Guide to Rome’s Parioli Neighborhood

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Explore the secrets of this wealthy neighborhood by wandering through its streets eating, drinking and doing just like a local would. 

Parioli. Sandwiched amongst a curve in the river Tiber and edged by Villa Borghese, this affluent Northern quarter has been associated with Rome’s elite since its birth in the early 20th century. Its citizens, endearingly labeled ’Pariolini’ by fellow Romans, are known to exude glamour and elegance. With its towering palazzi and tree-lined streets, it is easy to understand why this area impresses. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to this relatively unexplored suburb than meets the eye. 

Take Parco di Villa Ada for example. As one of Rome’s biggest parks, it is a popular location for Pariolini to exercise and relax. Or Auditorium Parco Della Musica, where some of Rome’s biggest events and shows are held. However, it is Viale dei Parioli that is the real unsung asset of the block.  

This bustling main road that cuts through the center of Parioli has become adorned with eateries and cocktail bars to soak up much-needed leisure time. Its food scene borders on traditional and innovative, whilst its lively cocktail bars are rich in flavor and choice. When walking through this zone, make sure to ask one of the boutique store owners or university students where their favorite place to feast is. It will not disappoint. 

Neighbourhoods of Rome

Places to drink in Parioli

duke's rome

Viale dei Parioli, 200

Named after late Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku, this ever-popular cocktail joint embodies the hospitality and liveliness of its namesake’s birthplace. Equipped with a spacious garden, this formal-casual bar has one of the best happy hours in Rome and serves up an array of wonderful bar snacks (such as the tasty pitagora) and delicious drinks.  Expect to be transported away from Rome as you sip on Californian wines and expertly crafted cocktails. If you are somewhat of a tastebud daredevil be sure to try the saffron martini or the peach stop, both of which are created with syrup made on site. 

palmerie parioli

Palmerie Parioli
Viale dei Parioli, 7

Anyone who is familiar with Parioli, is definitely familiar with the crowds of people that gather at the front of Palmerie come aperitivo time. This Asian fusion, sushi-cocktail bar delight, with its incredible decor, plates up a roll of sushi alongside an Italian beverage of choice for the small price of 10 euros. If the marrying of two great cuisines alone during happy hour is not enough to sway you, then make sure you check out their live DJ events held every Friday and Saturday night. It is strongly advised to book a table.  

gotha restaurant rom eparioli

Viale dei Parioli, 144

What is better than one sushi cocktail bar? Two sushi cocktail bars. Situated close to Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Gotha is perfect for those seeking something to drink before or after a concert. Each cocktail from their extensive list is composed by expert mixologists. The extensive cocktail list offers all the classics from the refreshing gin fizz to the lesser-known, vodka-based godmother. These drinkable treats combined with sushi is a true cherry-on-top ending to a day. 


Viale dei Parioli, 184

A staple amongst Pariolini, Ercoli has remained as popular now as it was decades ago when it first opened. Those who are well-acquainted with its sister bar in Prati know that this establishment takes itself seriously. If you are strong lover of any tipple containing vermouth, then prepared to be amazed by their aptly-named vermouth cocktail bar where every vermouth-based drink under the sun can be slurped. Should vermouth not be your thing then do not despair: their never-ending wine list hosts bottles from Italy, France and Germany. Arrive between 6:30-8:30pm to take advantage of the 50% discount off the drink list. 

oz cocktail wine

Oz Cocktail and Wine Bar 
Viale dei Parioli, 192

This fairly new, late-night establishment has been making waves in the party-loving community. Upon entering it is hard not to feel overwhelmed by the glasses and liquors on display. But rest assured the mixologist behind the bar knows exactly what they are doing. Try one of the many colorful cocktails that they have at hand. This is a great spot for those looking for a late-night tipple or a classic, spritz-fuelled aperitivo. 

enoteca parioli

Enoteca Parioli 
Via Vittorio Locchi, 19

Of all the places to go to for wine in Parioli, this one can truly be labeled as a wine lover’s paradise. This well-established library of wines has thankfully been left undiscovered by the masses, which is surprising given its huge variety of reds and whites and loyal, local customers. Look forward to being seated in the intimate setting around a wine-barrel turned table, eating cheese and salami from a tagliere board and sipping a glass from one of the many bottles of wine housed on their floor to ceiling shelves. A truly, authentic experience. 

Cugino The Hoxton Rome aperitivo

Cugino @ The Hoxton Rome 
Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220
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Set in the lavishly The Hoxton Rome, Cugino is perfect for those hunting for a difference from the traditional Italian fare. For breakfast expect omelettes and pancakes and for lunch do not miss out on the pizzette or the bagels. At 6pm, Cugino undergoes a transformation, transitioning into a bar that offers a delightful aperitivo hour accompanied by homemade snacks, antipasti. As the night progresses, it evolves into a captivating late-night cocktail destination.

