Rome in October: tips for visiting Rome in autumn

Rome in October: what to wear, best things to do and main events

Is October a good time to visit Rome?

Picking a destination like Rome has a huge benefit: it’s always a great time to visit Rome, no matter the month. But there are certain times of the year that are more interesting in terms of events and the weather. And surely, October is one of the best times to visit Rome: the weather is still warm during the day and chilly in the evening, the city is packed with amazing events, rooftops are still open and it isn’t high tourist season–they don’t call it the ottobrata romana for nothing. If you’re traveling to Rome in October, here’s what you should expect

The weather in Rome in October

October is probably one of our favorite months of the year in Rome. Known as the ottobrata romana for the amazing weather, warm temperatures and sunny days, it’s the kind of autumn weather you’d like all through fall season. During the day average temperatures hit 20°C to 27°C while in the evening they cool down to below 20°C. If you’re looking for sunny and warm weather during the day and cool temperatures at night, October is a great time of the year to visit Rome.

What to wear in October in Rome?

Temperatures in October are warm during the day and get cooler at night:

  1. You’ll definitely want to pack a pair of comfortable shoes (remember, Rome is filled with cobblestones).
  2. While temperatures are still warm during the day, please bear in mind that if you’re planning on visiting religious sites, you won’t be allowed access with shorts or tank tops
  3. T-shirts are a must to pack, they are both light and cover your shoulders at the same time, allowing you to access any site.
  4. October is still bright and sunny, so don’t forget your sunglasses!
  5. A light cardigan or a blazer for the day
  6. Long pants, skirts or jeans
  7. A light jacket for the evening
  8. A heavier jacket or coat if you’re coming mid October or end of October

Dress code in Rome

Now that we’ve covered the weather and what to pack for Rome, let me in you on the dress code in Rome! As mentioned above, if you’re visiting religious sites like the Vatican, you need to cover your knees and shoulders. For outings, locals have a smart-casual or smart-elegant dress code. Most restaurants, unless they are very elegant, don’t require jackets for men, but we encourage you to dress nicely, either with a shirt or a polo for men, and a dress or pants and a nice top for women.

Please not that if you are going clubbing, depending on to the club there will be a dress code that’s required. For more stylish clubs, men – make sure you have a shirt, dark pants (not jeans) and nice shoes.

What events are on in Rome in October?

October is one of the best months in Rome in terms of events. Some of the city’s best exhibitions kick off in October and numerous festivals are in store. There are great events in Rome in autumn:

  1. For just over a week, the Eternal City will see the return of its Festa del Cinema, the Rome international Film festival, offering a whole host of events including screenings, master classes, tributes, exhibits, panels and many other special events.
  2. The 35th edition of the Romaeuropa Festival–a dazzling array of theatre, dance, circus, art, technology and music performances that will be showcased at 20 different venues throughout the city.
  3. The Spring Attitude Festival – the city’s annual electronic music festival, will see big-name electronic, psychedelic and post-rock artists from all over the world perform in two iconic locations of the city.
  4. The Rome Art Week – an artistic initiative dedicated entirely to contemporary art – where more than 300 artists, projects, curators, galleries and institutions will be participating. For one week, all participants will organise events including openings, guided tours, lectures etc to present and promote their “vision” of contemporary art.
  5. The Wave Market Fair where you can discover the excellences of Made in Italy at the first craft and design fair in Rome. You’ll have the opportunity to see more than 1000 products created by over 150 brands, take part in contemporary workshops to feed your curiosity and more.
  6. The open-air Silvano Toti Globe Theatre, a recreation of theElizabethan theatre, where you can see Shakespeare’s masterpieces in Italian played in Villa Borghese.
  7. Let’s not forget about Halloween in Rome! There are plenty of parties in the Italian capital to celebrate this day! The best part? November 1st is a national holiday so party the night away!
  8. October sees museums and galleries opening doors to some of the best exhibitions in Rome.
  9. Don’t miss out on the best concerts in Rome in October.

The best things to do in Rome in October

In addition to going on guided tours of the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum and throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain, there are plenty of other great activities for you to do in October during the day:

  1. Go on a shopping spree in one of the best shopping streets in Rome
  2. Visit Rome’s most famous film locations
  3. Go rafting along the Tiber River
  4. Go bike riding along the Ancient Appian Way
  5. Go on a Vespa tour of Rome
  6. Discover the grand palaces of Rome
  7. Explore street art on a Vespa Tour
  8. Explore the Ostia Antica Archeological Park
  9. Go on a walking tour of Testaccio
  10. Grab a drink at one of the best cocktail bars in Rome
  11. Learn to make pizza in Trastevere
  12. Explore Trastevere or Villa Borghese with a treasure hunt
  13. Learn to make gelato in an authentic gelateria
  14. Explore the best food markets in Rome
  15. Learn to make pasta + tiramisù near the Trevi Fountain
  16. Learn to make carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe in Trastevere
  17. Indulge in a wine tasting experience in a cozy wine bar near Campo de’ Fiori
  18. Visit the Vatican Museums at night time!
  19. Have colazione at one of the best breakfast spots in Rome

Emergencies in Rome + Essential Info

In case anything were to happen during your stay in Rome, here are some useful contacts:

  • Doctors: in case you were to get sick in Rome, MedinAction is an on-demand house call medical service for travelers, expatriates, and students abroad. MedinAction delivers qualified English-speaking doctors in Rome and other cities in Italy (Milan, Bologna, Florence, Venice) to a patient’s doorstep, 24/7.
  • Carabinieri: 112
  • Police: 113
  • Fire Brigade: 115
  • First Aid Ambulance: 118
  • Police Headquarters: 06.4686
  • 24h Pharmacies: 06.228941
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