The best restaurants in Prati


Where to eat in Rome’s Prati Neighbourhood

If you feel hungry after a morning spent among the corridors of the Vatican museums, or maybe after a busy shopping afternoon in Via Cola di Rienzo, take a look at this selection of restaurants and pizzerias where you can stop for lunch or dinner.


Via dei Gracchi, 31
Mon-Thu 7:30-10:30pm; Fri-Sat 12:30-2:30pm and 7:30-10:30pm

pulejo italian restaurant roma prati

Discover a new taste of the Italian cuisine surrounded by sophisticated homey interior and relaxing music. Newly opened Italian restaurant in Prati, Pulejo, offers exquisite dishes for affordable prices. Chef Davide Puleio implements experimental cooking techniques and pays great attention to the art of serving. However, all his recipes preserve the nostalgic taste of authentic Italian ingredients. Thus, the restaurant continues to gain more recognition among residents and visitors of Rome! Book your table in advance and don’t forget to try Romeing’s personal pick, Ro-Mi risotto.

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Via Augusto Riboty, 20/c
Tue – Sat + first Monday of each month
7.30pm –10.30pm

The Best Restaurants In Prati

In the heart of the Prati district, Almatò presents itself as a place that promises great tastes, dynamic and full of contaminations from South America. In an intimate, warm and elegant atmosphere, you can enjoy complex but straightforward dishes. An example? Risotto, rabbit, rosemary and juniper or lobster with Jerusalem artichoke, lemon and rum.There are two tasting menus, at 75 and 100 euro respectively, plus an à la carte option and a wine list.

Aqualunae Bistrot

Piazza dei Quiriti, 19/20
Mon – Sun 9am – 12pm


Aqualunae bistrot is owned by Emanuele Paoloni, a young Roman chef who can already boast important collaborations and work experiences abroad. His dishes are characterized by the desire to experiment, offering a continuous metamorphosis of flavors. Overlooking the fountain in Piazza dei Quiriti, the restaurant offers delicious proposals for every hour of the day. From breakfast, with homemade croissants, muffins and pancakes; to aperitif, consisting of 7 finger-food tastings to accompany a glass of bubbles, a cocktail or a craft beer. Without forgetting lunch and dinner, Aqualunae has daily proposals and a la carte menu.

Gelateria Cremilla

Via di Porta Castello, 39-41
Daily, 9am-10pm

Gelateria Cremilla

Gelateria Cremilla tells us a story made of local farmers and food artisans committed to create a product where taste and quality naturally meet. Strategically located almost halfway between Castel Sant Angelo and San Peter’s Basilica, just a few meters away from Borgo Pio, this ice cream parlour is the perfect spot for enjoying truly authentic ice cream without falling into a “tourist trap”.

Fratelli De Luca

Via Silla, 38
Mon-Fri, 8.30am-7.30pm; Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 9am-4pm


Come here to indulge in yummy and healthy treats. Fratelli de Luca – Prati’s hippest salad and juice bar – offers a variety of smoothies, fresh salads and Mediterranean flavors! Pop right in, choose among their fresh sandwiches, order a salad or create your own from their selection of delicious ingredients. My favorite? The croccante al salmone with sunflower seeds, fennel, lettuce and smoked Scottish salmon.

Zen Sushi

Via degli Scipioni, 243
Daily 1pm – 2.30pm, 8pm – 11pm

Zen restaurant in Rome

Two different dining formulas and a sleek and contemporary design is what you get at this trendy Japanese restaurant. Sit at the sushi-go-round Sushi Bar or at the beautiful restaurant to embark on a Japanese culinary journey. The sushi and sashimi are a guarantee; you’ll only find top quality fish cuts that will literally melt in your mouth. If you’re a sushi boat fan, definitely go with the Chef boat, composed of an amazing selection of raw fish: from red shrimp and prawns to oysters and sea urchins.


Via della Meloria, 43
Daily 11am – 10pm

Pasticceria and Bakery guide of Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And if you’re planning on indulging in pizza, you need to get yourself to Pizzarium. Owned by the widely acclaimed Gabriele Bonci, Rome’s most famous pizzaiolo, this place makes one of the best pizza al taglio in Rome. Toppings change regularly, but tend to be very creative and piled on generously, creating intense flavors. But do not despair: their classic recipes, as well as their excellent suppli, are available year-round!

New Food Experience

Via Germanico, 190
Tuesday – Sunday: from 12pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 11pm

New Food Experience: tasty gluten and lactose free restaurant in Rome

If you are looking for a restaurant that brings together friends and family members with different dietary needs, the New Food Experience in Prati is what you need. Originally established as a gluten and lactose-free product laboratory, this culinary haven has recently transformed into a full-fledged restaurant where guests won’t need to specify each allergy or dietary needs as every dish is completely gluten and lactose free, from the antipasti to the desserts and foamy lactose-free coffees.

