A day in Rome, based on your Zodiac sign

What to do in Rome based on Zodiac sign

How to spend a day in Rome, based on your Zodiac sign

It’s officially the end of January and you’ve probably already read everything there’s to read about what awaits you this 2019. But I’m not here to tell you whether you’re going to be successful or fall in love. I’m here to give you a bit of inspiration on how to spend a day in the Eternal City based on your sign. Because although everyone has different opinions on what makes up the perfect day, as much as you don’t want to believe in astrology, people of the same Zodiac sign do have some things in common.


The ambitious, goal-oriented and practical Capricorn is inspired by all-things of the past. And where better to get inspiration than Rome? Time-travel back to ancient Rome by exploring the historic center. From the Colosseum to the Roman Forum and Pantheon, there’s a lot to see. Or better yet, have a blast from the past by visiting the ancient Terme di Caracalla with augmented reality. Afterwards, walk to the Jewish Quarter where you can indulge in a delicious lunch, before heading to your hotel room to relax. Dinner and drinks are definitely in store, and if you’re up for it, dancing too!


As free spirits with a strong independent personality, Aquariuses like to be out and about and enjoy the pleasures in life. Explore the historic center and get lost in its beauty, visiting churches, shops and admiring views of the Eternal City. Stop by for a healthy lunch in one of the restaurants tucked away from the crowds and later relax in one of the day-spas and indulge in a relaxing facial and body treatment before resting in your hotel room. When the clock ticks 7pm, it’s time to enjoy a Roman aperitivo, followed by dinner, drinks and … you guessed it … dancing!


Sensitive and intuitive, Pisces like to be in contact with the outdoors, whether that’d be a day trip to Lake Bracciano or a horseback ride on an open field. Start your day early with a healthy breakfast and explore one of the nearby Roman towns. Stop by for a yummy lunch along the way, preferably with a view, and unwind! Once you return to Rome, rest for a couple of hours until you’re ready to go for dinner and drinks.


Charismatic and dynamic, Aries have an engaging and enthusiastic personality. Start off your day on an adventure, either exploring one of the nearby Roman towns or going on a bike tour of the Ancient Appian Way, discovering the Catacombs and Aqueduct Park. Once you return from your day trip, unwind in your hotel room and get ready for the second part of your day: party time. Dinner in the historic center, followed by drinks till the afterhours socializing with friends and meeting new people, is for sure the way to go.


Persistent and energetic, Taureans like to be out and about but also relax and unwind. Take a stroll through Campo de’ Fiori and explore its famous market before heading to Piazza Navona and browsing Via del Governo Vecchio’s boutiques. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious healthy lunch in the neighbourhood and catch the latest exhibition at Chiostro del Bramante. Relax in your hotel room until it’s time for dinner, and then hop from different bars and piazzas until you find your perfect spot.


Curious and versatile, Gemini loves to discover new places and meet new people from different walks of life. Start your day early with breakfast Italian-style before strolling through the ancient vias of the centro storico admiring the centuries-old palazzos (and boutiques)! Catch one of the latest art exhibitions and then stop by for a Roman lunch with vino. After lunch, head to your hotel room to recharge your batteries before hitting a theater show, dinner, and then catching a live music performance or drinks in one of Rome’s hippest bars.


Cancerians are intuitive, emotional and passionate. Like their mascot, the crab, they need time to hide away in their shell, a.k.a. “solo time”, as well as going out in the open and exploring. Start the day early and have colazione in one of Rome’s delicious breakfast spots. Enjoy the first hours of the day without the crowds and stroll through Rome’s parks like Villa Borghese before stopping for a healthy lunch. Afterwards, browse the shops in the center and walk through the sun-bathed vicolos before going to your hotel room to relax. Dinner? Exclusively in the best restaurants of the capital.


Outgoing and packed with energy, Leos’ dynamic personality is contagious. They like to start the day slow and enjoy every moment. Sleep in till 10am and then stroll the streets of Trastevere and discover its hidden vicolos and ivy-clad walls. Stop by for lunch in one of the quartiere’s typical trattorias and enjoy vino and food in great company. Afterwards, roam the Eternal City, admiring its fountains, squares and buildings before heading back to your hotel room to recharge. Aperitivo or dinner? Maybe both… exclusively in the chicest restaurants and bars in town! Drinks and dancing till the afterhours? It’s already set in stone.


With their curious minds and a practical approach, Virgos love to explore and spend the day feeding their curiosity. Explore the area of Ancient Rome and take in the beauty of the Eternal City before stopping for lunch in one of Monti’s delicious eateries. Enjoy a relaxing lunch and hit the neighbourhood’s art galleries, bookstores and vinyl shops, on the hunt for the perfect souvenir. After strolling through the rione, recharge in your hotel room before grabbing aperitivo and dinner in the hippest venues in town and later catching a live music performance with a gin tonic on the side.


Elegant and charming, Libra is one to know how to appreciate the pleasures in life. In their constant search for balance, they may sometimes appear indecisive but it’s just their diplomatic nature. Spend the day hunting down the coolest shopping and art boutiques, stop for a tasty lunch and a glass (or two) of vino and then roam the Eternal City on the footsteps of great artists like Bernini. For dinner, a restaurant in the centro storico and cocktails in an intimate bar are musts.


Captivating and unpredictable, Scorpios love trying new things and being in contact with the outdoors. Explore Rome on the back of a vintage Vespa or go on a day trip for the discovering one of the many towns near Rome. Afterwards, time permitting, check out one of the museums of the centro storico or catch an art exhibition before heading to your hotel room to rest. For dinner, try an informal trattoria and indulge in Roman specialties before heading for drinks in a bar with live music performances.


Energetic and adventurous, Sagittarius is one of the most curious signs of the Zodiac. They are relentless and always on the hunt for something fun. Rent a car and spend the day exploring one of the towns in the Roman countryside while not forgetting to stop in one of its picture-perfect restaurants tasting local specialties. After your day trip, relax in your hotel room and change into your party outfit before grabbing dinner in a trendy restaurant, going for drinks and later dancing the night away.

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