Rome Nightlife Guide: Bars for Aperitivo

The best places in Rome for happy hour

*Now that we’re out of the lockdown, many of you are wondering which aperitivo bars in Rome are open? We’ve marked in green the ones that have already announced they will reopen, and left blank the ones that are still deciding on the dates. In any case, remember that if you are drinking in a closed space, you should wear your face mask when entering the bar and whenever you get up from your table. Reservations are highly recommended and in some cases mandatory. Buffet aperitivos have now been replaced with service at the table. Cheers!



Il Marchese

Via di Ripetta, 162 (Via del Corso)
Aperitivo: Price of drink + €10

aperitivo at il marchese in rome

Step inside Europe’s first Amaro bar in the heart of Rome and discover more than 500 different Italian amaro labels. Come by from 6.30pm – 9pm to indulge in aperitivo…where on Tuesdays from you’ll even be welcomed by a Dj set and a violinist or a piano bar!  Order from three different aperitivo menus to accompany your drink: romano with a carbonara tasting and a supplì; vegetariano with fiori di zucca and pinzimonio; tagliere with your choice of cured meats, cheese or both. Cocktails will set you back €12, and for an extra €10 you can choose one of the aperitivo menus. The must-try cocktail? The Milkamaro punch! Reservations are highly recommended.

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La Terrazza del Cesàri (only in Summer)

Via di Pietra, 89/A (Pantheon)
Aperitivo: price of drink + à la carte


La Terrazza dei Cesàri Rome Rooftop

Imagine church bells ringing, pink-tinted skies, and the unmissable view of Roman rooftops. Add a drink or a glass of wine laying down in comfy sofas in a splendid setting overlooking one of Rome’s most unique piazzas, and tell me “perfection” isn’t the word that comes to mind. If this isn’t the way to indulge in la dolce vita, I don’t know what is. And to accompany your drink, choose from a delicious food menu. From cured meats and cheese boards to sesame bagels, sandwiches, caprese skewers and tuna tartars, you’ll find some yummy options to choose from.

For an aperitivo or an after dinner drink, the recently renovated La Terrazza del Cesàri should definitely be on your list of “experiences in Rome”. Not just because it’s located in the oldest hotel of the Italian capital – founded in 1787 – but because it’s a hidden retreat from which you can admire the hustle and bustle of Rome tucked away in an exclusive setting. And with its harmonious design, where antique meets modern, it’s impossible you won’t be back again and again.

banner romeing shop grande


Piazza di Pietra, 42 (Pantheon)
Aperitivo: €10

The Piazza Navona neighbourhood of Rome

Super cool, super central, these guys offer up a great aperitivo buffet and sophisticated cocktails. From 7pm-10pm daily is the bar’s time to really shine; aperitif is considered the bar’s specialty with a wide selection of organic and vegetarian options. The vast cocktail menu is the pride of the employees; each and every tasty drink costing around €10 is exclusive to the bar. A specialty is the Cuban Manhattan, which uses rum instead of whiskey. Reservations are recommended.

Hotel Locarno Lounge Bar

Via della Penna, 22 (Popolo)
Aperitivo: €8-15 depending on the drink

Hotel Locarno

The bar inside of Hotel Locarno makes you feel like you stepped into a Gatsby-esque scene with dark oak and elegant vintage details. The aperitivo is comprised of high-quality ingredients, creating delicious food to match the luxurious atmosphere. In the summer, the ability to sit outside under the stars while still feeling intimate draws the chic and VIP from all over the city. Reservations are mandatory by emailing or calling +39 349 412 4428.

Le Jardin de Russie

Via del Babuino, 9 (Piazza del Popolo)
Aperitivo: price of drink

hotel de russie lunch

A glamorous and renown restaurant, Le Jardin de Russie has been a long-time favorite among celebrities visiting Rome. A stone’s throw away from the Spanish Steps, the de Russie presents a whimsical setting for your happy hour. Immersed in the iconic “secret” garden, the jardin is also home to various citrus trees, different terraces, and an elegant design, making the atmosphere all the more magical. With a sophisticated wine selection, and a buffet that is far from the usual, starting your evening here will have you feeling like a star.


