Sacripante – Gallery & Cocktail Bar in Monti

Sacripante Gallery & Cocktail Bar Rome's Monti Neighbourhood

Where Refinement, Cocktails, and Artistry Meet

Built into the bones of an old convent, Sacripante strives to mix the old with the new, the very essence of its neighborhood, Monti. As you step inside this dual art gallery and bar, you pass by the old stone walls on which hang modern paintings and photographs made by local artists. It’s divided into small rooms, their interiors designed by an innovative Italian architect, and each boasts comfortable couches and gentle light that create a feeling of perfect intimacy.

Sacripante Gallery & Cocktail Bar Rome's Monti Neighbourhood

Take a seat at the bar, and you’ll feel transported to another place, to an older time, with Sacripante’s range of cocktails reminiscent of a 1920s American speakeasy. You can order a classic drink, or if you’re feeling daring and creative–like the art that hangs around you–you can try one of their signature drinks. Everything is made with care and craft here, appealing to the kind of person who enjoys the finer things in life. Drinks are served with fresh fruit, so you can sit down and pretend that you are enjoying the ambrosia of the ancient gods–which, being in Rome, is only appropriate.

Sacripante Gallery & Cocktail Bar Rome's Monti Neighbourhood

The owners of Sacripante imagined something like this when they founded it: a place where you can have a drink and enjoy the artististic nature of Monti. In addition to events like gallery openings and readings, Sacripante also hosts DJ sets some evenings, as well as an aperitivo on Tuesday and Sunday that starts at 8pm. On Sundays, it becomes a gay-friendly space, with an LGBTQ-themed night.

Sacripante, like the convent it once was, has a certain quiet peace about it, which means it’s the kind of place where you can sip on your drink with a friend or two, relax, and take in the art that surrounds you. It’s a perfect mental and physical getaway from the modernized Rome outside, reminding you of just how eternal this city is, and of just how beautiful it can be.

Sacripante Gallery & Cocktail Bar Rome's Monti Neighbourhood

59, 00184 Roma, Italia


Via Panisperna, 59 (Monti)

Opening time

Tues-Sun, 7pm-2am

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