A stylish guide on how to detox in Rome

Detox guide to Rome

From smoothies and fruit platters, to spa treatments and yoga classes – detoxing doesn’t have to be an upheaval – with plenty of accommodating, fun options around the city and health-conscious places to shop

2020 was not easy for anyone and although 2021 offers us some hope, there are still uncertain times ahead. The stress that everyone has felt and continues to feel is bound to take a toll on our bodies and spirits. Although some spas and juice bar opening times may change depending on covid-19 restrictions, it is worth trying a re-energising activity when things start to open back up again because we all deserve some extra self-care! Whether you are having an alcohol-free January, an immunity boosting spring or looking for ways to feel more energised in autumn, this insider’s guide will cover all the places to go in Rome if you’re wanting to get that healthy glow inside and out – whatever the time of year.

Best places for a healthy smoothie or superfood salad

We’ve already created a juice bar guide to Rome – the ultimate health conscious guide for fresh juice lovers. But we also have some extra places we recommend you check out. Here we go.

Ginger Sapori e Salute (two locations)

Via Borgognona 43 – 46 (Spagna)
Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 54-55 (Pantheon)

These high quality healthy restaurants are both decorated bright and beautifully and have extensive, thoughtful seasonal menus offering large selections of tasty detox drinks and salads. A great place for brunch, lunch, an afternoon fruit platter or smoothie after a stroll around the centre to quench your thirst. Ginger is unlikely to disappoint as the array of options on their health-conscious menu taste more like indulgent treats! Sometimes they are very busy on weekends but they open on week days too – and worth visiting if perhaps too much red wine and pizza was had on the weekend! Why not try their aloe vera shot, Floripa smoothie (filled with antioxidants and omega 3), celery shake, Acai energy bowl or one of their 12 gourmet salads?

Ami Bistrot

Via dei Greci, 20 (centro storico)

For a dreamy granola, strawberry and yoghurt bowl or avocado and chicken salad with a perfect poached egg on top, look no further than Ami Bistrot and enjoy a coffee or juice too. If you visit Ami Bistrot without the intention of eating ‘clean’, they also have tempting cakes and carb-ilicious paninis brimming with ham and fresh tomatoes.

Ex Circus Café

Via della Vetrina, 15 (Navona)

Make your own raw juice blend, superfood salad or treat yourself to avocado toast in this bohemian, homely spot (a favourite of mine to write articles in as they welcome laptops!) Ex Circus describes itself as a ‘healthy & soul place’ where people can come together for work, live music and breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! Ex Circus offers holistic events, gong baths and even yoga lessons so it is worth checking their Facebook page for regular detox-friendly activities once covid-19 restrictions lift.

Centopercento Bio Café

Piazza di Porta San Paolo (Piramide)

For mouth-watering and 100% organic food, this vegetarian café is an uplifting space with friendly service and indoor/outdoor seating offering up a fresh buffet with international food and salad dishes. It is worth trying their vegan croissants, made without palm oil and animal milk, they’re a worthy contender for a light breakfast. They also have oat, almond, soya, rice and coconut milk to choose from…which can be a blessing, particularly if you are dairy free or having an animal product detox.

Avocado Bar Roma

Via della Madonna Dei Monti, 103 (Monti)

This culinary gem down a narrow cobbled street in Monti is a shrine to avocados and variations of avocado toast fill the menu. There are also salads, sandwiches and specials. As well as desserts and vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options.

Best Places for a Rejuvenating Spa Treatment/Massage

For the ultimate break, check out our spa guide, with different locations all over the city offering chances to bathe in luxurious jacuzzis settled into ancient stone, or swim in soothing infinity pools. Here we have selected a handful of treatments around the city to make you feel like a new person again.

Detox guide to Rome

Have a chakra balancing massage at Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa

Via del Teatro Valle, 50
€60 for 1 hour

Experience a feeling of bliss at the Aveda Salon where a range of massages are on offer but a new experience, the ‘Chakra Balancing’ treatment, focuses on giving you a deep tissue massage and balancing the energy of your chakras to release tension and stress. Facials and hair treatments are also available, why not have a cumin and ginseng hair treatment to restore your hair back to a natural shine? It’s definitely worth drinking their famous Aveda herbal spiced tea too, if offered to you.

Bathe in the mineral rich thermal baths around Rome

Relax like the Romans of the past and let your skin reap the benefits of the fresh thermal water, with many nearby locations on offer. For those looking to escape the busy city life of Rome, there are plenty of natural thermal baths in and nearby the city center, sure to provide you a getaway that is both relaxing and typical of Roman lifestyle and culture.

