Rome Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Rome

Where to drink in Rome


La Punta Expendio de Agave

Via di Santa Cecilia, 8 (Trastevere)

Agaveria La Punta Rome

If you are the traveling type and love reminiscing about your adventures over good food and cocktails, Agaveria La Punta is for you. Following three years of travel through Mexico, and a collaboration between city hot spots The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy and Freni e Frizioni, Trastevere’s newest bar has opened its doors to Rome’s wanderlust minds. The owners are well versed in the Mexican cocktail, specifically those influenced by the region of Oaxaca, after having researched the area extensively. Tequila and Mezcal play a strong role in the drink list which also includes a few beers on tap that can be read off of a passport inspired menu.

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Bar del Fico

Piazza del Fico, 2 (Navona)

bar del fico

This is where all Romans go for a cocktail or just to show off and be seen. It’s a great place to meet posh but cool locals and wait around with a cocktail or beer until the clubs are full and ready for dancing the night away. Inside is always packed and the crowd spills out into the piazza making this the ultimate place for pretty-people-watching in Rome.

Black Market

Via Panisperna, 101 (Monti)

Black Market Monti - Rome

This cool place, located in the heart of Monti, features a raw venue with dim lighting, second hand vintage furniture and an array of nooks and crannies perfect for curlingup and enjoying a great glass of wine. Each week Black Market hosts an array of cultural events, ranging from intimate Indie Rock concerts, cinema nights and live DJ sets to art exhibitions. It’s most popular for its unplugged sessions ( but it’s busy any day of the week when you can meet an international crowd at their daily aperitivo.

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Black Market Hall

Via de Ciancaleoni, 31  (Monti)

Blackmarket Hall Rome

For those of you who want to be transported back to the roaring twenties, and for the lovers of cocktails, good food and live music, Blackmarket Hall will definitely be your new haunt. This cocktail bar has nestled itself into Rome’s Monti neighborhood, just a few steps from Blackmarket Monti on Via Panisperna.  The aesthetic charm of the place also finds its way into their bar, where the cocktails and drinks are prepared by their mixologists. And as far as dining is concerned, Blackmarket Hall is definitely a place where you can enjoy a hearty burger or a fish and chips if you find yourself feeling peckish, and for those of the vegan persuasion there are a couple of veggie burger alternatives along with a number of salads to choose from.  Each weekend will be a chance for you to enjoy live music entertainment where a host of different artists will enter the hall to whisk you away on a soulful night of musical discovery.

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Club Après

Borgo Angelico, 18A (Prati/Borgo)

Club Apres Speakeasy Rome

Club Après, translating from the French ‘after’— is just that, a new impeccable after-hours speakeasy where one can sip on and relax to jazz and contemporary tunes late into the night. Stepping in, it’s as though time transfigures, 1920’s class and elegance for the modern age emanates from all surfaces.  Bright red and blue, plush velvet loungers, crystal chandeliers, and a glimmering bar are fit for melting away stress, as the stylish space is complimented by an easy going atmosphere. The Fandango remains a mezcal favorite, of which the well-stocked bar boasts many varieties. Trust the bartender to whip up one of these nine signature specials, or any trusted go-to classic. With even Japanese whiskeys offered on the menu, all tastes will certainly be accommodated and the staff making your experience welcoming and familiar.

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Bukowski’s Bar

Via del Ombrellari, 25 (Prati/Borgo)

Bukowski's Bar Rome

Vintage finds, bohemian Roman style décor, a library of books and pop culture references will certainly appeal to your senses. Odes to Fellini, Bukowski and even Star Wars, are carefully placed throughout while art shows grace the walls. For entrées one might get prosciutto and hummus, go for a sandwhich, their special tartares or an especially gracious list of salads. The highlight? Bukowski’s Bar offers twelve different kinds of spritz! And wine lovers, go for the good stuff with Bukowski’s wine selection of Italy’s tastiest. Art, dinner, drinks, and leisure are just around the corner from the Vatican, Bukowski’s Bar has established itself as a place worth seeking out by any pursuer of good things.

