Blackmarket San Lorenzo (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

blackmarket san lorenzo cocktail bar

Cocktail Bar in San Lorenzo

If you are on the hunt for new alcoholic inspirations, entering Blackmarket in San Lorenzo will feel like stepping through Alice’s looking glass. Let yourself be guided through this kaleidoscopic experience by managers and staff Francesco, Sabrina and Alessandro, who have designed this new venue as an evolution of the original Black Market in Monti.

Located in San Lorenzo neighbourhood, this great cocktail bar is home to one of Rome’s most interesting mixology scenes. Bartender Alessandro got “seriously interested in the profession” while working in London, where he learned the tricks of the trade. Inspired by the stories of cocktail making from the late 19° century, he brought them back to Rome to create Blackmarket’s curated menu, “featuring 10 signature cocktails, each one designed to offer a unique sensual journey”.

Some of the most requested cocktails are La Wanda Sour (with a touch of lavender from Tivoli), Mescolata (with mezcal) and the super original Mon Chéri, with a whiskey, bourbon, and scotch base, mixed with a hint of chocolate and ratafià.

Their cocktail menu also proposes 5 variations of the classic Manhattan and Old Fashioned plus 3 versions of Stocked and “Avec Champagne” cocktails.

Indulge in some of the culinary experiences created by Sabrina, who turns cheese, salumi, bruschette, tartare and burgers (all from local producers) into proper miniature artworks. The kitchen is open late!

BlackMarket San Lorenzo Cocktail Bar

Attention to each guest is of paramount importance at Blackmarket, where the atmosphere is designed to be like a hipper version of your “grandma’s living room”, one with excellent cocktails, bossa nova or a dj-set in the background, dim lights, sofas, books, and art exhibitions.

“We wanted to create a place to feel at home, where we can treat people the way we would want to be treated”, said Francesco of the inspiration for the venue.

50, 00185 Roma, Italy


Via dei Sardi, 50 (San Lorenzo)

Opening time

8pm – 3.30am

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