Charity Cafe Jazz and Blues: live music returns to Monti


A Jazz & Blues Club in Rione Monti

Looking for a moody, cool jazz bar hidden in a fashionable part of town with cocktails, great live music and a good aperitivo?

Charity Cafe, with its fully-stocked bar specializing in whiskey, rum and killer shaken concoctions, is the jazz & blues aficionado’s dream. It’s gritty New York and Roman elegance fused together with music nights oozing from Chicago blues to jazz Harlem standards, now indoors again! Situated on Monti’s iconic Via Panisperna, this small big locale offers live music from Tuesday to Sunday.


The musical scene is the following: 60s and 70s Classic Rock, Soul and Folk every Tuesday with Andy’s Corner; Blues Night on Wednesday; Jazz Voice on Thursday; Jazz Night on Friday, and a groovy Blues Night on Saturday, all from 10 pm! On Sunday there is a live Jazz aperitivo: from 6 pm you can have an indulgent drink with various appetisers alongside lovely live music all for the price €15.


The concerts take place in two sets, and given that there are not many indoor seats available, the Charity Cafe has introduced an ‘American’ style system, meaning that each set will be tied to obligatory consumption of €10. You wish to dine at the Cafe, and enjoy a lovely meal alongside the music? You’re more than welcome to!

charity cafe

Via Panisperna, 68 (Monti)

Opening time
Tuesday – Sunday 6pm-2am


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