Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza: a carbohydrate enthusiast’s dream

Eataly's Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza at Rome's Ostiense Neighbourhood

Taste delicious pasta and pizza at Eataly’s newly redesigned Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all pizzas are created equal. There is no such thing. From Neapolitan pizza and pizza al taglio to the famous Roman pinsa, there’s a whole world to be discovered when talking about one of Italy’s most famous foods. And if you want to taste another declination of pizza, one made with super fresh seasonal ingredients, organic flours, top-quality tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, you need to head straight to the Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza on Eataly’s first floor.

Yes, it’s that good. Pizza gurus, get this: the master pizzaioli mend the pizza counter and the two large wooden ovens where the pizzas are cooked. The pizza dough is made exclusively with “Mulino Marino” stone-ground organic flour, and all ingredients are fresh and sourced directly from Eataly’s very own market. The result? A super tasty highly digestible pizza. From the classic margherita to the rich capricciosa and a selection of “special pizzas”, choose from 14 different options. The great news? Pizzas will only set you back €5.50 – €13.30.

Eataly's Pasta e Pizza Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense neighbourhood

Not up for pizza? Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza has you covered. For carbohydrate enthusiasts, dive into the pasta menu to explore Roman pasta specialties. The carbonara is as good as they get, if you ask me, crispy guanciale, pecorino cheese, Afeltra di Gragnano pasta and organic eggs paired with a nice glass of red and I’m good to go. The amatriciana pasta is also exceptional, and if you want to try something different go ahead and order the gnocchi with buffalo mozzarella, pumpkin and cod. Every day, there’s a special homemade pasta shape.

Eataly's Pasta e Pizza Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense neighbourhood

But that’s not all, delicious appetizers such as supplì, panzerotti and panelle, salads and fried seafood, perfect Roman pans for two persons and yummy desserts await you. The drink selection? Right on spot! Pair your dish with an amazing selection of draft beer, from the famous “Baladin” or “Birra del Borgo” brewery and more. Of course, a selection of Italian-only sparkling, white and red wines couldn’t be missing either.

In addition to having a delicious menu, Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza is the perfect place for a relaxing meal. The space is simple with light wooden accents and the wonderful pizza ovens dominating the scene. It’s kind of like having lunch or dinner in your grandma’s kitchen (only so much better)! It also boasts a wonderful dehor!

Eataly's Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza at Rome's Ostiense Neighbourhood

If you’re not grabbing your phone to make a reservation just yet, maybe all you need to know is that on Fridays there’s a special event called “Pizza Grande” where for lunch and dinner you’ll be able to create your own pizza! And for the gnocchi lovers, Thursday is your special day where for lunch and dinner you can choose your own sauce to pair with the gnocchi!

Foodies, one last heads up: every month, Ristorante della Pasta e della Pizza hosts a series of themed evenings, meetings with great pizza makers and events dedicated to the excellence of the Belpaese. Check out their website to save your spot!

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Piazzale XII Ottobre, 1492 (Ostiense)

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Monday – Thursday 12pm – 3.30pm, 7pm – 11pm

Friday 12pm – 3.30pm, 7pm – 11.30pm

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