LattePiù Milk Bar


Latte Più, a Kubrick-esque original local in the capital for a night truly out of the ordinary.

latte-piu-roma-albalongaWho ever heard of a clockwork orange?’. Latte Più certainly have with this threesome of bold and experimental venues in Rome themed after the notorious milk bar from Stanley Kubrick’s classic film.

The dark and narrow sinuous bars make a strong visual impact with neon, anatomically inspired design, nude mannequins and tables with women’s legs just like the hang out of Alex and his self-annihilating gang of cohorts. Live DJ sets continue the vibe with throbbing lounge, chill-out and Clockwork Orange soundtrack tunes.

The drinks menu has many surprises; Latte Più is the first to proclaim milk as the main ingredient with many milk and yoghurt-based cocktails, drinks and milkshakes (alcoholic and non). Another specialty of the house is the notorious ‘Green Fairy’ absinthe cocktail.

Aperitivo, cakes and biscuits, tasty canapés and original panini are all on offer in Latte Più, also available for event/party hire with themed events such as a Kubrick inspired feast. Parking is a cinch and they even have a free shuttle to pick you up and bring you to your Latte Più of choice (4-8 people). So pull up a leg in one of these fresh intriguing bars and get ready ‘for a bit of the old ultraviolence’.


Address & Opening Times

Via Gino Capponi, 45 (Furio Camillo Metro Stop)
Open from 9.30pm till 1m (Monday closed)

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