Drink Kong: Cocktails as an Experience

Drink Kong

Patrick Pistolesi’s newest bar opens in Monti

There are a lot of words that could be used to describe Drink Kong, Monti’s newest bar and cocktail lounge, opened by Patrick Pistolesi. However, the first two words that come to mind when describing Pistolesi’s creation are rock and roll.

Besides the live Classic Rock artists featured weekly, the bar elegantly embodies the music genre with each intricate detail: the neon lighting, the bartenders, the atmosphere. But, most of all, what screams rock and roll is that every element of the space comes from Pistolesi’s own life experience — from his heart. This includes traditional Japanese practices incorporated into his bartending (a derivative from his time in Japan) and the 80’s arcade games that can be played while waiting online for the restroom (a derivative from his childhood).


Drink Kong consists of different spaces for different needs. There is the main bar that greets you as soon as you walk in with a wall of carefully chosen spirits. To your left, there will be a new, futuristic lounge. Walk right, and you’ll find yourself in “the jungle room” where you can enjoy beer on tap, long drinks, and live music nights twice a week. In the back, there is a room with walls covered in Japanese art and a long, natural wood table, where you can reserve a spot to try crafted cocktails made by the owner himself; note — he won’t tell you what the drink is, he’ll only tell you the flavor elements (i.e. dry and sweet, bitter, etc.).


If you get hungry, Drink Kong offers a menu that tours the globe through small plates at great prices. The menu features Chinese boa, dumplings, tacos, and more. Pistolesi curated the menu and put special attention into making sure each dish is authentic.

Drink Kong Bar Monti

The bar’s motto is “drink kong, think kong, be kong” but the basis of the bar is that the bartenders and the owner do not want you to have a drink. They want you to have an experience. This is achieved through expert mixology, a unique ambience, good music and great conversation. Stop by Drink Kong to experience it.


Piazza San Martino ai Monti, 8 (Monti)

Opening times

Everyday 6.30pm – 2am


06.2348 8666


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