Take a leap back in time: the Vespa Sidecar Tour of Rome

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An unforgettable, unique Rome guided tour experience

Forget about the boring, exhausting sightseeing route aboard a double decker bus, or walking for miles under Rome’s scorching summer sun. A new, original and fun experience is ready to meet all your expectations as per the perfect tour. We are talking about the Vespa Sidecar Tour, a three-hour ride through Rome led by an official guide who will take you from one breathtaking location to another.

Comfortably sit inside the marvelous Vespa Sidecars (the iconic transportation which links vintage memories to a timeless, gorgeous design) and wear your sanitized helmet for a safe experience; the company offers a wide number of Vespa Sidecars, all in different colors. You will enjoy a dynamic, 360°experience of the eternal city all narrated by the expert local guide who is eager to answer questions and happy to allot ample time to walk around and explore at the must see stops of the city.

Your guide will also be your driver: a sort of contemporary minstrel with a helmet! With a deep knowledge of the history and art of the city in addition to a true ability of storytelling, your guide will be full of fun anecdotes and information to share with you while wandering among the narrow streets or passing beside the most famous monuments and attractions of Rome. Infact, you will be provided with a whisper headset, so you will be able to listen to his tales during the ride and ask some questions at the same time.

Vespa Sidecar Tour

The team at Vespa Sidecar takes pride in having one of the most authentic experiences to explore the beauty of Rome just as a true Roman would. Thus, prepare to become well acquainted with the sanpietrini (we hope you enjoy a little rollercoaster action!). It is these historic little cobblestone roads that will bring you to the beautiful hidden gems of Rome, through to the ancient ruins, and then finally to admire the skyline, characterized by the domes of the 999 Roman churches

Just imagine sneaking in and out of boisterous daily city traffic while all of your senses jump to life! The sweet aromas of fresh baked bread that somehow smell warm; the sight of the birds swiftly dancing in the sky above monuments that have been there for hundreds of centuries; the soft air kissing your face. Needless to say that the most unique of the experience is the piece of art that will carry you throughout your discovery of Rome. Prepare to be admired by fascinated onlookers, people smiling, cheering amongst many friendly wavers.  Children will clap, other tourists will take pictures as the Vespa Sidecar is a rare sight to see! This is extremely fun and guests have assimilated this attention to that of a movie star! A fantasy that is so connected to the past of Italy is truly such a gift to experience, and a chance you must not miss!

Vespa Sidecar Tour itinerary

You will pass by countless attractions but 12 will be the main key points of the tour. Starting from Piazza della Repubblica: Quirinale, Fontana di Trevi, Trinità dei Monti, Piazza del Popolo, Saint Peter Square, Gianicolo, Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Colosseum and Santa Maria Maggiore, for a total of 25 km.


But this is not only a “on the road” tour: three of the above stops will include time to walk and explore, and one of them will also include a tasty break. First stop at the Pantheon: just before entering inside the ancient temple now converted into a church and starting the visit, you will taste a typical Italian breakfast; then, during the second stop, you will have the chance to make a wish throwing the coin in the water of the Trevi Fountain (scenario of the unforgettable scene of the movie La dolce vita). And then, the final stop at the Gianicolo, one of the 7 hills of Rome, the one with the most breathtaking view on the city skyline.

vespa-sidecar-tour-rome (1)

At the end of this unique tour you will surely be able to link all the different aspects which combine the mosaic of this extraordinary city made of marble and stone, built through the centuries.

The Vespa Sidecar Tour was born in 2018; more than 3000 people have lived this experience, which according to their reviews, does not include any kind of dissatisfaction. Only big smiles.


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