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Since the opening of its first store in 2007, Pifebo has become a beloved vintage haven for Romans, and acquired a loyal international fan base.
Pifebo’s three locations in Monti, San Lorenzo, and San Giovanni, and the success of its online shop are testaments to the genuine quality and distinctly cool selection of vintage clothing, shoes, bags (from snakeskin purses to leather duffles) and one-of-a kind accessories.

pifebo-vintage-shop-romaIn the hip student corner of San Lorenzo, the store offers less expensive and more casual vintage street-wear; while its Monti location caters to the occasional tourist and fashion savvy client by adding some well-known designer pieces to the mix of leather jackets, funky mini skirts and knit sweaters. Pifebo’s 300 square meter warehouse in San Giovanni, frequented by vintage collectors and aficionados, contains entire rooms devoted to bags, shoes, knit sweaters, jackets, coats, accessories etc. and is the ultimate vintage mecca in Rome.

Each store has a unique collection of vintage sunglasses and features Pifebo’s own brand shades, inspired by cool old-school styles from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. These limited-edition quality sunglasses can also be found on the shop’s website.

Pifebo’s vintage selection is not dictated by the trends of the moment, but instead draws inspiration from the streets of Rome and includes cool clothing with history and personality, making it the maverick of the vintage scene.


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Pifebo Monti

pifebo-vintage-shop-romaVia dei Serpenti, 135-41

Mon-Sat 11am-3pm, 4pm-8pm; Sun 12am-8pm



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Pifebo San Giovanni

pifebo-vintage-shop-romaVia dei Valeri, 10

Mon-Sat 12pm-8pm



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Pifebo San Lorenzo

pifebo-vintage-shop-romaVia dei Volsci, 101

Mon-Sat 11am-3 pm, 4pm-8pm


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