Cinema Troisi (re)opens

Cinema Troisi reborn on the 21st of September, a project of Piccolo America

The ragazzi del Cinema America open the Cinema Troisi after many bureaucratic setbacks on the 21st of September, giving back Trastevere its historic venue, now becoming not only a theatre with an exciting premier screening, but also a hub for culture in the most inclusive sense of the word.

The building, formerly known as GIL built in 1933, has been through various changes; from having a bronze bust of Mussolini be replaced with an avant-garde statue of an ‘almost spherical form’ after his epoch, to now being in the hands of the ragazzi del Cinema America, who renovated and restructured it to become one of the most novel cinemas in Rome that encapsulate so much of the past within itself. . A space which will be lit up, alive, and open even when the cinema screens are off by taking advantage of the buildings multifaceted structure. By designing a venue hall for events, a foyer-bar – Troisi Caffè, a wide terrace, and a study center they managed to create something that may become at its core the social beating-heart of Rome.

Rome Cinema Troisi - terrazza
©Flavia Rossi. Cinema Troisi – terrazza

The ragazzi of Cinema America are known for saving the cinema scene of Rome; in 2012 a friend group of twenty-year-olds save the Cinema America of Trastevere from demolition, create the Associazione Piccolo America and start free movie screenings all around the city (Cinema in Piazza). These youngsters now reopen the Cinema Troisi cinema venue with avant-garde technology (sound system Dolby 7.1, 4K Barco projector and Harkness screen) able to host 300 people! 

As The New York Times has put it, “They are doing something important for Rome and for Italy.”

Rome Cinema Troisi - foyer
©Flavia Rossi. Cinema Troisi – foyer

Cinema Troisi provides what other theatres do not: a 150 sqm TIM study centre with free Wi-Fi, 10 laptops available to use, and 45 workstations, which will be open 24/7 all year around hosting anyone – the ragazzi are pioneers of such a venue in Italy as it is unseen before at such scales. Troisi becomes not only a place for film, but a house for culture and a hub which will act as a melting pot for people from all over Rome and its outskirts.

The rebirth of the cinema will make for a vibrant and sizzling environment, accommodating for all kinds of audiences, tastes and programmes, making of the cinema a place to meet people, and not just screen films, just like Troisi used to be back in its days. Whether that be students eager to study in the centre, or just anyone up for a coffee in the foyer of the building – which has, by the way, free Wi-Fi as well, or meeting new people while hanging out in the terrace; Troisi is a space to welcome all of that, and of course, the many film screenings which await us all.

And for all cinephiles eager to go to the new Troisi, you can find out the timings of various film screenings on their website and we highly recommend you book your tickets early because they get sold out quick!

Cinema Troisi

Via Girolamo Induno, 1

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