Abitart Boutique Rome

Abitart Boutique


The concept of Abitart Boutique came from the artistic background of its designer Vanessa Foglia, who has since opened four shops around Rome, including two in the center (Piazza di Spagna and Cola di Rienzo).

Dainese dstore Roma

Dainese D-Store Roma


Located in the center of Rome, the Dainese D-Store is the official store of DAINESE and AGV, a landmark for motorcycle, ski, bike and horseback-riding lovers.

Qc Termeroma

QC Termeroma


Qc Terme di Roma Spa & Resort has combined the historic Roman practice of bathing with Finnish and Japanese wellness to offer more than just a day spa experience.

Barton's made-in-Italy womenswear and shoes



You can’t walk by Barton’s without stopping to admire their chic women’s women’s clothing displayed in the windows.