The Best Outdoor Activities to do in Rome this Spring

The best outdoor activities to do in Rome

Springtime is here: jog, stroll, cycle and do yoga in Rome

Blossoming magnolia trees, the dreamy scent of wisteria flowers and the warmth of the sun against your skin – spring is here, and everything around seems happier and more alive. So don’t stay indoors! There are plenty of outdoor activities to do in Rome this spring!

The best parks in Rome

Photo: Giorgio Rodano

What better way to enjoy the nice weather and the blossoming flowers than take a walk at a park? Rome has some of the most beautiful green heavens, where you can stroll, run, cycle, or have a picnic. The most known park of the Eternal City is Villa Borghese, right next to Piazza del Popolo. The evergreen gardens, the stunning temples, and the calming lakes create the most springlike atmosphere, while the numerous activities that you can enjoy there will make your day even more fun! In the Villa Borghese gardens, you can rent bikes, electric scooters, eco-cars and rowboats, or simply enjoy a coffee, an exhibition or a book presentation in Casa del Cinema. Animal lovers can visit the Bioparco Zoo and art lovers can enter in the replica of London’s Globe Theatre, in the Museo e Galleria Borghese and in the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (National Gallery of Modern Art). Our tip: enter the Borghese gardens from Pincio, so that you can enjoy the most breathtaking view of Piazza del Popolo and the city center.

There are many other villas around Rome where you can spend your day and enjoy the spring weather. For example, Villa Ada is known for its rich flora and fauna, while Villa Doria Pamphili is considered Rome’s largest landscaped public park. If you’re a lover of architecture, history, and art, you should definitely visit Villa Torlonia and Villa Sciarra, where you will discover many elaborate statues, fountains, and topiaries. Finally, in Villa Celimontana you will find an amazing collection of the most important maps of Italy. Let’s not forget about Parco degli Acquedotti with the rustic, agricultural air. This park is ideal for jogging!

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The best places to jog in Rome

best places to jog in Rome

Speaking of jogging, this is another outdoor activity you can enjoy now that the weather is getting better. Undeniably, Lungotevere is the best running spot of the capital, since you can enjoy the exquisite architecture of the city center while you exercise. If you prefer nature, any of the parks and villas mentioned above are ideal for a run! On the other hand, if you would like a mix of nature and architecture, you should go to Circo Massimo (the first stadium of ancient Rome) or Stadium of Marble, where you will feel like an Olympian. After all this training, you should be ready for a Marathon! During springtime, you can join the Rome half marathon in Ostia (in March), the Rome Marathon (Maratona di Roma), in April, or the Race for a Cure, in May.

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The best places to cycle in Rome

The best places to go cycling in Rome

Cycling is another fun outdoor activity that you can enjoy in Rome during springtime. There are many safe biking trails around the city for a cycling adventure! Our number one suggestion is the Appia Antica Regional Park route, a 4.5-hour long tour of the Ancient Appian Way. You can find more information and you can book your bike tour in our marketplace – don’t worry, we will provide you with a bike and a helmet!

Of course, all the wonderful Roman villas and the 6-kilometer long Lungotevere path are also ideal for a spring bicycle ride.

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The best outdoor yoga classes in Rome

Outdoor yoga classes in Rome

If you’re not the jogging or cycling type, don’t worry, because your options do not end here. There are some very peaceful places where you can meditate and have a core strengthening yoga session outdoors. In Villa Pamphili, Yoganostress and Vivi Bistrot organize free yoga classes for women and men of all ages that will bring you in contact with nature. You can join the Outdoor Yoga Roma Facebook group and participate in the various yoga meet-ups organized by the group members. Finally, we also offer beginner Vinyasa yoga classes in Villa Borghese with experienced instructors who speak English. This experience can be purchased on our online shop through the link below.

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Rafting on Rome’s Tiber River

Rafting in Rome's Tiber River

Yes, you read that correctly: you can now experience Rome like never before by rafting along the Tiber River! And can you think of any better activity to enjoy the springtime weather? You can finally get away from the hustle and bustle of Roma and see the Eternal City from the river. The route starts near Piazza del Popolo, then goes down the river, playing on some white water rapids. You’ll get to see the gems of Rome, from Castel Sant’Angelo to the Tiberina Island, away from the noise and traffic. How many people can say they’ve rafted on the Tevere?

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