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Creative dining in the heart of Rome with excellent drinks and a warm environment

When Osteria Oliva reopened post-lockdown, it did so with a new energy. The original restaurant began in 2016 but was closed for about a year because of the pandemic. Food and Beverage Manager Guido Sardi joined the operation before the reopening in June, and likes to emphasize the uniqueness of Osteria Oliva in all respects: from food and drinks, to ideals and resourcing. The Osteria is part of the brand B.ZAR Hotel&Co. and located on the ground floor of the three-star Condominio Monti hotel. The same building hosts the rooftop bar Spritzeria Monti, which is also part of B.ZAR Hotel&Co.

The philosophy of sharing food is the key to Osteria Oliva’s menu. The restaurant embraces the Italian concept of conviviale while borrowing from the Spanish tradition of tapas. Antipasti and second courses are labeled, “da condividere,” and indicate the number of pieces each dish provides. Portions can be adjusted depending on the number of guests, with prices changing accordingly.

The pasta is all homemade, the menu changes three times per year, and the dishes are thoughtful collaborations between Sardi and the chef. Part of Osteria Oliva’s charm is their new approach to classic Roman and Italian dishes, like their carbonara made with cod and chickpea pesto or Roman-style artichokes with cod mousse. This season, they’re also offering stracciatella: a brothy soup that Sardi says Romans usually only get in their mother’s kitchens.

The bar is hosted in a separate room beside the restaurant, and just recently opened to the public. Like the dining room, its modern bohemian decor is chic and eye-catching. All of their alcohol comes from Italy, making for a true “Italian bar.” Osteria Oliva works with small wineries in the region because they have “more love for the process that they do,” Sardi said. Following in a theme of attentive sourcing, their bread comes daily from a local bakery, and their dairy products are from a farm in Bracciano.

Since their reopening in June until now, the business has only increased. They’ve already booked reservations for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, and are hoping to attract more locals with their new weekday lunch service.

What makes Osteria Oliva special, aside from the attention to ingredients, is undoubtedly their care for clients. They proudly aim to create an unforgettable experience for each guest, which shows in their attention to detail.

The restaurant is narrow and intimate, but there are more seating options on the street, where one can glimpse a bit of the Colosseum. Next time you’re in Monti, stop into Osteria Oliva for an experience full of heart and care for cuisine. And, ideally, bring some company to share it with.


Via dei Serpenti, 110 (Monti)

Opening time

Everyday 12pm – 3pm; 6pm – 11pm


+39 342 582 8879



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