strong aperitivo with a selection of real American cocktails.

Must try: the brownies, their bagels and American coffee – all hard things to come by when in Rome. The eggs benedict is also delicious, or you can opt for the Italian breakfast if you’re feeling more traditional.

Pasticceria Boccione

Via del Portico d’Ottavia, 1 (Jewish Quarter)
Sunday – Friday 8am – 7.30pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

Insider tip: a little hold in the wall bakery in the Jewish Ghetto, they serve delicacies that date back to ancient traditions. This family run business is the worst kept secret in Rome, with no sign on the door you have to follow your sense of smell.

Must try: the crostata ricotta e visciole (a cherry ricotta pie), ‘ginetti’ lemon biscuits

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