Six Nations Rugby Championship in Rome

Six Nations Rugby Championships in Rome

Italy will host three matches at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico this 2023

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to watch a modern-day gladiator match, it’s here. The 24th annual RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championship will commence in February 2023. Six elite rugby nations – Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France – will go head-to-head in this hundred year old tradition, and just like the Ancient Romans, these rugby warriors will be fighting to the death, or rather to the trophy.

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Italy will host three squads at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico this 2023: France on February 5th, Ireland on February 25th, and Wales on March 11th. The Italian national rugby union team (also known as gli azzurri) will be battling teams from England and Scotland on their home ground. Edition 2023 will be the second year, after the pandemic, that fans can watch the games live at the Stadium; a change from the 2021 Edition where pandemic restrictions were enforced and prevented fans from watching the game at the Stadium.

Watch the players roar, claw, and run to victory. Be prepared for fans to swarm into pubs after the games for the legendary “third half,” known to be a time of copious drinking and celebration of rugby, regardless of which team secured a victory or loss.

Here is a full schedule of the matches.

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Stadio Olimpico, Viale dei Gladiatori

February 5 at 4pm: Italy vs. France

February 25 at 3.15pm: Italy vs. Ireland

March 11 at 3:15pm: Italy vs Wales

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