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Our guide to the best places to access free Wi-Fi in Rome

After walking along the streets of the Eternal City and having taken a “selfie” beside the Colosseum, captured your breakfast cornetto at the bar and immortalized the old singer in Piazza Navona, the 2.0 generation needs just one more thing: to post the pics on their favorite social media. While we all want to share our pictures of how beautiful and fun Rome is, wi- fi connections aren’t available everywhere. But don’t worry, there are some really nice places where you can even work with a laptop while enjoying a good cappuccino.

If you have just been to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums then the best place to relax with wi -fi is over a tasty lunch at “Il Sorpasso” (Via Properzio, 31). Here you can try a great variety of Italian and Spanish hams and cheeses, delight in a country-chic location and enjoy excellent bio smoothies while writing a sweet email to your other half across the seas. “Vero – Food To Move” (Via Marcantonio Colonna, 30), right by the Lepanto metro stop, is also a great place to get American coffee, smoothies, and desserts as well as freshly prepared food.

If it’s already 6pm then you absolutely must check out the Borgo neighborhood beside Castel Sant’Angelo. Among the old grocery stores and antique furniture is the photo gallery “Bukowski’ s.t. bar” (via degli Ombrellari, 25) which offers an excellent selection of wine and an aperitivo accompanied by relaxing jazz. You can get wi-fi here until midnight but you’ll have to hurry and grab a chair in this tiny location. “La Zanzara” (Via Crescenzio, 84) is the new place in town: fashionable with an innovative cuisine, it has wi-fi all day long and is just a few steps from Vatican City.

If you are near the Pyramid , the cutest place in the area is “Romeow(Via Francesco Negri, 15), Rome’s first cat cafè and restaurant or “Caffè Letterario” (Via Ostiense, 95), which has a study room where you can stay until midnight and enjoy great live music.

In San Giovanni area, there is Anticafè, more of a concept than a coffee house,  where instead of paying for coffee and grub, you pay for time. In other words, you can eat (sweet and savory snacks and seasonal fruit), drink (coffee and tea) surf with free and fast wi-fi, print and scan as much as you like.

Among downtown’s ancient alleyways the nicest place is “La. Vi.” (Via Tomacelli, 23). With a chic and glamorous atmosphere it’s always full of stylish people and is open all day from 8.30am. to 2am. A really impressive place is the Caffetteria/Bistrot at Chiostro del Bramante (via della Pace , 26). Other great spots in the city center is “Circus” (via della Vetrina 15). Close to Campo dei fiori, there is the small “Barnum Cafe” (Via del Pellegrino, 87) that serves up great cheeseburgers. If you prefer to be outside you can have a good pizza inside Villa Torlonia at the open-air restaurant “La Limonaia” (Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 1).

In the Monti district there’s Blackmarket (Via Panisperna, 101), a vintage wine-bar where you can find Rome’s hipster scene and which offers live music and fun happy hours.


Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day and maybe we’ll have to wait another century for free wi-fi for the whole city, but now there are a few other services you can use to get connected on-the-go:

ExpressoWiFi - wi-fi in ItalyExpresso Wifi –

Just about as portable as a take-away ‘espresso a l’italiano’, Expresso Wifi is a pocket-sized router with a 4G/LTE sim which can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, or PC.  With Expresso Wifi, customers also have the opportunity to connect up to 10 different devices, so you don’t need to worry about leaving your friends and family out of the surfing fun.  You can choose the place where you want your device to be delivered as well as the place of the return. Ooh and did we forget to mention it’s cost-effective? From 4 euro per day you can avoid hefty roaming charges.


Provincia wi-fi –

You must have an Italian cell number or a credit card for this service, but once you’ve registered, when you run into one of Rome’s free hot spots, it will automatically pop up. Some cafès, like Fandango, will ask you to register with this site, so be sure to ask what the deal is when you walk into a cafè for the first time!

Another option is Roma-Wireless –

This service offers free Wi-Fi for two hours a day in different spots throughout the city, including Campo de’ Fiori, Largo Argentina, and the Trevi Foutain. When you walk into one of their hot spots, the Roma Wireless network will pop up, and from there all you have to do is open your browser and log in. The first time will require that you register with the site, but after that, happy surfing!

Last but not least is the mobile wi-fi service Wi Tourist –

It’s not free but from 2 euros a day (depending on how many megabytes you need) it’s affordable. You can get your Witourist portable WiFi hotspot in two simple ways: if you book online, for €15 Witourist organizes delivery and withdrawal of your portable hotspot anywhere in Italy in just 24 hours. Or you can pick it up from a Witourist Point without any delivery cost.

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    • I tried it last week in Rome, and I was very satisfied!
      You can be always online, everywhere, with up to 5 smartphones.. I know that public wifi in Rome is simply ridicolous. You have to register to Digit Roma, for example, only by an Italian SIM… and you can be connected only 2 hours/day, when you have “the fortune” to find an hotspot..

      Me and ny husband used the Me package (50 Mb/day) for 5 days.
      50 Mb for two persons is a very good compromise, and we paid 15 euros for the whole periodl!

      We used a lot Google Map to move by public transportations, and it works GREAT, and Tripadvisor to find good but not expensive restaurants near our position.. A nice service!

  • You must be one of their employers because this thing only works for the first few minutes when you get it, and of course slower than a 90s computer. Sadly I paid for 15 days and it has just been stored in my bag because the internet has never worked. Plain stealing of money. If there is ever internet is for a few seconds a day so I ended up having to go to internet cafes every day anyway.

  • Question: Are the places listed FREE internet where you can use it however long you want? Also, how fast is the internet? Good enough for Netflix streaming?

  • I am sorry but wasn’t this article about free wifi?! If i need a paid one i would make a different search. Please make your article/tittle more accurate next time. Loss of time

    • Hi!! yes indeed, it is. You can find here many free wi-fi spots in Rome plus some services to get connected on-the-go (some free / some with fee). thanks!

    • We really recommend ExpressoWiFi. It’s easy to use and fast. Then, when you book your Device Use the Promotion Code ” romeing “ AND GET 10% OFF! ciao!

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