How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Rome

st patrick's day in Rome

The ultimate guide to St. Patrick’s day in Rome

If your favorite color is green, or you’re down on luck lately, chances are you look forward to St.Patrick’s day! A holiday known for its green accessories galore, parades, and an overall fun atmosphere, the St.Patrick’s celebration has made its way to Rome. With the Colosseum lit up green for the occasion, and the city riddled with shamrock based events, you will find yourself immersed in the beloved party overseas too!

To start off your day of greenness, you have the opportunity to watch the Italy vs France Six Nations rugby match. Whether you want to watch it live at Rome’s Olympic Stadium, or at one of the many pubs that will be streaming the game, starting off St.Patrick’s day with a rugby match sounds lucky enough, no?

To avoid you scurrying around Rome looking for the game on TV, here are a few beloved pubs that will be glad to welcome you for the match.

Right off Via del Corso, and near the Trevi Fountain, you will find the dear Trinity College. With two maxi screens available, and a long list of beers and dishes for you to choose from, rugby here never tasted this good. Should you have a Colosseum tour booked for that morning, you will be happy to know that the Shamrock Irish Pub is around the corner. With its colorful (scarves hanging everywhere) interior and wide range of options to sip on, this St.Patrick’s day may be your most festive yet. And because the luck of the Irish may be at its peak on St.Patrick’s, a large portion of that luck will probably be floating around at the Scholars Lounge. A stone’s throw away from Piazza Venezia, this pub has grown into an expat favorite when it comes to celebrating, enjoying, and basking in everything you might be missing from back home. With many to choose from, here are more Irish pubs that may float your St.Patrick’s Day boat a bit better.

Now, with the rugby game over, I highly advise you head on over to The Yellow Bar. It’s not having one, but two St.Patrick’s day events! With soirees both on Saturday March 16th, and on Sunday March 17th, your weekend is set. While Saturday is definitely looking good, Sunday is a whole other thing. In fact, Sunday features not only circus performers, live music, street food, magicians, and so much more, but also, a treasure hunt! The Jameson treasure hunt will be held on the street in front The Yellow Bar, and will definitely be a sight to behold. For further information on how to join the party, look no further than here.

Should you be in the mood for something else, say like a pub MARATHON, the Highlander Pub has you covered. With a pub crawl that visits 12 pubs in 12 hours, maybe you’ll run into the famous pot of gold the leprechauns set out on St.Pat’s; I’m still looking for it. And how about a green drink? At Delirium Cafè in the Trastevere neighborhood, you will be treated to the option of tasting their green beer- made and served specifically for the holiday.

Regardless of what you choose to do, in case you find yourself walking around on Sunday having to explain to people why you’re pinching them for not wearing green, know that

St.Patrick translates to San Patrizio, green is verde, and pinching is pizzicare! May you find that pot of gold!

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