Piazza Farnese, 50/50a (Campo)
Aperitivo: price of drink

best bars for aperitivo in Rome

Camponeschi’s wine bar is the perfect place for aperitivo in a suggestive atmosphere. Sitting right on Piazza Farnese in the center of Rome, Camponeschi awaits you with its plendid outdoor tables on Piazza Farnese, a very kind staff, great drinks and wine and tasty bites to begin your evening! Reservations are recommended.

Gusto al 28

Piazza di S. Apollinare, 41 (Piazza Navona)
Aperitivo: € 10

Gusto al 28 aperitivo bar Rome

Gusto is a trendy culinary emporium which just moved near Piazza Navona. It’s a smart option for anyone who finds themselves in the city center and wants to avoid tourist bars. The aperitivo is excellent, arguably one of the best in town: pasta, lasagna, pizza and fried snacks galore all to be enjoyed with their delicious cocktails and wine list.

Etablì – food & drinks

Vicolo delle Vacche, 9 (Piazza Navona)
Aperitivo: à la carte

Best aperitivo bars in Rome

A chic wine bar situated on one of Piazza Navona’s quaint side streets. Stop in for aperitivo or choose from their traditional, yet refined dinner menu. It is the perfect place to cozy up in their stylish leather decor as you sip cocktails by the fireplace while indulging in cured meats and cheese boards.


Chapter Roma

Via di Santa Maria de Calderari, 47 (Campo de’ Fiori)
Aperitivo: price of drink + à la carte

Best bars for aperitivo Chapter Roma

Enjoy signature drinks and classic twists on cocktails amidst industrial-chic décor and contemporary art at Chapter Roma’s bar. This lobby bar is the vehicle that brings everything together, particularly at aperitivo time where they have a special menu (daily from 6pm till 9.30pm). Both food & drink menus are internationally inspired with a Roman touch. Offerings are eclectic (i.e. nachos with chili sauce) but include all of the Italian staples. It’s a perfect fusion of tastes and cultures. Cocktails, like the food, are seasonal here so there’s always something new to taste depending on what time of year you are visiting.

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Freni e Frizioni

Via del Politeama, 4-6 (Trastevere)
Aperitivo: price of a drink

Freni e frizioni aperitivo bar Rome

This place is always buzzing and the mixed crowd spills out into the piazza and down the steps. The buffet is huge and offers everything from the standard dishes like pizza, bruschetta and pasta to exotic couscous salads and hearty vegetarian options. You really can classify this as a light dinner and the atmosphere and cocktails are great for sitting around with a big group of friends. However, with the new anti-contagion measures in place, Freni e Frizioni has some new rules: no buffet, service directly at the table and no gatherings outside of the bar. Reservations are highly recommended!


Via della Paglia, 40 (Trastevere)
Aperitivo: price of drink + a la carte

Santo Trastevere Aperitivo Bar

Tucked away in Trastevere’s cozier side streets, Santo is a charming aperitivo spot. Decorated with sophistication, lots of greenery, and attention to detail, Santo is a true gem. Both a restaurant and a cocktail bar, each plate and drink are prepared with great care. The bar is captained by Ilaria Sbal, and the kitchen led by Edoardo Meuti. Together both Ilaria and Edoardo make quite the (delicious) team; reason to why making a reservation is highly recommended! In case you’re unsure about what cocktail to order for your happy hour, know that you can ask for an original creation as well; trust the mixologeres!


Blackmarket Hall

Via Panisperna, 101 (Monti)
Aperitivo: a la carte

Blackmakert Hall Aperitivo in Rome

This cool place, located in the heart of Monti, features a raw venue with dim lighting, second hand vintage furniture and an array of nooks and crannies perfect for curling up and enjoying a great glass of wine. And from 6 to 8pm, aperitivo is served where customers can enjoy a free drink with each tasting plate on the menu, so you can experience the nuances of both the food and drink menu!


Via Madonna dei Monti, 28 (Monti)
Aperitivo: €8

Fafiuche aperitivo bar rome

Fafiuche is a cozy, local place tucked away down a less touristy street in Monti. It has an intimate atmosphere that is warm and inviting. The owners are from Puglia and Piedmont and the food is inspired from both regions giving this aperitivo unique dishes like carpaccio with mozzarella di bufala, chicory and fava bean pasta, truffle risotto, and various bruschettine, all of which can be paired with a simple, well chosen glass of wine.

