Christmas at the Auditorium Parco della Musica

christmas at auditorium parco della musica in rome 2020

 Natale all’Auditorium 2020-21 goes Digital

Auditorium Parco Della Musica‘s series of festive concerts and activities will get you into the holiday spirit in no time. The return of their annual Inverno Incantato – Natale all’Auditorium – features an outdoor ice-skating rink ideal for some much-awaited festive ice skating. The Christmas village also features a wonderful Christmas Market where you can find artisanal gifts for the holidays or indulge in yummy seasonal foods. And don’t forget to look for Santa Claus’s house, sled, and a mailbox to send along Christmas wish-lists and more!

auditorium christmas market

This year, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the Fondazione Musica per Roma offers a rich calendar of shows and concerts, original productions broadcast in streaming every day throughout the holiday period, on the social channels of the Auditorium Parco della Musica, on the youtube channel Auditorium Tv, on the and websites.

From 24 December to 6 January, a high quality program will start with shows designed and created specifically to be broadcast in free streaming for a varied audience, different in age and tastes, with a program full of prestigious names for all kinds of shows. A musical journey that crosses various genres, from jazz to popular music, passing through indie pop and concert theater with: Paolo Fresu, Ambrogio Sparagna, Ascanio Celestini, Alfio Antico , Giovanna Marini, Antonello Salis, Peppe Voltarelli, Eugenio Bennato, Nicola Piovani and Peppe Servillo.

Happy holidays!


Program in streaming 2020/21

Thursday 24 December at 6pm
(repliche: 24/12 ore 22; 25/12 ore 11; 26/12 ore 15; 27/12 ore 22; 28/12 ore 15)
Ambrogio Sparagna
I suoni del Natale

Friday 25 December at 6pm
(repliche: 26/12 ore 11 e 22; 27/12 ore 15; 31/12 ore 15; 3/01 ore 15; 6/01 ore 15)
Paolo Fresu con Daniele di Bonaventura e Leila Shirvani
Jazzy Christmas

Saturday 26 December at 6pm
(repliche: 27/12 ore 11; 29/12 ore 15; 2/01 ore 11)
Ascanio Celestini
Posto unico. Storie e controstorie
Sante, galline e cavalli ciclopi
Con Alfio Antico
Ospite: Franco Lorenzoni

Sunday 27 December at 6pm
(repliche: 28/12 ore 11; 30/12 ore 15; 3/01 ore 11)
Ascanio Celestini
Posto unico. Storie e controstorie
Una caserma, un seminario, una spiaggia libera, un casino!
Con Giovanna Marini
Ospite: Luigi Manconi

Monday 28 December at 6pm
(repliche: 29/12 ore 11; 30/12 ore 11; 4/01 ore 11)
Ascanio Celestini
Posto unico. Storie e controstorie
Perché un ingegnere deve essere uguale a un muratore?
Con Paolo Fresu
Ospite: Angelo D’Orsi

Wednesday 30 December at 6pm
(repliche: 31/12 ore 11; 1/01 ore 22; 2/01 ore 15; 4/01 ore 22; 10/01 ore 15)
Eugenio Bennato
W chi non conta niente

Saturday 2 January at 6pm
(repliche: 5/01 ore 11; 10/01 ore 22)
Ascanio Celestini
Posto unico. Storie e controstorie
Porte, porti e paure
Con Antonello Salis
Ospite: Christian Raimo

Sunday 3 January at 6pm
(repliche: 5/01 ore 18; 8/01 ore 22)
Ascanio Celestini
Posto unico. Storie e controstorie
Vivo, morto e miracolato
Con Ambrogio Sparagna
Ospite: Francesca Maria Corrao

Monday 4 January at 6pm
(repliche: 6/01 ore 22; 9/01 ore 22)
Ascanio Celestini
Posto unico. Storie e controstorie
Racconti del piccolo paese
Con Peppe Voltarelli
Ospite: Lirio Abbate

Tursday 5 January at 9pm
(repliche: 7/01 ore 18; 8/01 ore 18; 9/01 ore 11)
Nicola Piovani
Lo streaming è pericoloso

Wednesday 6 January at 11am
(repliche: 7/01 ore 11 e 22; 8/01 ore 15; 10/01 ore 18)
Ambrogio Sparagna
La Chiarastella

Wednesday 6 January at 6pm
(repliche: 7/01 ore 15; 9/01 ore 18; 10/01 ore 11)
Nicola Piovani
Lo streaming è pericoloso

24 December 2020 – 6 January 2021

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