Rome Chamber Music Festival

Rome Chamber Musica Festival Rome

Discover the twenty-first season of the Rome Chamber Music Festival at the Teatro Argentina

One of city’s most anticipated cultural events, the Rome Chamber Music Festival was founded by Robert McDuffie in 2003 and this year celebrates its 21st anniversary season at Rome’s Teatro Argentina.

Over four days, forty-two renowned musicians and young talents from around the world will be guided by American violinist Robert McDuffie, the festival’s founder and artistic director.

Robert McDuffie is an international star who has been in love with Rome for decades, having lived there for a long time before founding the Rome Chamber Music Festival. The festival is set in the heart of Rome’s musical history, the 18th-century Teatro Argentina. Today, Teatro Argentina is known for its prose season, but for two centuries, it was a musical hub for the most important Roman debuts, from Rossini to Verdi.

The festival features a program that reflects McDuffie’s diverse and contemporary vision, ranging from Baroque to Måneskin.


The first day of the festival exemplifies this with André Gagnon’s “Petit Concerto Pour Garignan,” followed by O’Connor’s “Appalachian Waltz,” then Vivaldi, and finally Philip Glass with the string sextet transcription of Symphony No. 3, choreographed by the great Ricky Bonavita.

On the second day, the focus is on a purely romantic repertoire, featuring Schumann and Brahms, with the young ensemble enriched by two renowned masters: pianist Andrea Lucchesini and cellist Enrico Dindo.


The third concert opens with Dvořák’s “Dumky Trio” on the 120th anniversary of his death, featuring Palestinian pianist Saeeb Diab, Israeli violinist Hadar Zeidel, and guided by the experienced violinist Rachel Ellen Wang, considered one of the best Baroque violinists today. The program then shifts to early music with Tartini, Porpora, and Vivaldi.

The grand finale on June 20 features Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring Suite” for 13 instruments, led by McDuffie and new talents, followed by the Italian premiere of “Måneskin and more.”

This festival truly breaks the routine of Italian programming, offering rare repertoires and bringing together young talents and established masters.

Check the full program:


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17-20 June 2024

Teatro Argentina
Largo Argentina, 52

Entry fee: €10-44

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