The average cost of eating out in Rome

How much does it cost to eat in Rome

How much does it cost to eat in Rome?

Now that you’ve decided to travel to Rome, it’s time to start budgeting in food costs. When planning a trip to Rome, the first questions people ask is whether it’s expensive to eat out in Rome and in general, what the average price of a meal in Italy is. Not to disappoint you but there’s no right answer. The average cost of food in Rome depends on one thing: the type of restaurants you’re planning on reserving. Lucky for you, Rome is a city for any budget–so whether you’re planning on reserving at the most exclusive establishments or whether you’re planning on going to more budget-friendly restaurants, the good news is you will eat well. In any case, we’re here to help you figure out your average cost of eating out in Rome.

Average cost of coffee and breakfast in Rome

How much does it cost to eat in Rome

Let’s start with the basics–breakfast. Your trip to Rome will not be complete until you’ve had breakfast with a delicious cornetto and a creamy cappuccino. Us Romans tend to have breakfast right at the bar: we drink coffee / cappuccino, and eat our cornetto standing up. This comes at no surcharge. The average price of a coffee in Rome is €1, while a cappuccino is typically around €1.20. Instead, a cornetto can vary from €1 to €2. So the average cost of breakfast in Rome is about €3. That changes if you’re planning on sitting down and having your breakfast served at the table, in this scenario there’s a service charge that applies, meaning your breakfast could easily cost €5 to €10, depending on where you are (in central bars breakfast can be more expensive). Here’s our selection of the best breakfast in Rome.

Average cost of eating out in Rome: lunch and dinner

How much does it cost to eat in Rome

Now that we’ve covered breakfast, it’s time to move to the average price of lunch and dinner in Rome. Let’s take a closer look at the price of individual dishes in various restaurants in Rome. The average price of pasta in Rome is €9 to €14. If you’re dining at more gourmet and exclusive restaurants, pasta dishes can cost as high as €18, but this is usually at upper scale seafood restaurants. While the average price of a second course in Rome is between €15 to €20. Second courses, most commonly known as main courses, are meat or seafood dishes. While side dishes (vegetables or potatoes) are usually served separately, costing an additional €5. For a budget-friendly option, we recommend you reserve at one of these trattorias or osterias, which are traditional restaurants where you can taste Roman classics. The average price of lunch or dinner at a trattoria is €25 per person. Another great budget-friendly option is dining at one of these pizzerias in Rome, where the average cost of pizza is €8 to €13. If instead you want to dine at a fancier restaurant, budget in around 40 to 50 euros per person for a meal in Rome.

Average cost of pizza al taglio and street food in Rome

street food in Rome

We’re guessing you’re going to be on a tight schedule during your Roman Holiday, especially if it’s your first time in Rome. So maybe you won’t have the time (nor the budget) to have two sit-down meals per day. This is why we recommend you have lunch Roman-style with street food! One of the most famous Roman street foods is the pizza al taglio, or pizza by the slice. Pizza al taglio is sold based on the weight so the price really depends on how many slices you pick, their size and their toppings. In general, the average price of pizza al taglio in Rome is €5 to €6 for two slices of pizza. But you can find other great street food in Rome for the same deal, from trapizzini to supplì and maritozzi. The best thing about street food is that if you’re on a hurry, you can have it on the go!

Average cost of wine and water in Rome

Amodei–the Italian bistro & wine bar near Termini

Now let’s get to the drinks, shall we? One of the first things people ask is whether they can order tap water at a restaurant. While you can ask for tap water, it’s not common (at all) to serve tap water in Italian restaurants. The average cost of water in Rome is around €2 – €3. Wine on the other hand, can be served in different ways: by the bottle, by the glass or the famed “house wine”. You will find house wine served by the glass or in carafes (which come in different sizes). The average price of house wine in Rome is about €10 per liter. A bottle of wine can range between €18 to €30 depending on quality of the wine and the restaurant. Upper scale restaurants, for example, may have their wine list start from €30. While a glass of wine usually costs around €5 to €8.

Average cost of groceries in Rome

average cost of groceries in rome

Many of you will probably have booked an apartment in Rome, meaning you’ll have a kitchen at your disposal! If you’d like to save up, you could head to the nearest grocery store or market and purchase some food! There are numerous food markets in Rome, and they sell extremely fresh seasonal produce. While if you’re going to the grocery store, expect to pay €1.75 for one liter of milk; €2.50 for 6 eggs; €8 for a good-sized chunk of Parmigiano; €7 for a liter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; €6 or more for a bottle of wine (depends on the quality); €0.30 – €0.55 per liter for water and €1 to €1.50 for yogurt sold in sets of two.

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