Seu Pizza Illuminati – Trastevere

Seu Pizza Illuminati Trastevere Roma

Seu’s pizza lightens up Trastevere’s pizzeria scene

On the edge of Trastevere, close to the Tiber River, you can find Seu Pizza Illuminati, a restaurant great for groups of all ages to enjoy eating the finer pizzas in life. Immersed in a culture full of pizza expertise here in Italy, Seu Pizza Illuminati is the ultimate heaven for the pizza lovers in your life.

Whether you’re there to eat pizza, socialize with friends, or wanting to take a picture in front of their illuminating “In pizza we trust” sign, you won’t want to leave.

In pizza we trust!
Fun sign in the restaurant to take a picture in front of

Before you even step foot into the door, you can see through the restaurant’s glass walls and find Seu fill up with a sea of people. Greeted by the friendly staff, Seu Pizza Illuminati provides a welcoming and worthwhile restaurant experience. The artwork behind the main desk even includes portrayals of two of the employees of the pizzeria, adding to the overall trendy and cool restaurant vibe.

Only being opened for a short amount of time, Seu Pizza Illuminati and their general manager, Pier Daniele Seu, have been recognized for their emerging pizza brand.

Going with a group or just wanting to have a one-on-one dinner, you and your party will be able to find your own space and not be interrupted by a nearby table. I went to Seu Pizza Illuminati as a group of seven, and we had a great time trying out a new restaurant and enjoyed each other’s company is such a group accommodating place.

An assortment of pizzas
Like their sign says, “In pizza we trust”!

As a pizza lover, I found that there were so many options on the menu to fulfil your pizza needs. Whether you wanted a pizza with veggies, pizza with meat, or just a plain ol’ margherita pizza, you won’t be let down by the menu – but it will be hard to choose what to order!

Out of the pizzas I tried in Rome, Seu Pizza Illuminati has been amongst the best. What I find so delicious about this restaurant’s pizza is the thick and doughy crust – crucial to the overall pizza eating experience. Each pizza is crafted individually to bring out the different flavours and tastes, which makes it hard to leave and not want to come back again to try out a new pizza.

Fun artwork adds to the ambiance
The artwork seen here is inspired by two of the workers at Seu Pizza Illuminati

Not only was the food terrific, but so was the service. They were accommodating to our needs and in a timely manner. I left Seu Pizza Illuminai very full from all of the pizza I had, but also very content with our decision to come to the restaurant.

Helping hands throughout Seu Pizza Illuminati
Photograph of pizza dough seen in the restaurant

For more information on Seu Pizza Illuminati, check out their website. You won’t want to miss out on this savoury pizza!

10 - 18, 00153 Roma RM, Italy


Via Angelo Bargoni, 10-18 (Trastevere)

Opening time

Mon – Fri, 12.30-3.30pm; 7pm – 12am

Sat – Sun, 7pm – 12am


06 588 3384

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