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A Roman holiday filled with music till September 10th

Summer is back, and Village Celimontana makes a comeback to the Eternal City with its fourth edition. Till September 10th, get ready to dive deep into music, culture and elegance in Rome. After last year’s success, Village Celimontana proposes more than 100 live concerts and a jam-packed program. A festival which will see some of the greatest jazz musicians, swing and manouche formations on stage, alternating with tango shows, Italian big bands and some serious rock’n’roll. And for this event, the perfect setting awaits you: Villa Celimontana, an elegant and evocative location that recalls the charm of old Rome. 


The opening day of the event on June 1st, will be entrusted to the saxophone of the great Javier Girotto together with the piano by Natalio Mangalavite. An Argentine duo who has lived in Italy for years and who with the “Estandars” project will start a Festival of over 100 concerts through the poetry of his music and the unmistakable character of his land, Argentina


This year’s edition will pay tribute to one of the most charismatic characters of the music world, Nat “King” Cole, who was born exactly 100 years ago in 1919. Every evening the musicians will dedicate a piece to this unique and “Unforgettable” musician, a great pianist and singer who has inspired many, including Italian artists, one above all, Luigi Tenco, to whom the talented young singer Saverio Martucci will dedicate some songs. An entire event will be dedicated each month starting from the concert of Claudio “Greg” Gregori with Max Pirone and his sextet in June, Larry Franco and Dee Dee Joy who for years have been singing Nat and Natalie Cole in July, Silvia Manco and Davide Palma in August and Marco Ricciardi who will close the Festival in September with an orchestra from the string section to seal the greatness of the character.


Village Celimontana has always been the home for many Big Bands who find their space to perform. Emanuele Urso will be the only one to have a continuous space on Fridays where he will bring his incredible Big Band 6 times, Maestro Claudio Pradò on Italy’s National Day with his Hard Bop of the Artidee Jazz Orchestra, Soulpeanuts, the Ialsaxophone Jazz Ensemble, the Lake Jazz Orchestra, the Cotton Club Orchestra by Maestro Remo Izzi, the Bixi Big Band by Carlo Capobianchi, the orchestra by Marco Ricciardi with his strings and I Soliti Ignoti, the Big Band by Maestro Aldo Bassi. Even the highest quality Gospel by Antonella Cilenti and her Phonema Gospel singers.


Many evenings will be dedicated to fundraising,  starting from the first appointment with the National Jazzists National Onlus on Wednesday 5 June with a fundraiser for a jazz player, a footballer of the National team, who had a serious health problem. Max Maglione will organize a fundraiser on 16 June in favor of the non-profit organization Peter Pan with the extraordinary participation of Fabrizio Bosso for a charity collection in order to help children suffering from oncology diseases. Another event of great importance will be that of June 21st on the occasion of the Music Festival, during this day Village Celimontana will organize an active fundraiser and concert from 4pm to midnight as well as a collection of basic necessities for Venezuela thanks to the collaboration with the Association “Venezuela, little Venice”.


Lino Patruno is “the” historic musician, both for his great connection to traditional Jazz music and for his boundless culture and knowledge of anecdotes and circumstances related to this period of music. It is enough to think that Pupi Avati called him to collaborate for the film “Bix, a legendary hypothesis” precisely because no one like him knew the story of Bix Beiderbecke and Jo Venuti. So here it is,  a week dedicated to great traditional Jazz, the Roman Classic Jazz Festival, presented by Lino Patruno, which will take place from July 30th to August 4th. The great Jazz of a century ago will come to life starting from the soundtrack, signed by Duke Ellington, of the movie Cotton Club of the Master Band of Maestro Remo Izzi to the sparkling Hot Stompers; from the Swing quartet with the many dancers who will enliven the evening of the American Michael Supnick to the Benny Goodman style Big Band of the Emanuele Urso phenomenon; from the elegant and musical interpretation of Riccardo Mei, accompanied by the Big Band of Maestro Carlo Capobianchi, of the great Frank Sinatra at the magical Dixieland of Lino Patruno’s Banjo on his Jazz show. A historic Festival in the Festival to remember the great Swing music and the greatest performers.


A show dedicated to the danceable Tango from “Milonga”,  which this year will be enriched with live performances. The evening will begin with a Tango lesson from some of the most renowned masters in Rome, Francesca Del Buono and Santiago Castro, who will also teach how to dance with live concerts. The evenings will be characterized by dance, live music and music from Tango DJs, in the classic sequence of Tande. In the program the young Las Maripositas and the all-female group Tango Crew of the singer and actress Vera Dragone.


