Rome Nightlife Guide: NightClubs for Dancing

The best clubs in Rome

Rome is filled with great clubs. But before you dance the night away, keep in mind that the real fun doesn’t start till midnight! So take your time, enjoy an aperitivo, or maybe indulge in a wine tasting experience. The options are endless. And once you’re ready to stomp your feet, head on over to one of these nightclubs in Rome! Just a heads up, most of the following nightclubs are open from September to the beginning of May. From May till September, check out our summer hangouts guide! Check out these spots to dance the night away!

Live Alcazar

Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14 (Trastevere)

live alcazar nightlife in rome

An all-new concept in the heart of Trastevere where live music, Dj sets and much more comes to life for a night to remember. Thursdays at Live Alcazar are dedicated to live music jam sessions, on Fridays tribute nights with their resident band await us, while concerts by international and Italian soul, R&B, funk and jazz artists fill the stage on Saturdays. The night is young and goes on till the after-hours as the place transforms itself into a dance floor. Live Alcazar is the perfect place to indulge in cocktails – from classic to mixology – and dance the night away in an atmosphere that takes you back in time.

Why Go? For their jam sessions, tribute nights and great live performances.

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La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

Via Di Porta Labicana, 32 (San Lorenzo)

La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni Rome- Variety Shows and Italian Songs

With their Conventicola degli Ultramoderni, “Mirkaccio” and “Madame De Freitas” have lit a fire under Rome’s bar scene, carrying a style that can best be described as vaudeville meets variety show meets café chantant. As soon as you step inside this burlesque club, you’re catapulted into a whole different world with an unordinary and creative flow, which is unparalleled not only in Rome, but also all of Italy. The Conventicola is a space that allows for the strongest underground artists to take the stage and perform their art. Captained by the fantastic directors Sior Mirkaccio Dettori, and Madame De Freitas – the Italian icon of post Burlesque variety shows –  whom are also regular performers at the club, the Conventicola is perfect for a special night out.

Why go? For their unordinary and creative flow, burlesque and variety shows.

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Circolo degli Illuminati

Via Giuseppe Libetta (Ostiense)

Il Circolo degli Illuminati Rome

Il Circolo degli Illuminati has become one of the reference points for Roman nightlife. With three different clubrooms and an ample garden, the club offers a wide variety of musical genres.  The main room oriented toward House – Tech House, Room02 rather Hip Hop and  Room3, a perfect place to relax while sipping a cocktail with chill music. Make sure not to miss out on Circolo degli Illuminati’s Minù: a weekly Saturday night party with great electronic music.

Why go? For their great tech house and electronic music and famous Minù Saturday night.

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Shari Vari Playhouse

Via di Torre Argentina, 78 (Navona) – +39 339.2832380

Shari Vari Club in Rome

In the heart of Rome it used to known as SupperClub, today it has become the spot in Rome’s nightlife. Their goal is to satisfy all of your needs, a true playhouse. The interior design is reminiscent of an American house from the 50′s.

Shari Vari opens Roman nightlife with its Tuesday Madness. From late afternoon to late night, a good music selection from Hip Hop and R&B in perfect newyorkish style. Shari Vari’s Wednesday is V.I.P. – Very International Party. On Fridays & Saturdays the House/Commercial/Live Club night awaits you with a variety of rooms playing different music on two floors. Every night open for dinner as well. Dress to impress and you must get yourself on the guest-list in order to enter.

Why go? For their commercial music and international crowd.

To reserve a VIP table, contact +39 3392832380 (whatsapp)

Lanificio 159

Via di Pietralata, 159/1 (Nomentana)

Lanificio 139 Club in Rome

Although it is located a ways from the city centre, this garage-style club hosts amazing parties. Their selection of DJ sets, especially L-Ektrica and GLAMDA is what brings party goers in their 20s and 30s back to this place every weekend for unique sound experiences. Lanificio also opens its doors to all varieties of live music; every Monday: Sliding Bob, a live radio program; once a month on Thursday: Bar Kahbum with Indipendent Italian Bands; every Sunday: live band karaoke.

Why go? For their cool garage-style club, live music and parties.

Goa Club

Via Giuseppe Libetta, 13 (Ostiense)

Goa Club Rome

One of the greatest alternative and electronic clubs in town. An intimate venue, famous for its original vibe and brilliant soundsystem. The cutting edge programming fortified its reputation as one of the most forward-thinking venues in Italy.

Why go? For their amazing electronic music and cutting-edge sound system.


Via dei Cosmati, 3 (Prati/Piazza Cavour)

gus-roma saturday

In the heart of Rome, in the Prati district just footsteps from Piazza Cavour, get ready to sip cocktails and dance the night away in a beautiful lounge area with a bar and dance floor. Glamorous people, elegant vibe and contemporary music await you for a night that you won’t forget.

Why go? For a glamorous crowd in a former apartment overlooking the Lungotevere.