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Via Merulana, 54 (Monti)
Aperitivo: €15-18 depending on drink

Panella aperitivo bar in Rome

Upon entering into this famous (and expensive) bakery , you are greeted with the aroma of freshly baked treats. Their aperitivo offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and, on the strength of one drink, you can choose from a wide array of gourmet breads, finger foods, crostini, bruschette and pizza; don’t miss their pizza con fiori di zucca (zucchini flower pizza).


Via Torino, 144
Aperitivo: drink + a la carte options

maestro bistrot cocktail bar teatro opera roma

Right across the stunning Teatro dell’Opera and in between Termini Station and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, a new bistrot and cocktail bar where you can eat and drink any time of the day awaits you: Maestro. The menu is complete with Roman and Mediterranean dishes, and with Chef Mirko Campoli at the helm, you’re in for a special treat. Maestro has everything from continental, American and Italian breakfast options. While lunch and dinner will wow you with a selection of juicy hamburgers, Argentinian meat cuts, and delicious pasta dishes.  If you’re in the mood for drinks or aperitivo, their vast cocktail selection will blow you away. Choose from a wide range of spirits and a cocktail list personally prepared for Maestro by the famous bartender Giorgio Peis.


Il Sorpasso

Via Properzio, 31 (Prati)
Aperitivo: drink + a la carte options

Sorpasso Aperitivo bar Rome

Il Sorpasso comes from the verb “to overtake” and when it comes to quality and style, this place definitely surpasses the competition. In the late afternoon and early evening it has the relaxed vibe of a spacious farmhouse kitchen but after 7pm this place is buzzing with locals. It’s an inviting jumble of quaint wooden tables and painted chairs with a delectable menu full of tasty cocktails, yummy wine, and their specialty artisanal meat and cheese platters directly coming from their charcuterie station.

La Zanzara Bistrot

Via Crescenzio, 84 (Prati)
Aperitivo: €10

la zanzara bistrot rome

Just down the street from St. Peter’s, the stylish La Zanzara is perfect for an early evening soiree. The aperitivo is second to their liquid concoctions, as they pride themselves on their bar skills (try their Bloody Mary!) But the chef keeps the kitchen fresh by exploring American, Asian and the best of Italian ingredients which are translated into a rich spread for any empty stomach. Great outdoor seating.


Tree Bar

Via Flaminia, 226 (Flaminio)
Aperitivo: price of drink

Tree bar Restaurant & winebar Rome

Tree Bar is one of the few restaurants in Rome completely surrounded by a leafy green vista. This relaxed setting is perfect for a long afternoon lunch, an intimate dinner or late night tapas. Tree Bar prides itself on making fresh bread, wood-oven pizza, and even artisanal beer through its very own agricultural agency: Treefarm. This is the perfect setting for a summer aperitivo with complimentary buffet. Don’t miss their We Like Monday Aperitivo where they have DJ sets with modern jazz, electrosoul and ‘brazilian moods’.

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Enoteca Il Goccetto

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14 (Navona)
Aperitivo: price of drink

Enoteca il Goccetto aperitivo Rome

Situated in a palazzo built in 1527, Enoteca il Goccetto is the perfect bar for any aspiring wine connoisseur. Enthusiasts will be pleased to see that the wine list is extensive; they sell over 800 wine brands of mostly Italian and French origin. Their wine by-the-glass list is ever changing, and includes 60 wines of varying kinds. Come enjoy your favorite vino while perusing the cold buffet of meat, cheese, and other delicacies! Reservations are highly recommended, call 0699448583 or contact them via social media.

Wine Tasting Experience

Via Monserrato, 4
Book Now

The best wine bars in Rome

Indulge in an authentic wine tasting experience in a charming enoteca, footsteps from Campo de’ Fiori. Step inside the boutique wine bar where you will be greeted by your host Patrizia and her sommelier son, Giampaolo.  Once you’re seated, let the games begin. Listen as the sommelier takes you on a journey around Italy and its wine production through the tastings of 6 premium wines (sparking, rosè, 2 white wines, 2 red wines) paired with cheeses, salami, cured meats and bread.