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La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

Via Di Porta Labicana, 32 (San Lorenzo)

La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni Rome- Variety Shows and Italian Songs

With their Conventicola degli Ultramoderni, “Mirkaccio” and “Madame De Freitas” have lit a fire under Rome’s bar scene, carrying a style that can best be described as vaudeville meets variety show meets café chantant. Hosting about a dozen, vastly different artists each night, along with the occasional burlesque performance, this venue is like nowhere else in Rome. While everything about the space is designed to entertain, from the blue sparkly seat cushions to the cabaret style furniture, a serious devotion to the arts defines its purpose. That is, there is nothing hokey about it. Mirko denies the label “vintage,” which he deems to be merely a modern trend; he is interested rather, in timeless artistic talent. Although the emphasis on beverage has been intentionally overshadowed by the locale’s main draw of live performance, the cocktails are outstanding. Open Wed-Thurs, 9pm-4am; Fri-Sat,10pm-5am.

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Sacripante Gallery

Via Panisperna, 59 (Monti)

Sacripante Gallery & Cocktail Bar Rome's Monti Neighbourhood

Built into the bones of an old convent, Sacripante Gallery strives to mix the old with the new. As you step inside this dual art gallery and bar, you feel transported to another place, to an older time, and with its range of classic cocktails reminiscent of 1920s American speakeasies. In addition to events like gallery openings and readings, Sacripante has DJ music sets some evenings, as well as an aperitivo on Tuesday and Sunday that starts every day at 8pm.Class is the definition of Sacripante.

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The Race Club

Via Labicana, 52 (Colosseo)


A relaxing nightcap at a speakeasy is a great way to end a wild night out, but what if there was a speakeasy that had the energy, vibe and cocktail menu to become your go-to spot at any time of night. A stone’s throw from the Colosseum, The Race Club is a new speakeasy that’s fast becoming a beloved  late-night underground den.

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Elegance Café Jazz Club

Via Francesco Carletti, 5 (Ostiense)

Eleganca Cafe Jazz Club and Cocktail bar in Rome

Elegance Café jazz club has relocated to the more up-and-coming area of Ostiense and now holds its performances within a more spacious venue. The underground feel of the room is fitting for a jazz club: the experience is up-close and personal as there are only about eight to ten tables from which the audience can listen while enjoying cocktails made with some of the finest mixology techniques. The theme of nightly performances changes depending on the day of the week, beginning on Tuesdays with shows aired live on Radio Città Futura, and finishing off on Sundays with “big bands” that take the floor.

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Ai Tre Scalini

Via Panisperna, 251 (Monti)

ai tre scalini bottigliera rome

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the service is top notch, while their music ranges from jazz to traditional Roman stornelli. Along with the selection of a hundred or so wines on the list, one can taste the excellent Menabrea beer and a number of great distilled spirits. They boast wines by the glass to suit all budgets. The strictly Italian wine list is not intimidating in price yet you can certainly find all the country’s classics.

Open Baladin

Via degli Specchi, 6 (Argentina)

open baladin rome

This place takes its beer so seriously and has such a vast choice of labels that you can even do a little beer tasting as you would normally with a glass of vino in order to make the perfect choice. They also offer up classic companions to a pint of beer, from hamburgers to hot dogs, but with quality beef and homemade ketchup.


Via dei Cappellari, 93 (Campo de Fiori)
Argot Fb Page


Gianluca, Francesco and Gabriele are three friends who shared a common dream; to open a unique, speakeasy inspired cocktail bar that would make people feel at home. After 8 months of tearing down, rebuilding, recycling and designing what used to be an old theatre, their dream has finally been fulfilled in the form of Argot. Rome’s cocktail lounge and cultural association, Argot gives off warm, friendly vibes steeped in sleek, vintage nostalgia. With unique and enticing cocktails, live music every weekends and events and a quirky, intimate ambience- Argot is the perfect place to step back in time.

The Gin Corner

Via di Pallacorda, 2 (Historic Centre)

The Gin Corner Rome

The Gin Corner, with an emphasis on the word “The”, is The first lounge dedicated to Gin in Italy. It opened in 2013 in the very central Hotel Adriano and has been hugely successful ever since. This gin mecca is not only popular with Gin aficionados who can enjoy hundreds brands of Gin but it is also frequented by those who enjoy a good cocktail. The Gin Corner has more than 100 different kinds of gin from all over the world, all hand picked by head barman Patrick Pistolesi. The cocktail menu is obviously centered around gin: from a Gin & Tonic to a great classic like the Martini and the more common Negroni.