Restaurants in Parioli


Elio @ The Hoxton Rome
Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220
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Elio is the newest addition to the Hoxton family in Rome. After undergoing a recent revamping, the restaurant looks casual and chill, ready to welcome locals and tourists alike to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine in the modern and colourful atmosphere of the Hoxton. The offer spans from breakfast to dinner and includes the international weekend brunch – every meal can be tasted seating in the bright outdoor terrace during sunny weather or indoors.

zero ristorante

Ristorante Zero
Via Liegi, 53

For those who are looking to eat healthily, look no further than Ristorante Zero. Their whole food philosophy revolves around the consumer feeling good about what they eat. Using steaming techniques and raw food, this restaurant really does its best to preserve the key nutrients that otherwise get lost in alternative cooking methods. Ensure that you try the baccalà millefoglie and the insalata di polpo.  

il caminetto restauramt rome

Ristorante il Caminetto
Viale dei Parioli, 89

Situated on Viale dei Parioli for more than 60 years, this family-run eatery has failed to decline in attracting customers. The retro-inspired interiors instantly place you in a time where everything was a little less. The same however cannot be said for the menu, whose options are excellent for those who have groups of friends or family who have different food tastes. There are various different pasta options for vegetarians, which is always a bonus.


Ai Piani
Via Francesco Denza, 35

As one of the more upscale places to dine in Parioli, the elegant Ai Piani certainly knows how to create a fancy dish or two. The fish and seafood-inspired menu contains everything from lobster to clams which are paired with suitable wines. For potential clientele fishing for something even more luxurious fear not: there is also a caviar bar. This is definitely the place to come to celebrate a special occasion. 

parnaso cafe

Caffè Parnaso 
Piazza Delle Muse, 22

This recently-opened, garden-themed gem is definitely a unique experience in Parioli. Its plant-covered ceiling is probably the most instagrammable ceiling in the area, as is its view over Piazza Delle Muse. That is not to say that the surroundings detract attention away from the many dishes they serve which includes everything from burgers to pizza to pasta to fish. The carpaccio di angus e erbe amare is something to rave about. To add, this space is open until midnight and has a lounge area where you can enjoy a post-dinner beverage. 

le sicilianedde

Le Sicilianedde
Viale dei Parioli, 35

This well-known local has always swarms of people outside its doors and for a good reason too. Le Sicilianedde specializes in the most popular foods from Italy’s biggest island. Sicilian classics such as pasta con le sarde, caponata and arancine in four differing flavors are served daily. The menu does not only stop at first and second course too. Sweet-tooths can also find happiness in the cannoli, cakes and gelato that are prepared there. The real showstopper is their mouth-watering setteveli cake and gelato which combines a range of different flavors resulting in chocolatey heaven. Optimal for those looking for a small slice of Sicily in the capital. 

Places to Visit in Parioli

Everything you need to know about the Parioli neighbourhood in Rome: things to see and do, places to eat and drink.

Parco di Villa Ada

Whilst often overlooked by the internationally famous Parco di Villa Borghese, this historical treasure equally has no shortage of places to see. Spread over 160 hectares it is easily one of Rome’s bigger parks. The vast green area is ideal for breathing in fresh air and going for a run. However, there is a lot more to do here than exercise. This includes viewing the remains of antemnae, one of the oldest cities in Lazio or taking a look at Villa Ada’s bunker which was used by the now defunct Italian Royal family during the second world war. The Villa itself is steeped in history. It was afterall the place where Benito Mussolini was arrested in 1943. This park is absolutely more than just a green space. 

Everything you need to know about the Parioli neighbourhood in Rome: things to see and do, places to eat and drink.

Villa Glori

Though notably smaller than Parco di Villa Ada, there is still plenty to do to keep you occupied in Villa Glori. The park was created in remembrance of those who fell during the second world war and this is shown through the giant cross in the park’s square. What sets this park apart from the rest though is the ‘Varcare la Soglia’ which is a path dotted with contemporary sculptures much unlike other Roman parks. Created in 1997 this pathway hosts sculptures by Mauro Staccioli, Pino Castagna and Maria Dompe to name a few. Unquestionably an artistic twist to the usual history-laden parks. 

Everything you need to know about the Parioli neighbourhood in Rome: things to see and do, places to eat and drink.

Bowling Brunswick

As one of Rome’s biggest bowling alleys, bowling Brunswick is an incredibly fun recreational center for families, friends or those seeking an entertaining date. Additionally, if you’re an avid bowler the center holds professional tournaments to take part in. On top of that there is a mini golf course, a play area, an arcade, trampolines and an American diner to gobble up some well-deserved food after all those activities. This is great for a rainy day.  

si puo fare festival 2021

Auditorium Parco Della Musica 

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