A moment of peace and quiet at Serre Barberini Bistrot

©️ Alberto Novelli

A conservatory garden bar and restaurant in the middle of the city

Nestled among the Barberini museal complex, Serre Barberini bistrot is a fantastic and so-precious addition to this very central and crowded neighbourhood. The restaurant, managed by Panda Catering Srl, is open from breakfast to the early evening (7pm) and offers a wide range of choice of food in an astonishing setting. Thanks to the entrance remaining a bit hidden from the distracted passers-by, this place is a perfect spot to rest after a busy day working or visiting Rome’s city center.

©️ Alberto Novelli

The 19th– century’s conservatory structure of the restaurant can be seen as a special case in the city’s bar panorama, allowing guests to enjoy a unique view over the labyrinth garden and a bright atmosphere sitting either inside or on the patio. Designed by Italian architect Francesco Azzurri and recently renovated, the project of the restaurant features the use of photovoltaic panels which ensure the sustainability of the environment and a pleasant temperature inside the floral seating area inside. The glazed windows create a magnificent graphic effect, a play of light and shadow to be admired with the background of water from the fountain placed in the center of the greenhouse.

An historic note: in the seventeenth century, the garden was a magnificent theater of nature and art. Inspired by the flower worship of the grandsons of Urban VIII, Cardinal Francis and Cardinal Anthony. On the restaurant’s fountain, don’t miss the bees, the symbol of the Barberini’s family.

©️ Alberto Novelli

Indulge in brunch or lunch before or after your visit to Palazzo Barberini

Serre Barberini is a place where visitors can enjoy seasonal food inspired by the Italian tradition and live a multisensorial experience. The soothing ticking of the fountains, the green lushing and the colourful buildings bordering the courtyard make for a scenic set from morning to sunset.

From brunch to lunch and aperitivo, the menu offers something to delight everyone, regardless of the length of their visit. Guests can sip a glass of wine or spirits from the selection, refresh with a juice, savor an authentic Club Sandwich or a pinsa made with organic ingredients, indulge in a board featuring the finest selection of PDO and PGI cured meats and cheeses, or have a full lunch that balances tradition with innovation.


The cafe menu caters to all tastes with the historic Trombetta coffee blend, available since 1890, along with vegetable milks, organic and locally sourced milk from Lazio, and a selection of organic infusions and teas from the renowned French brand Kusmi Tea. These can be enjoyed with various pastries, which range from croissants and muffins to desserts, suitable for all dietary needs.

And for those looking to celebrate a special occasion under the moonlight in the peace of a historic garden, Serre Barberini is available after 7pm for private events and exclusive visits to the Barberini Gallery.

From close friends birthdays to weddings or more formal institutional and corporate gatherings, the venue’s versatility can be adapted to specific needs and preferences.

©️ Alberto Novelli


Via delle Quattro Fontane 13 (entry from the Barberini Gallery) or via XX Settembre 2

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 7pm


+39 335.5485979



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