To reserve a VIP table, contact +39 3392832380 (whatsapp)

The Sanctuary Eco Retreat

Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4a

the best nightclubs in Rome

Lovers of Voodoo Bar, this one’s for you. The Sanctuary is Voodoo Bar’s winter bar, located in between Parco del Colle Oppio and Parco di Traiano. A 1000 squared meter space that includes a spa, various restaurants, a wellness area and an area dedicated to artistic performances and shows. A wow tropical bar isn’t missing either, as well as resident Djs playing tunes till the after hours to get your feet stomping.

Why go? For its tropical style, Asian food and chillout vibe till late into the night.

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Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 31 (EUR)

best nightlife in rome

Room26 has been around for four years now, at first glance you might feel that you are entering a museum. The marble columns and architecture surrounding this club are quite amazing. Once inside you realize the real treasure about this place – the first thing that overwhelms you is the sound system, designed by Steve Dash it is one of the best in Europe. This place is beautifully loud.

Why go? For their top-notch sound system.


best clubs to dance in Rome

Via del Tritone, 118 (Barberini)

Aforisma, a hip, two-floor locale in the heart of Rome is fast becoming one of the city’s hottest hangouts. Head upstairs and you’ll stumble upon a sleek space reminiscent of a New York-style apartment, with wide glass windows that look out onto Via del Tritone–an exclusive loft, overlooking the splendid Piazza Barberini. A dinner club that combines the intimacy of a cocktail bar with the sophistication of a restaurant of another era. Warm textures, intense greens, vintage woods and golden browns grant the comfort and the unique atmosphere for a chic evening, among the notes of a sax, on Chesterfield sofas and parades of gourmet courses.

Why go? For a stylish night out in Piazza Barberini with chillout music and Dj set.

Rashomon Club

Via degli Argonauti, 16/20 (Ostiense)

rashomon club rome

Having just celebrated its ten-year anniversary, this club continues to be the centre of the most popular Roman nightlife. Always ahead of the latest trends in music and often also leading the fashion scene in the city, it’s one of the ultimate underground spots in Rome.

Why go? For an underground experience in Rome.


Via di Portonaccio, 212 (Tiburtina)

best nightlife in rome

Qube has three levels of music from house to jazz to disco so there’s always something for everyone. Another amazing experience is the Muccassasina night on Fridays. This event has been going on for over 20 years. 2500sqm of pure uncensored ‘fun’, by far the most interesting night in the gay, lesbian, trans community – but this doesn’t exclude their straight friends. Avoid if easily shocked. €15 will get you in with a drink!

Why go? For a crazy night out.

Art Cafè

Viale del Galoppatoio, 33 (Parioli)

best nightclubs in rome

Between Via Veneto and Villa Borghese rises one of the Eternal City’s most inn nightclubs – Art Cafè. VIP tables, a packed dance floor and international stars play at this historic club in Rome. From commercial to house music, get ready for a night to remember. Make sure to dress appropriately, you won’t enter without a shirt and nice shoes and take your ID (24 and above club). The best thing to do to guarantee your entrance is to book a VIP table or to be on a list. Nights are on Fridays and Saturdays.

Why go? For an exclusive experience with commercial and house music.


Via Maria Cristina, 2 (Popolo)

Raspoutine Rome

Tucked between idyllic Piazza del Popolo and the Tiber river, Raspoutine is bringing its famous Champs Élysées club scene to Rome. Located in the prestigious Palazzo Dama, a luxury hotel in an elegant 19th century building, Raspoutine features one of the best outdoor areas in Rome, where guests can enjoy their drinks beside the pool. With quality House music guiding the night, VIP tables have an intimate view of resident DJ Lorenzo Rumi spinning the tracks alongside French guest DJs from their Paris location.

Why go? To get a taste of Paris in Rome with a stylish crowd and great sounds.

Toy Room

Via degli Avignonesi, 73 (Barberini)

Toy Room Rome
London, Mykonos, Dubai, Los Angeles, Istanbul and now Rome. These are the names of the big cities that have given life to one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, Toy Room. Not your common dance club and a place where dress code has never been so important. Located in the heart of the dolce vita, Toy Room guarantees a fantastic night out. The club is filled with brights signs and walls covered in graffiti. And the unmissable Frank, the iconic beat mascot, dances with you in the middle of the dance floor all night long.

Why go? For its in-vogue crowd, contemporary design and commercial music.


Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5 (Pigneto)

Fanfulla 5/A

Fanfulla is a firm favourite for party-goers and cinema lovers. It is one of Rome’s best social clubs, always welcoming a mix of live bands and DJ’s. At Fanfulla you can experience different musical genres spacing from punk and rock, to pop and electro, or you can watch a nice arthouse movie. You will require an Arci membership card, but fear not: you can create your own on the spot. Don’t forget to check out their programming on their website.


Via di Pietralata, 149b (Pietralata)

The best clubs in Rome

Located on via di Pietralata, in what used to be an industrial warehouse, Coropuna is a trendy restaurant, cocktail bar and after-hours venue to eat, drink and dance. Start the evening with their incredible fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine paired with Asian flavors (the first Nikkei restaurants and Tiki bar in Rome), then have an exotic drink before showing your stuff on the dancefloor. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for the latest events!

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