Circolo degli Illuminati

Il Circolo degli Illuminati Rome

The go-to club in Rome for underground electronic music

Immersed in the Ostiense neighbourhood, in the Libetta area, Il Circolo degli Illuminati has become one of the reference points for Roman nightlife. The club is located in the center of Rome, just 100 meters from the Garbatella metro stop.

Circolo degli Illuminati was born from the ashes of the mythical Classico in Via Libetta, and has since then revolutionised the space. The mission is simple: to not only discover and look for forms of art in music, but to also interpret and share them in an atmosphere that stimulates the participation of each one.

Il Circolo degli Illuminati Rome

With three different clubrooms and an ample garden, the club offers a wide variety of musical genres. Three rooms with three different styles. The main room oriented towards House – Tech House, Room02 rather Hip Hop and  Room3, a perfect place to relax while sipping a cocktail with chill music.

On Fridays, get ready for Smash in the main room, a night with shades of hip hop that has become the meeting point for university students and Italian rap stars such as Coez, Emis Killa, Gemello, Frenetik e Orange, Carl Brave and Franco 126, who have also performed here. While some Fridays will be a journey back in time, with nights dedicated to the famous 90’s, listening to Italian and international oldies and playing videogames! 

But Circolo degli Illuminati’s strongpoint is Minù: a weekly Saturday night party held in Room01 that cannot be missed. Think electronic music played till the afterhours creating an incendiary atmosphere. And it’s not only the audience who appreciates it, Deejays who perform at this venue are always happy to play.

Il Circolo degli Illuminati Rome

Among the DJs who have already performed are: Skrillex, Oliver Koletzky, Margaret Dygas, Hunee, Hvob, Tobi Neumann, Tiefschwarz, Aril Brikha, Extrawelt, Stacey Pullen, Francesco Tristano, Valentino Kanzyani and many more.

This year the party’s motto is openly provocative: “DJs are not superheroes”. With this motto, the organizers want to denounce the culture of clubs and the degeneration of DJs as professional figures and recover the fundamental elements that make up a club: equality, sharing and respect.

Circolo degli illuminati rome club

Minù’s program will focus on quality, starting with its resident deejays. Prepare for international names such as Lowris with his Parisian house (22 Sept), and the legendary Slovenian – Valentino Kanzyani – with his electronic music (Sep 15). From the Detroit Techno and minimal house, there’ll be Fabrizio Maurizi, and get ready to welcome back Germano Ventura – the veteran resident deejay of Circolo degli Illuminati. On roster talents like Demi James, Akyra, Ceparu and Jujet.

The program gets even richer with a list of international guests like one of the founding fathers of techno, Derrick May (Oct 20); the Israeli electronic phenomenons Red Axes (13 Oct); Gerd Janson with his trendy house (1 Dec); the “Kingspin of Paris” Dan Chenacia (24 Nov); and new talents “made in UK” like Archie Hamilton (22 Sept) and Eiclar Fifi (8 Dec).

A distinctive trait of the first part of the program is the strong influence of Italian artists, starting from the famous duo Marvin & Guy (29 Sep), to continue with the Bolognese Bassa Clan (6 Oct) and Bawrut (27 Oct).

But the surprises don’t end here. Once a month, Circolo degli Illuminati’s newest musical addition – Contrasto – will open Minù’s Saturday night party from 10pm – 1am. Expect a series of concerts and live music performances in contrast with one another. A container of everything that goes beyond a line already traced, a journey through different cultures and musical genres, a meeting place for curious minds.

Two pieces of electronic music history arrive to Rome for the first two events: on October 27 with Egyptian Lover’s hybrid live / DJ, the undisputed king of the Roland TR-808 and electro-funk. On November 10th, along with Minù’s birthday, the backbone of De La Soul returns to Italy, which responds to the name of the living legend of hip-hop MASEO!

On December 15, we move into more experimental drifts, expect a double live performance: VARG, spearhead of the Semantica Records and co-owner of Northern Electronics, and CHEVEL, freshly arrived from the Berlin Atonal festival.

The last announcement of this first round will be on January 26, 2019. After four years ANDY STOTT, the genius of Modern Love, makes a comeback to Rome. And who knows, maybe he’ll bring a new album…

Circolo degli illuminati

And for NYE, mark your calendars! Minù says goodbye to 2018 with two explosive parties expected inside Triskell Electronic, the New Year’s Festival of Circolo degli Illuminati, with two stars like Jackmaster and the set of Apollonia that will last all night.

But the Triskell party doesn’t just begin on New Year’s Eve, it spans over four days, starting from 29 December 1 January 2019. TRISKELL Day One kicks off on 29 December at Circolo degli Illuminati, where Room 01 will host Legowelt: one of the most fascinating live performers from Germany. For different vibrations, head to Room 02 to listen to music that ranges from hip hop to golden tracks fo black music. And for a selection of house and derivatives, head to the Garden area to hear the Minù team crank up the party. To hear Tedua, the Genoese rapper who’s beating every record with his hits, head to Rashomon Club just 50 meters away.

But the party doesn’t end here. On December 30th, TRISKELL Day Two awaits you during the day. Triskell turns into a street fare where you can get lost amongst handcraft stands and vinyl markets, including DJ sets and live performances, without missing out on brunch and gastronomic delights around Circolo degli Illuminati and Rashomon Club.

And on TRISKELL Day Three, it’s time to get ready to welcome the new year with a dinner + night to remember. Circolo degli Illuminati guides their guests from one year to the next. From 8pm, an exclusive seated dinner begins at Azienza Cucinera. For those that prefer something faster, from 9pm there will also be a buffet dinner in Room 01. After dinner, hit Circolo degli Illuminati’s Room 01 dancefloor with Germano Ventura, followed by a trio that certainly doesn’t go by unnoticed: Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundrom. Together they form something greater than themselves: Apollonia. For something stronger, hit Room 02 with Resistance Is Techno. At the same time, Rashomon Club host Gemello – at the center of Roman rap scene for years – and Whtrsh – Coez’s official DJ.

The party continues also on the first night of the new year. From 8pm till late of January 1st, Triskell and Resistance is Techno take the stage again. In Room 01 there’ll be Ben Sims, techno master at Circolo degli Illuminati. 

Always full of pleasant surprises, the 2018-2019 season will host the best DJ sets of the tech-house, electronic scene and beyond.

New Year’s Eve at Circolo degli Illuminati

Circolo degli Illuminati + Rashomon Club | Via Giuseppe Libetta,(Ostiense)

Line up:  Apollonia (Shonky, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom), Asymptote, Ben Sims, Broken English Club, Chris Nolan, Comemammamhafatto [live], Dj Aimé, Fabrizio Maurizi, Gemello + Sine One, Germano Ventura, Legowelt, Tedua, Ty1, Whtrsh, Z.I.P.P.O

 From 11pm |  Ticket: €30

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Via Giuseppe Libetta (Ostiense)

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Friday – Saturday from 11pm – 6am

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