Cugino, the go-to bar and café in Parioli

Cugino The Hoxton Rome aperitivo

Cugino is part of the The Hoxton hotel in Rome, yet is open to everyone

Parioli might not be a traditional touristic destination in Rome, and that is precisely why The Hoxton chose it to house its first Italian hotel. The Hoxton, Rome opened in May 2021, after a disastrous year for the hospitality industry, to bring comfort and luxury to its guests in new, innovative ways. The open-house hotel offers 192 rooms, a spacious yet cozy lounge, a café/bar, a restaurant, and an entire floor dedicated to events and conferences named The Apartment

Cugino Bar, The Hoxton Hotel Rome

The hotel has a chic vibe that perfectly unites the feel of the Hoxton brand with the urban architecture of Rome. The Hoxton makes you feel at home even in a foreign country and is perfect for a holiday or a staycation and so much more. The choice of location is strategical: rather than in the very city center bursting with tourists, the new hotel has found its home near many less mainstream attractions like Villa Borghese, Villa Ada, MACRO and Quartiere Coppedè. In fact, The Hoxton’s philosophy is to have their guests mingle with locals rather than other tourists to have a truly unique stay. 

The aptly-named bar and café Cugino is homey yet placed within the sophisticated environment of The Hoxton. With a street entrance that is separate from the hotel’s, Cugino catches the eye and invites any passerby to take a seat. It’s suitable at any time of day for Romans looking to have some breakfast, lunch, or aperitivo. 

For those trying to escape the sun, Cugino serves the entire hotel lobby as well, a chic retreat, the perfect place for a business meeting, a few hours of smart-working, or even a meal with friends. 

Elio Restaurant at The Hoxton Rome: Conviviality Italian-Style


The name “Cugino” (Italian for “cousin”) is a fun spin on the idea that any Italian having a conversation about anything is likely to bring up a cousin who has knowledge or experience on the topic, like a deus ex machina or an easy trick up one’s sleeve. Just like the smart cousin in a big Italian family, Cugino fully belongs with The Hoxton’s vibe but also has its own autonomous brand identity that is complementary to the hotel. 

For breakfast there are twists on typical Italian breakfast choices like cornetti, orange-flavored brioches, and various types of muffins, just to name a few. Fresh fruit is always available for smoothies, and don’t forget to try the tasty coffee blends. 

©Andrea Di Lorenzo

Lunch has a varied menu for informal meals available all day. The dishes are a play on Italian tradition with a twist.

For aperitivo, starting at 6:00pm Cugino proposes the best wines and cocktails of your choice mixed by expert bartender Simone De Luca. 

Cugino and The Hoxton have an ethical approach to food and only serve farm-to-table produce, supporting local farmers to bring their guests and clients genuine and authentic flavors. They are also very conscious about the environment and do their very best to avoid waste. 

Cugino ©The Hoxton

The Hoxton Rome, the first Italian venue from Ennismore Group, has been designed in collaboration with English studio Fettle Design from a building from the 1970s. Taking inspiration from the original structure, The Hoxton, Rome’s lounge sports inviting vintage chairs, wooden and marble tables, and an array of warm and cold colors in different spaces that find a unique harmony.

Stop by Cugino for a bite or a drink with a friend or a few, and soak in the atmosphere of The Hoxton. You will find yourself needing to come back to experience it again. 

Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220

Opening hours
7.00am – 1.00am

+39 06 9450 2713

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