The Gin Corner

The Piazza Navona neighbourhood of Rome

The first bar dedicated to Gin in Italy

Welcome to The Gin Corner, with an emphasis on the word “The” as this is The first lounge dedicated to Gin in Italy. It opened in 2013 in the very central Hotel Adriano on Via di Pallacorda and has been hugely successful ever since. This gin mecca is not only popular with Gin aficionados who can enjoy hundreds brands of Gin but it is also frequented by those who enjoy a good cocktail. The Gin Corner is not just a hotel bar- it is a meeting place for lovers of well-mixed drinks and a good atmosphere. It was founded by Barbara Ricci, owner of the Hotel Adriano Family and is open every evening of the week from 7pm to midnight.


With more than 100 different kinds of gin from all over the world and veteran bartender Angelo de Valeri (with over 40 years of experience in bartending) at the helm, you are guaranteed the best in service and gin-based cocktail, whichever one you choose. Cocktails like Negroni and Martini are the perfect choice, you can even decide to have a “Gin Tasting Menu’’ with an impressive selection divided into American, French and Scottish gins that you can choose to sip on the rocks or neat. What really impressed me about this bar is the range that goes from €9 to €15, a flexible selection of Gins that goes from entry level to a more complex expression.

The Gin Corner Rome

The Gin Corner Rome

Located in the Hotel Adriano, it is the classic example of how a hotel bar can be trendy and casual and still be awarded as one of the best Italian bars. Everything from the design to the service is very welcoming for the novice in the Hotel bar world. But the best is yet to come: every gin on the menu has a meticulous description that gives you the opportunity to learn about your favourite brand or discover a new one with any possible pairing from Citrus Twist to Rosemary towards herbs, spices and several crafted Tonic water. Is it Gin o’clock yet?

2, 00186 Roma, Italia



Via di Pallacorda, 2

Opening time

Every day from 7pm


06 6880 2452

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