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Study Abroad in Rome

We all have experienced fake accounts on dating sites and the following deception is a bitter pill to swallow. Borders are becoming reopened, and students have the opportunity to study abroad. We are aware that the destination could be a tricky choice, especially when students are coming from miles away and cannot afford to play it by ear. That is why, for all our international students, we will try to discover if the city of Rome is a good “date” for spending time abroad.

For that, we have interviewed international students that have been “dating” with Rome for months and who have certified the reliability of the city account.

Rome is a renowned name, referring to Romulus, the father of the city. However, its strange surname, the Eternal City, could go over your head. Just as your loved ones could give you an embarrassing nickname, the poet Tibullus called Rome the Eternal City in the 1st Century. This reference stuck and there are no signs of it fading out, reinforced by artistic and popular culture.

You may be surprised but the profile picture is real, and I would go one step further, saying that you can judge a book by its cover with Rome. There is something for every taste here: modern or ancient buildings, colourful or dull-coloured facades, cobbled or concrete streets, residential or touristic neighbourhoods, etc. As a student, you will take a shot of greenery with its various parks, which could become your everyday classrooms. If you want to sunbath, whatever the season, it is the ideal destination: in winter, Rome receives around three times the amount of sunlight as the northern part of Europe! Eva, a Russian student in the Sapienza University, confessed to me that this climate forced her to change her whole wardrobe!

The Dos And Don’ts Of Studying Abroad In Rome

study abroad in rome

Rome is graduated with honours

When it comes to degrees, Rome is well endowed. Indeed, Rome’s universities are in the world’s top 500 universities, especially the Sapienza University of Rome, ranked in first place in the field of Classics and Ancient Studies according to QS World University Rankings. This international recognition will be a plus for your curriculum vitae. But as universities are not just attractive for their reputations, we shall consider their backgrounds. Architecturally speaking there is nothing more original that Roman universities: In LUISS university you could have, classes in a church, as Mathilde, a French student, testified to me. Likewise, John Cabot university is in the picturesque and friendly neighbourhood of Trastevere and from the terrace of the American University of Rome, you have one of the best views of Rome.

Rome, a sports city

Rome is known as a sports city, especially with its football team AS Roma. If you are a football lover, do not forget to get your tickets to support the giallorossi at the Olympic Stadium: the atmosphere is electric. You can enjoy a jog in one of the many parks of the town, with this abundance I can assure you that there will be one right next-door to you! You will find sport groups with coaches organized there with discounts for students: so, are you more cardio or tai chi?

Rome and its passion for culture

No one can blame Rome for its eclectic culture. Spending time in Rome will satisfy both your intellectual and artistic curiosity in nourishing your general knowledge, an inestimable thing for students. We can all agree that by travelling abroad, we all want to have fun, but between us, it is convenient to learn facts to show off our knowledge at family dinners! International students in Rome can experience this astonishing culture for only 5 euros. No, you are not dreaming. Benjamin, a Belgium student, did not regret buying the MIC card, which gave him free and unlimited access to 19 civic museums and 25 archaeological sites of the city (including the Foro Romano or il Colosseo with a discount). If there is one thing you must have when arriving in Rome, it is the MIC Card!

study abroad in rome

Rome as an excellent cook

Rome has incredible skills in cooking, one of the most important qualities when “dating” a city. You will eat the best pizzas (be careful, pizze in Italian) of your life for sure, as Patricia, an English student, witnessed! In additional to the great taste the fresh ingredients available in markets, will make you surprised by how healthy you feel when living in Rome. Would you believe me when I say that the average price of a cappuccino is 1.27 euros? It is enough to make the Parisians swoon! Well, maybe Rome does not have the Eiffel Tower, but we can say that this city is suitable for students’ wallets.

study abroad in rome

In short, Rome is a recommended profile for “dating”, but like all good things, it is not perfect, such as, for example, its transportation facilities. Rome was not built in a day, and the final touches are being applied as I write. Indeed, if you trust the public transportation network, the bus may never pass or the metro will be late, and it will drive you crazy. But as every cloud has a silver lining, private transportation companies have developed a network of cars, bikes, scooters, ect., which are cheap and easy to use.

So, are you ready to live the most wonderful student experience? But please, do not be jealous, you will not be the only one to spend time with Rome, but you can be sure that your experience will be unforgettable and unique. And do not forget to throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi before you leave if you want to “date“ Rome again!

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