Bars & Clubs in Rome

Bukowski's Bar Rome

Bukowski’s Bar


Art, dinner, drinks, and leisure are just around the corner from the Vatican. Bukowski’s Bar has established itself as a place worth seeking out by any pursuer of good things.

Black Market Monti - Rome

Blackmarket Monti 101


Black Market, located in the neighbourhood of Monti in Rome, hosts an array of cultural events, intimate Indie Rock concerts, live DJ sets and art exhibitions.

Club Apres Speakeasy Rome

Club Après Speakeasy


Club Après, translating from the French ‘after’— is just that, a new impeccable after-hours speakeasy where one can sip on and relax to jazz and contemporary tunes late into the night.

Tree bar Restaurant & winebar Rome

Tree Bar


Situated in a small park near Flaminio, Tree Bar is a restaurant & winebar for creative types, who come for the light and healthy cuisine, complete with a DJ set on Mondays.