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Via Ennio Quirino Visconti, 8b
Tue – Sat 12.30pm – 3pm and 7.30pm – 11pm; Sun 12.30pm – 3.30pm

CARPACCIO restaurant rome prati

Carpaccio is a 170 square meters restaurant that offers a rich selection of the best national and international meats, blended with the flavors of international cuisine. Carpaccio is a thinly sliced raw meat fillet, seasoned in various ways. This dish was created in the ’50s by Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of Harry’s bar in Venice. It takes its name from the painter Carpaccio, whose paintings were on display at that time in the city. The colour of the raw meat in fact recalls that of the background of his canvases. Carpaccio is also a steakhouse, which offers meat cuts from all over the world in addition to the first courses of the Roman tradition, all accompanied by Italian and French labels.


Via Tacito, 18
Mon – Fri 12pm – 2am; Sat 5pm – 2am

tacito ristorante pizzeria rome prati

Tacito is a restaurant-pizzeria characterized by a regional fusion cuisine: this is the place where the flavors of Calabrian and Roman cuisine are enhanced, without excluding a touch of international flavor. The restaurant opens its doors for lunch and dinner, but you can also go there to enjoy a cocktail during an after dinner with friends.

Le Carré Français

Via Vittoria Colonna, 30
Mon – Fri 7am – 11.30pm, Sat – Sun 8am – 11.30pm

le carre francais roma

Those Parisian dreams where you wake up in Paris and start your day with a croissant, a coffee and a French pastry can now become a reality. Well, at least in part. If you’re a lover of all-things France, this restaurant and café that doubles as a gourmet grocery store will become your home away from home. Whether it’s to pick up some French delicacies (Foie Gras, baguettes, pain au chocolat) or to indulge in their French cuisine with a glass of French red, Le Carré Français is always the perfect spot year-round.


Via Monte Santo, 64
Tue-Sat 8am – 1am; Sun-Mon 8am-4pm


Tucked away in via Monte Santo, a stone’s throw away from Piazza Mazzini, you’ll stumble upon a refined Parisian Belle Epoque style restaurant that pays special attention to detail. From the Art Nouveau pieces to the furniture and stylish design, Madeleine is an amazing salon de gastronomie.

Sambamaki Prati

Via Vittoria Colonna, 17/19
Daily 12pm – 12am

best fusion restaurants in Rome

Sambamaki by Ricardo Takamitsu is a hip and happening spot that doubles as a sakeria and temakeria. Besides having the funky décor and Portuguese music that are staples of every Brazilian sushi spot, Sambamaki’s menu makes it stand out. You can’t go wrong with any of the dishes, but definitely try the flaming gunkan (literally served on fire). One look at the drink menu and the term “sakeria” takes on a whole new meaning: traditional cocktails such as Juleps, Negroni, and even Caipirinhas are all made with sakè.

Pizzeria Salvatore Di Matteo Le Gourmet

Via Vittoria Colonna, 32A
Mon – Fri 7.30am – 12am; Sat – Sun 8am -12am


This restaurant, situated beside Piazza Cavour, will give you a real taste of Naples. Pizza is not the same everywhere in Italy: in Naples it is high, soft, and richly seasoned. Pizza is obviously the main course in this restaurant menù, together with all the fried and sweets typical of the Neapolitan area.

Beef Bazaar

Viale Germanico, 186
Everyday 7.30pm-11.30pm

Beef Bazaar Rome restaurant

A meat lover’s paradise awaits you in the heart of Prati. Beef Bazaar is a restaurant that puts a dynamic spin on the carnivorous menu, recalling flavors from Argentina and the United States. The concept extends to an international level and embraces meat from all over the world. Some of the top cuts served include the Manzetta Prussiana, the Kobe Beef and the famous American Black Angus. If you want to keep it classic, there is also a long list of gourmet hamburgers.

Banchina 63

Via Emilio Faà di Bruno, 63
Tue – Sun 12.30pm – 3pm, 7.30pm – 11pm

The best seafood restaurants in Rome

Come by this seafood restaurant and fish bar for aperitivo to taste their top-notch selection of seafood crudité paired with a twist on classic cocktails. Or better yet, stay for dinner to savour their creative menu. From ceviches and tartares to pastas and fish burgers, there’s something tasty for any palate. The must-try dish? The “Rosso di Mazara”: a datterino tomato and ginger soup with fresh burrata, caramelized lime zest and black vanilla salt flakes topped with red shrimp. The only problem? It leaves you craving for more.

Cacio e Pepe

Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 11
Mon – Sat 12pm – 3.15pm, 7pm – 11.30pm

cacio e pepe roma ristorante

If you’re on the hunt for a traditional style trattoria, buckle up, Cacio e Pepe is the ultimate experience in the Prati neighborhood. As the name suggests, the creamy cacio e pepe pasta is their forte. But it doesn’t stop there: from carbonara to amatriciana, all Roman fare at his bustling neighborhood trattoria is top-notch! Embrace the Roman way of life, taste traditional dishes and accompany them with Cacio e Pepe’s house wine! You’ll have both a memorable dining and life experience, on a budget!

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