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Borghetto Flaminio: For All Your Vintage Needs

Borghetto Flaminio Vintage Market Rome

Any shopping trip to the Piazza del Popolo area generally includes squeezing by a super-crowded Via del Corso, but at the Borghetto Flaminio Market, you will find a different experience: a cool calm. A few stops on the 2-tram up Via Flaminia from Piazza del Popolo, the Borghetto Flaminio market is held every Sunday. It is a used-vintage-antique market occupying a bus depot yard, with objects/clothes of high quality.

Unlike other markets in Rome, there is an entrance fee, but the €1.60 it costs you to get in is well worth it, since you will probably be leaving with at least a few treasures. There are many stalls/tables set up, but overall the market itself isn’t very big, hence very manageable. Mostly, there are articles of clothing, accessories, handbags and purses, jewellery, and household items, including plates and silverware. The quality of the items you will find at Borghetto Flaminio is higher than the usual ‘flea market,’ making it very easy to find and purchase awesome objects: fur coats, Gucci shades, Fendi bags, and Armani ties, among other things. Keep in mind that almost all you find at this market is at least slightly worn/used. Nevertheless, it’s a great spot to purchase unique and vintage items, either for yourself or, yourself.

Borghetto Flaminio Vintage Market Rome (2)Piazza della Marina, 32

Open every Sunday from 10am-7pm

Entrance fee: €1.60

Buses: 88, 204, 231, 490, 495, 628, and trams: 2, 19



Mercato Monti: THE Urban Market

mercato monti vintage market rome

Monti, one of the hippest areas of Rome is home to the Mercato Monti, a great market showcasing new and young designers of the city. Almost everything you will find here is handmade and unique, with a vintage feel. The market itself is small, occupying just one room, but the DJ spinning in the corner gives the market a kind of clubby, lively feel.

Mercato Monti also has many unique, vintage items, like glasses/sunglasses and wrist watches. In general, jewellery and accessories like handbags are most abundant in this market, however, you can also find clothes, books, home items, and even some art. No matter what you buy at this market, you know your purchases are going to help out emerging artisans and artists. In other words, don’t feel bad about shopping-till-you-spend-all-your-money.

Mercato Monti Vintage Market RomeVia Leonina, 46

Open most weekends, Sat/Sun from 10 am – 8 pm. Free entrance.

Metro B to Cavour





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