Fratelli De Luca – Salad & Juice Bar

fratelli de luca salad & juice bar in rome prati

Mediterranean greens for a fresh and healthy pause in Prati

In terms of food and drink the Prati neighborhood has a lot to offer, catering to the masses of Vatican goers stopping for lunch but also to the many Romans that work and live there. While there is very little to complain about when it comes to this rich array of sandwich joints and trattorie, limited options for a quick, healthy and cheap lunch can begin to get to those who are out and about in the city all day. Italians, after all, have built their gastronomic culture around the dining table and a proper cooked meal should not be missed, even in the middle of a workday.


But a healthy alternative to this sit-down ordeal often seems to be lacking, replaced by meaty panini, fried food and pizza. The need for a salad & juice bar, a poke, or veggie wrap quick-stop is long overdue in many of Rome’s neighborhoods. Fratelli de Luca’s have provided the Prati neighborhood with the perfect place to find a healthy meal. Now also on Sunday!

fratelli de luca salad & juice bar in rome prati

Luca de Luca’s original idea came from his love for healthy eating which explains why Fratelli de Luca’s provides a vegetable-heavy menu inspired by Mediterranean flavors. The counter is chock-full of ingredients for guests to make their own salads. You can also order a simple plate of farro or couscous, a baguette with cold cuts and greens and even choose from a list of creatively topped potato gratins with cheese, mushrooms, and broccoli. Also, newly added to the menu is Mediterranean Poke with tuna, olives, and yogurt cream or with avocado and salmon.

fratelli de luca salad & juice bar in rome prati
fratelli de luca salad & juice bar in rome prati

The service is very quick, and a nice seating area is provided inside or on their new patio space outside while meals can easily be taken to go. Fratelli De Luca can now be found for delivery on the Glovo platform as well. Making them a healthy option for any occasion.

Whether you need a fresh breakfast, real meal, a cooling juice extract, or an aperitivo, Fratelli de Luca’s is a light and very affordable choice.

Via Silla, 38 (Prati)

Open Mon-Fri, 8.30am-7.30pm; Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 9am-4pm


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