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Zuma Bar & Lounge

Via della Fontanella Borghese, 48 – Palazzo Fendi (Spagna)

ZUMA Japanese Restaurant in Rome

Accessible through an independent entrance in Via della Fontanella di Borghese 48, the Zuma Bar and Lounge – on the 5th floor of Palazzo Fendi – is surrounded by a terrace with unparalleled views of the historical centre of Rome. Open from 6pm till 2am, the Zuma Bar offers a cocktail menu with an exciting mix of Zuma signature and seasonal cocktails such as raspberry & passion fruit martini; rubabu, with rhubarb infused sake, vodka, passion fruit and lemon; shiso and yuzu mojito, with rum, shiso, yuzu, lime and soda water.

Cargo Pigneto

Via del Pigneto, 20-20/a (Pigneto)

cargo pigneto bar
The very first wine bar in the car-free zone of central Pigneto, Cargo is the go-to bar in this buzzing area. Having had a major facelift following a change of management, the bar now has even more to offer. The newly refurbished interior combines shabby chic with monochrome, and the menu offers a big selection of drinks from cocktails to wine and even Guinness on tap. The free Wi-Fi and DJ Sets and reasonable prices make it a popular destination for aperitivo or dopo cena drinks. Give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

Vicolo Cellini, 30


Everything inside is 1920s/1930s from the decorations to the bartenders to, more importantly, the drinks. The care in the selection of the best beverage products on the market, meticulous preparation of syrups, infusions, bitters, macerated, cocktails and spirits aged in wood and glass, makes this Speakeasy a benchmark in quality and passion in the world of Mixology. To enter this place we suggest looking up the site, you need a password that changes every month.

Il Sorpasso

Via Properzio, 31 (Prati)


Il Sorpasso comes from the verb “to overtake” and when it comes to quality and style, this place definitely surpasses the competition. In the late afternoon and early evening it has the relaxed vibe of a spacious farmhouse kitchen but after 7 this place is buzzing with locals. It’s an inviting jumble of quaint wooden tables and painted chairs with a delectable menu full of tasty cocktails, yummy wine, and their specialty artisanal meat and cheese plates.


Via Antonio Pacinotti, 83 (Ostiense)

stadlin rome bar

Located near the “Ponte di Ferro” this trendy club has an industrial style and is connected to an adjacent electronic vinyl store, which boasts a selection of underground records ranging from deep house to Dubstep. Stadlin serves a decent aperitivo (with vegan options as well), and tasty cocktails accompanied with electronic and funk DJ sets from Tuesday to Sunday. Softer acts open the night, and are followed by energetic acts later on.

Barnum Cafè

Via del Pellegrino, 87 (Campo dei Fiori)


You want somewhere cosy, cool, in centro but hidden from the tacky tourist traps around Campo dei Fiori? Sexy lighting, mismatched timber tables, vintage couches and artwork and an eclectic crowd of local Italians. After dark, you can hang out here drinking and snacking on their aperitivo until late.

Coffee Pot

Via del Politeama, 12 (Trastevere)

The Ultimate Guide to Rome’s Trastevere Neighbourhood. Best restaurants, bars and things to do in Trastevere.

Set in an uber-cool, collective space featuring lounge and an outdoor patio for the summer months, this is the type of place you don’t want to leave in a hurry. Specialising in sushi, tacos, and great drinks from an extensive cocktail menu, Coffee Pot is the perfect place for drinks in Trastevere. Hip, stylish and with great music!

Daforma Gallery

Via dei Cappellari, 38

daforma gallery

In an old warehouse footsteps from Campo de’ Fiori – where workers of the market used to change in the 1940s – a multifunctional space animated by design comes to life: Daforma Gallery. But this isn’t just another gallery, it boasts a 500 square meter space characterized by laboratories, a gallery, a florist, a temporary store, an architecture studio, a kitchen open all day long and a small courtyard like the ones you only find in the historic buildings of the center. It’s the perfect place to unwind all day long, and to sip delicious drinks till late.

Sheket – Slow Bar

Via delle Botteghe Oscure, 33 (Centro Storico)
Sheket, Slow Bar

Sheket Slow Bar

Footsteps from Piazza Venezia, in Palazzo Caetani, you’ll stumble upon Sheket. As you step inside, a pale pink carpet runs across the three lounges, and right after the entrance door, you’ll find the DJ  mixing away. But don’t take a seat just yet, stop at the main bar – overhung by a gigantic shelf packed with wines and spirits, handled carefully by elegant waiters with cute bow ties – to have a drink. Sit down and relax in the first lounge with comfortable seats in a rococo style, or venture into the other lounges to find the place that suits you best. For an aperitivo, a dinner or a drink, Sheket is definitely the new place to try for a delightful evening in the center of Rome.

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