Doppio Zeroo

Via Ostiense , 68 (Testaccio)
Aperitivo: €10

doppiozeroo aperitivo rome

Need dinner, but more attracted to the price tag of an aperitivo? Spinach, cauliflower and grilled onions, cacio e pepe, cous cous, ravioli, and pizza will almost make you think twice about picking up the nutella pizza and dolce. You won’t though. Order the margarita ginger – a lighter take on a margarita and you’ll leave spoiled, knowing you only dropped €10. Because of the new anti-contagion measures, service will be at the table.


Via Ostiense, 182/a (Ostiense)
Aperitivo: €10

Tbar Rome aperitivo

T-bar is all about the space. With a generous open terrace and plenty of outdoor seating, this crew pride themselves on their fun cocktails, abundant buffet, and their chic, laid-back vibe. The music here is eclectic, too – expect everything from house, to 80s, to rock.



Via XXI Aprile, 19 (Piazza Bologna)
Aperitivo: €10

Momart Bar aperitivo Rome

Got the urge to feel sophisticated and suave? Huge heating lamps dot the inviting outdoor area while students from the two nearby universities pile their plates high with scrumptious gourmet pastas and breads. Most coveted dish? The wood fired oven in the back pumps out endless varieties of pizza. For €10 you’ll receive an endless buffet along with a drink. Momart Spritz is recommended! Due to the anti-contagion measures, instead of the buffet spread you’ll be served directly at your table.


Pastificio San Lorenzo

Via degli Ausoni, 7 (San Lorenzo)
Aperitivo: €12-15

Pastificio San Lorenzo aperitivo Rome

This ex-traditional pasta factory has been transformed into an artistic initiative with a chic eatery and cosmopolitan menu. The restaurant looks like an elegant old-time dance hall, with a minimalist bar area for Aperitivo (a tasteful plate of tapas with a glass of wine or a cocktail) and open dining space. Quality is key here so this place is great for a splurge, with select ingredients meant to rediscover traditional methods in innovative ways.


Necci dal 1924

Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68 (Pigneto)
Aperitivo: price of drink

Necci dal 1924 Aperitivo Rome

In case you were wondering why the date “1924” is included in Necci’s name, it’s because that’s actually the year it opened. Among its infinite visitors since then, the famous italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini was a regular during his time. Safe to say it’s historic! Located in the Pigneto area, one of Rome’s artsier neighborhoods, Necci is an aperitivo spot worth visiting. With a carefully crafted menu captained by chef Ben Hirst, classic drink options, and a private oasis to enjoy your happy hour in, you will feel right at (r)home. I recommend you try one of the wine options from the carta dei vini, perfect to sip on while you savour the homemade pizza and fritti treats.


Rosso Eat Drink Stay

Viale Aventino, 32 (Circo Massimo)
Aperitivo: €10

There’s a reason happy hour has the word “happy” in it, and Rosso definitely lives up to it. With a modern interior design (mixed with wood and stone features) Rosso is a friendly spot locals often choose for their aperitivi. Thanks to their large spaces, and extensive menus, Rosso is an all-around treasure for the Roman happy hour scene. And speaking of the scene, you’ll be able to enjoy Rosso’s happy hour from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm for €10, which includes your drink and unlimited access to the rich buffet! Feeling touristy afterwards? Hop on over to the Circus Maximus, an often overlooked yet equally wonderful ancient roman sight!


Abitudini e Follie

Via Pavia, 28 (Policlinico)
Aperitivo: €7

Abitudini e Follie aperitivo Rome

A friendly neighbourhood restaurant, well worth a visit just for their lavish aperitivo. Little brioche sandwiches are stuffed with good quality hams and cheeses, vegetables are presented beautifully with mozzarella and sometimes there is even seafood. The staff are delightful and generous. There is always a lovely vibe. Reservations are mandatory by calling 064441459 or 3284797897.


Contributors: Angela Gleason, Margaux MacNeil, Sarah Featherby, Emily Rosu

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