Have a Hammam treatment at Aquamadre

Via di S. Ambrogio, 17 (Jewish Quarter)

For true tranquilty have a Hammam treatment, a ‘Turkish bath’ with origins that date back to 200 BCE. After various baths and showers at increasing temperatures, the Hammam massage begins in the steam room, where your body is exfoliated with olive oil soaps and essential oils. Hammam is known to improve circulation and the immune system. Scrubs and masks are also offered as well as Ayurvedic and Shiatsu massages.

Enjoy a ‘Thali’sens’ treatment at Fusion Spa

Piazza della Repubblica, 47 (Repubblicat)

As described on Fusion Spa’s website, ‘The Thali’sens treatments invite introversion and self-discovery through an imaginary journey from one part of the world to another. The treatments combine the knowledge and technical notes of thalassotherapy with the active principles of natural substances…caressing the body with the perfumes of distant lands and wrapping the skin into a veil of soft splendour.’ There is then a choice of ‘Orient’, ‘Atlantic’, ‘Asia’, ‘Polynesia’, and ‘Amazon’ to select. For detoxifying benefits, Orient is recommended. Or why not try an Aryuveda massage at the same spa? Based off of ancient Indian massage techniques, the warm herbal oils can work wonders. Particularly the ‘Nasya – Sinus Treatment’. ‘Nasya massage is designed to clean the head from impure energies, and is recommended for the decongestion of the sinuses and for stimulating the healthy flow of energy in the head and in the neck area. The massage works as a facial lymphatic massage made with warm oil, followed by the deep inhaling of aromatic steam and the use of nose drops enriched with the herb Nasya. It is a great treatment for those bombarded by sensory stimulants, exposed to constant pressure and daily pollution. The massage reliefs chronic head and neck problems, including allergies, headaches, asthma and eye oversensitivity.’ Wow, we feel relaxed already!

Treat yourself to the ‘Jet Lag massage’ at Prince Spa

Via Gerolamo Frescobaldi, 3

After a long journey, having a massage is probably one of the best things you can do, particularly if your body clock has not adjusted to the time zones yet. Allow the specially designed treatment at Prince Spa to relax and recover you. Currently priced at €80 for 50 minutes. Or why not try an ancient tradition, the ‘Cleopatra Milk Bath’? Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, was smart and strikingly beautiful, and she formed alliances with both ancient Rome’s Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. She also bathed in milk which people believe was why she had beautiful skin. Cleopatra reportedly used donkey milk for her baths, and added honey, lavender and rose petals. The lactic acid in milk is an ‘alpha hydroxyl acid’ which cleanses the skin and releases dead skin cells. This allows the skin to rejuvenate itself more quickly, leaving radiantly glowing, satiny smooth and soft skin. This is available for 20 minutes at €30.

Best places to detox your body, mind & soul

Sometimes an hour-long massage is not enough and a long weekend or regular classes are needed instead, to truly feel relaxed and better overall.

Detox guide to Rome

Book a couple of days glamping at Terme di Vulci Thermal Baths & Spa

Via delle Terme, Canino (about 60 miles from Rome/ 1hr 45 minute drive)

Get back to nature whilst also being able to sleep in a comfortable, linen bed… A glamping and spa resort like Terme di Vulci is an oasis away from everyday life.

Find a yoga studio and book some classes

The Eternal City is home to some outstanding pilates and yoga centres that are perfect for when you need to relax, stretch out, and find some inner-peace amongst the crowded and sometimes crazy city life. Read through our yoga guide to find the yoga studio that suits you best.

Dharam speaks English and Italian, she is based in Rome but has adapted her kundalini teachings so that she can teach online which is ideal for lockdown restrictions or if you travel for work.

Empty your mind and try out some meditation

Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 38 (Ostiense)

Undertake some meditation classes at Yogayur and discover various techniques such as Buddhist, Zen and Mindfulness. The company also offers counselling, yoga and pilates, a vegetarian bistrot, social events and Turkish baths.

Best Places to stock up on your health, wellness & spiritual products

Detox guide to Rome

Get detox juices delivered to your door in Rome from Tiami


Check out Tiami’s detox programme and look at what products may suit you. They have many to choose from, including pineapple drinks, green smoothies and ginger shots.

Grab all the vitamins you need at Vitaminstore

Viale Castro Pretorio, 102 (Termini)

If raw food with no added chemicals or flavours interests you head over to Cacao Puro

Via Giuseppe Troiani, 19 (Portuense)

Another place for vitamins and supplements is Equilibra Store Roma

Via Barberini, 3a (Barberini)

Treat yourself to some new yoga products, Yogi tea or crystals at Stellatum

Via Cardinale Marmaggi, 23 (Trastevere)

Aryuveda products, books, music and natural makeup also available.

Please note we are not medical experts and although we love to give recommendations, please consult medical advice when considering any lifestyle changes. Please stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy Rome’s wellness community as best you can in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines.

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