Rome Baroque Tour: Segway tours in Roma

Family picture infront of Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia during the Segway tour in Rome

Explore Baroque Rome with a segway tour

Imagine: You’re visiting Rome to see ancient monuments and are exhausted from walking everywhere. You want to check out all the significant sights, but are too tired to trek on. That all can now change. Segway tours in Rome are now available thanks to Segway Fun Rome, a company that puts people on segways for adventures around Rome.

If you’re on the hunt to discover Rome’s historic center or if you want follow the steps of Rome’s (and the world’s) most impressive artists, the “Rome Baroque Tour” is your key. Through this 90-minute segway tour, you’re taken on an adventure around Rome’s Baroque. From some of the Eternal City’s most beautiful piazzas and fountains to churches and architectural masterpieces, get ready to follow the steps of Bernini, Borromini and Michelangelo.

The Rome Baroque Tour begins footsteps from Campo de’ Fiori, at the offices of Segway Fun Rome, where you’ll have a 30-minute segway training before embarking on your journey across the Baroque. Once the helmets are on, you’ll head to the jaw-dropping Palazzo Farnese – home to the French Embassy – before heading to Piazza Navona, one of Rome’s most stunning squares. Three fountains and a splendid baroque church await you here. Right in the middle of the piazza the Fountain of Four Rivers – by the famous sculptur and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini – unfolds. Listen in as the segway tour guide tells you its story, and listen even more closely as the guide revelas the rivalry between Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini, who built the Church of Saint Agnes.

Edie explaining history of Piazza Navona during the Segway tour in Rome

After segwaying around Piazza Navona, get ready to head to Piazza di Spagna, where you’ll admire the Spanish Steps and the stunning Barcaccia fountain in awe. But the tour doesn’t stop here, from throwing your coin at Fontana di Trevi to visiting the Turtle Fountain and the Elephant Obelisk in front of the Church of Santa Maria della Minerva, you’ll truly embark on a journey around Rome’s Baroque. The best part? This unique segway tour will only set you back €45 (be sure to check their website, they often give discounts)!

But the Rome Baroque Tour isn’t the only tour available. If you like a good challenge and want to test your detective skills, check out the “Segway Treasure Hunt” tour. It provides people with three hours to solve the murder of several cardinals and popes, based on Roman history, using riddles scattered throughout the city. If you’re looking for more things to do in Rome, book the “Grand City Tour”. The trek hits up the top 10 must-see sights in Rome such as the Colosseum and Pantheon. People can also book this tour after the sun sets for a late-night adventure through Rome.

Every tour comes with a leader to explain every sights’ significance. And don’t worry about getting soaked in the rain. The company supplies its customers with waterproof ponchos and winter gloves. “Rome Baroque Tour” also provides their services in seven languages: French, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. It also gifts people with pretty pictures, unlimited coffee, and helmets for their tour.

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