A show dedicated to Swing dance, the Lindy hop, the Charleston, and the Tip Tap. Many will be dressed in Vintage style. The evenings will always begin with a free lesson offered by the best schools in Rome, a “first steps” lesson that will enable you to dance even if you’ve never done it before. Lessons will take place in the middle of the stage. After the dance lesson a live concert that will be danced by all the dancers and the DJ set Swing by Dj Arpad will follow. Everything will be coordinated by the godmother of the evening Lalla Hop that will give the right cadence dictating the succession of times.


A show dedicated to the Rock’n’roll of the 50s, for those who love to dance in the style of Grease and American Graffiti, many dress up in style and the Village Celimontana will be rich in 50s animations like hula-hoops, mechanical surfs, cotton candy and popcorn, to recreate the right atmosphere. The evenings will begin with the free lessons offered by the best Roman schools and to follow a double concert, one at 9pm and the other at 10.15pm.


Village Celimontana will also be a space dedicated to international music. From France we will have the evenings Gipsy Manouche by Leila Duclos, les Petits Papiers and the Chats Noirs, and the international Jazz by Jean Sebastien Simonoviez (France) and Jacob Dinesen (Denmark ); from Argentina there will be Javier Girotto and Natalio Mangalavite; from the USA Noreda Graves and their Soul music and Fatimah Provillon by Smoking Cats; from Norway Nina Pedersen who will present her new project.


Village Celimontana also gives space to young emerging talents: Federica Michisanti will present Itchy quartet, Jacopo Ferrazza will present Theater, Matteo Cidale and Valerio Vantaggio with 2 batteries on stage will present Batteriology, Vittorio Cuculo, emerging star of Tenor Sax presents Between, and then Federico Bosio, Davide Palma, the Newtones and many others. Whi.e Giovanni Cicchirillo, Lorenzo Soriano, Federico Mazzola and Federico Colalelli are some of the many talents who will play in the orchestras.


Village Celimontana also has evenings with great names of Italian Jazz  in store for you: Dado Moroni and Max Ionata with “Two for Stevie”, Maurizio Giammarco with “Trad with Trap”, Marcello Rosa and his Jazz vocabulary, Gianni Oddi and his sax orchestra “Ialsaxophone”, the sweet Clarinet by Bepi D’Amato will remind us of Artie Shaw, and the virtuoso sax by Carlo Atti, Michele Pavese and his trombone Dixieland for a tribute to the deceased Carlo Loffredo .


But Village Celimontana’s program doesn’t end here. Max Paiella will come twice with his Rabbits, David Riondino with the “Decameron Songs and Stories”, Gigì and Al Bianchi with their Great Show, Stefano Reali and Pamela D’Amico will tell us about Tom’s incredible compositional vein Jobim, Cristiana Polegri of Gene Kelly, Stefano Abitante will interpret Fred Buscaglione. Finally, a unique event with the screening of Stefano Landini’s film dedicated to Petito and Picchi Pignatelli “Cocktail Bar”, managers of the legendary Music Inn in which the greatest of the Jazz world have played: the event will take place on Sunday 21 July and to follow it will hold the concert of the original soundtrack of the film composed by Massimo Fedeli and interpreted by his quintet.


Every Sunday of June, the appointment is with the Format “Rome don’t be a fool tonight”, an evening that provides musical and theatrical entertainment with the Trio Monti and the Fuorisync. Texts and direction of this show are by Maurizio Francabandiera, optimization Antonella Venanzi. Five Sundays in which there will be many surprise guests among comedians, actors and artists.


Village Celimontana offers a variety of food and beverage options. From the Roman pinsa and the fried antipasti to yummy grilled food. Homemade desserts from crepes and waffles to fresh fruit and night-time croissants. From local flavors we move  along to Northern Europe with the company Kissmeyer, an award-winning German brand, which will present eight quality craft beers and with Okologisk, its organic blonde. 

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Till September 10 

Villa Celimontana

Via della Navicella, 12 (Celio Hill)

Concerts begin at 10pm

Free Entry

Check out the full program






Free dance class at 8.30pm

Live concert at 10pm



DUO LIVE at 7pm – curated by the best music schools of Rome

Followed by Main Concert at 10pm

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