Rimessa Roscioli: A New Wine and Gastronomic Experience

Rimessa Roscioli Rome

The ultimate wine and food tasting experience in Rome

In between Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere, Rimessa Roscioli is nestled waiting to give customers a whole new wine-tasting experience. Whether you are visiting Rome and curious about Italian wine, or are an avid wine collector, Rimessa Roscioli will change your perspective on wine and its influence on Italian culture. From flights of wine, all the way to a customized 500 euro tasting, all levels of wine-lovers can come and learn the history, impact, and real human stories of each wine and its producer.

Rimessa Roscioli Rome

Rimessa Roscioli Rome

Rimessa Roscioli has a casual, rustic appearance upon walking in: the lights are dimmed and romantic, the sommeliers greet you warmly, and you can take a look through the open kitchen to see the chefs slicing prosciutto and plating fresh burrata made that morning. The wine list, however, will blow away even the most experienced connoisseur. The menu includes both traditional and organic wines, and can be shared amongst a couple over dinner or a large wine tasting party. Wander in and dine in the main dining room, or book a small party to have dinner in the wine cellar downstairs.

Rimessa Roscioli Rome

The newest addition to Rimessa Roscioli is their Wine Club — a way to continue your wine tasting experience at your very own home. By signing up to their Wine Club, Rimessa Roscioli will send six bottles of hand-picked wine to your doorstep (yes, they ship internationally and to nearly every US state), and include videos from each of the wines’ vineyards, cellars and winemaker. Therefore, you can see who made your wine, where it was made, and how it was made, making wine not just a beverage, but a cultural exchange. A human-to-human experience. The owners of Rimessa Roscioli want to take the industrial speed out of wine and broadcast the art, the time, and the love put into making the perfect bottle of wine.

Rimessa Roscioli

Rome Roscioli Wine Bar Rome

Rome Roscioli Wine Bar Rome

Be sure to try their dinner menu as well. The restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients and authentic Italian specialities. This ranges from Cacio e Pepe to polpette di pecora. The waiters will cheerfully suggest dishes or offer to customize any plate to fit dietary needs.

Book at Rimessa Roscioli to experience Italian food and wine culture in a new way — one that’s personal, detailed, and designed specially for every individual’s needs.

58, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


Via del Conservatorio, 58 (Campo de’ Fiori)

Opening time

Open daily 5.30pm – 11.30pm, Saturday/Sunday lunch from 12pm – 3.30pm

Reservation needed

Book here: www.winetastingrome.com






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