German Academy Rome Villa Massimo


Philanthropist Eduard Arnhold purchased Villa Massimo in 1910, and built a haven for artists comprised of a central villa nestled among cypress trees, Roman vases, sarcophagi, and classical statues.




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Get Out Of Town: MILAN


Whilst a self-assured sense of style and a passion for ‘the beautiful game’ will get you far, there’s more to Milan than just fashion and football.

a love letter to rome

To Rome With Love


Rome’s cobblestoned streets, bustling piazzas and astounding cityscapes all figure prominently in photographer Oliver Astrologo’s virtual love letter to the Eternal City. Whether it’s…

Galleria Colonna in Rome

Galleria Colonna


The Galleria Colonna is one of the highlights of the Italian Baroque. The palazzo and galleria belong to the Colonna family, one of the oldest noble families in Rome.