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Butterfly Rome

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With a single flap of wings Hotel Butterfly reopens for its third season inside its garden of imagination just a stone’s throw away from the Ponte della Musica. In between secular trees and magnolias, immersed in the greenery of Monte Mario and the Foro Italico, Butterfly invites you to indulge in evenings dedicated to food and wine, mixology, music and live performances. It’s a mixology bar, restaurant with focacceria and cruditè, bar, jazz lineup and music venue open everyday till late. Experiencing Butterfly is like arriving to a private garden. The outdoor court is dedicated to all things music, performances, and events, whereas the enchanted garden is reserved for dinners, drinks, and aperitivi.

Artists and musicians will perform live every day, exploring musical genres from jazz, rare groove and funky to electronic and house music. The numerous professionals of the entertainment sector will be the different faces and souls of the daily shows and settings, making Butterfly a rare and eccentric place for the crew of GoaUltrabeat, She Made, L-Ektrica, Rebel Rebel, Nozoo, Touch The Wood, Analphabeat, Box_65, Radar and Mo’better.

In particular, guests will be accompanied by characters from the traveling theater of the Compagnia della Farfalla with their atmospheric theater, where weird silent characters, with the help of set designs, will recall romantic eras now distant in time, making it natural for the spectator to lose himself in this garden of surreal and unique experiences.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. New this year is the expression of art represented by Cine Areana – a space dedicated to silent cinema. Surreal characters from the Loire region of France will be the protagonists interpreting the brothers Ralph and Laurent, pioneers of the cinema, who will be able to create a wonderful atmosphere for these warm summer evenings, with fantastic projections of images in movement. Gala evenings will host the most famous divas of the 20th century, extravagant films and comic reviews will delight the summer that flies.

Voilà Mesdames and Messieurs, come and dream with the Cinecretinetti of the F.lli Ralph & Laurent. Every evening four short films will be projected, these will be the icons of silent cinema – from more extravagant themes dedicated to every spectator, to the ones for little ones and adults.

The first part – around 9pm – will always be something comic, from the great classics of slaptick as Keaton and Harold Loyd to touch gracefully masterpieces of French cinema such as Les Enfants du Paradis and Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot. The second part – around 11pm – will be accompanied from the best disk jokey and will satisfy the palate of yours eyes with more experimental and sci-fi flavors.

Butterfly Rome

How to get there? This year, you can count on some buses to take you, but it will be more difficult without a car. Protected by the shadow of the Stadio Olimpico and hidden behind the trees, Butterfly maintains its DNA: a beautiful stone house sprinkled with lights, a sweet dinner area and a charming garden with 50s retro style benches and tables. What to drink at Butterfly? With some of the most talented Roman mixologists alternating as bartenders, you have to go for a cocktail. Sip on your well-deserved drink while enjoying good music.


Mondays are known as Soul Soup with rare groove and tropical funk. On Tuesdays, the one and only crew of L-Ektrica and She Made will take the stage. If you don’t already know them, they’re THE DJ crews that makes Rome dance and move on electronic music, please run to discover them! What about Wednesdays ? It’ll be the turn of Analphabeat, while on Thursday, let’s travel on the rhythm of Ultra Butterfly.

Butterfly Rome

But let’s start talking about serious things: The weekend! Rebel Rebel and Touch the Wood will share the stage twice a month each. Saturday, NOZOO will shake Butterfly with their vibes. On Sundays, finally, Mo’Better and Box_65 will make you forget that the end of a wonderful weekend has already come.


So what should you remember? Same place and same spirit. With its secret garden, silent cinema, savage mixology and great music selection, Butterfly makes you forget about daily life. For those who used to spend their summer evenings at Hotel Butterfly, you’ll be happy to head to your HQ for the evening again. If you are new in Rome, this bar is a place you have to discover during your stay here.

68, 00135 Roma RM, Italy


Viale dei Gladiatori, 68 (Ponte Milvio)

Opening time

Daily, 6pm – 2am



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