Don Pasquale: a restaurant with a hotel inside

Don Pasquale Restaurant Rome

Restaurant and Bar: A Theatre for the Senses

Don Pasquale, conjoined with the MAALOT Roma hotel, is nestled unassumingly along Via delle Muratte. Just a two-minute walk from the Trevi Fountain, it is located in the former house of the 19th-century Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti. Curated as both an ode to Donizetti and Italian history and a celebration of vivacity and adventure, the “restaurant with a hotel inside” offers all-day, bistro-style dining with a menu of delicious Roman and international dishes, artfully crafted cocktails, and a stunning selection of rums–all in an enchanting yet intimate setting. For hotel patrons and diners alike, Don Pasquale is a theatre for the senses.

Don Pasquale Restaurant Rome
Don Pasquale Restaurant Rome

Don Pasquale’s interior is modeled to feel like a lush winter garden. The color scheme is rich and wintery, while the decor combines classical, natural, and playful elements. Two elongated, blue velvet sofas take center stage in the dining room, each lined by a row of green tile-topped dining tables. Colorful flower bouquets are arranged upon the tables, and towering arrangements of palm tree leaves stand in corners and near doorways, bringing the winter-garden illusion to life. A magnificent undulating chandelier accented with red lampshades and decorative golden leaves hangs from the glass ceiling, a striking centerpiece that ties the room together from above. There are two arched doorways in the dining room that lead to a chic cocktail bar whose statement pieces are a theater-curtain style backdrop behind the bar and a black-and-white art-deco ceiling. Artwork plays a central role in the ambiance, with paintings hung abundantly on almost every wall.


Most of the artwork belongs to a series by Stanley Gonczanski, called “Almost Classic.” At first glance, the pieces seem to be classical, primarily from the Renaissance period–a style which is all too familiar to anyone who has spent much time in Rome. But upon closer inspection, one sees that many of the Renaissance-themed characters are in fact tattooed, partially dressed in modern clothing, or are posed edgily and unconventionally. At Don Pasquale, tradition gets an artful, sexy makeover.

Don Pasquale Restaurant Rome
Chef Domenico Boschi

While Don Pasquale’s philosophy centers on playing with tradition, the menu, created by chef Domenico Boschi, also shows clear respect for classic Roman cuisine. Staple pasta dishes such as carbonara, amatriciana, and cacio e pepe are prepared expertly and elegantly, combining tradition with “modern wisdom.” Following Donizetti’s influence, the menu is organized as an opera program, beginning with the “Prelude,” the antipasti, and ending with the “Epilogue” of dessert. In between, there are two acts (first course and second course), Scenery (sides), Scene Change (international foods such as the Don Burger and avocado toast), and an Interlude (salads).

Most of the menu, excluding the “Scene Change,” is simple and Roman, creating a bistro-style dining experience. Here, attention to detail is concentrated on the preparation and quality of the dishes. You can be sure that your food at Don Pasquale is prepared with the highest quality ingredients–the menu always follows the seasons and the market. Don Pasquale offers an all-day dining experience, opening at breakfast and closing at midnight. Pop in for a coffee in the morning, enjoy aperitivo in the evening, or settle in for dinner.

Don Pasquale Restaurant Rome

At the cocktail bar, the level of attention to detail present throughout the establishment continues into every drink. The drink menu includes classic and signature cocktails. The bar also boasts one of the largest collections of rums in Rome, with rums from all over the world. For wine lovers, there is also an enticing wine list, including a selection of champagnes from a variety of regions.

Hotel Maalot Rome
Maalot Hotel Roma, living-suite Donizetti

Unlike traditional hotel-restaurant combos, Don Pasquale and the MAALOT are closely connected – it was designed to be a “restaurant with rooms.” In order for a hotel patron to check-in at the MAALOT, she must walk through the vibrant yet cozy dining room of the restaurant and pass through the elegant cocktail bar to reach the reception. By fostering a distinguished, welcoming environment, hotel patrons and restaurant-goers alike experience a sense of warmth and hominess with their fine-dining experience. MAALOT Roma and Don Pasquale belong to SHEDIR, the boutique hotel collection that includes Vilòn Roma and its restaurant Adelaide, as well as the Capri Tiberio Palace. SHEDIR’s hotels are each curated to offer a different unique experience. SHEDIR anticipates two new openings beginning next summer: Palazzo Umiltà Roma and Palazzo Roma, both in the Trevi district.


Via delle Muratte, 78 (Trevi)

Opening time

All day dining. Kitchen open till midnight.


+39 06 87 80 87

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